Know Today What People Will Buy Tomorrow

If only we could see the future… then making money and finding the next trend would be easy! Unfortunately that will never happen, but there are continually people putting in the time and effort to follow trends, tracking what might be the “next big thing” and when it hits, they are ready. A site called The Internet Time Machine is trying to create a solution where it’s members can follow trends and pull out the hot topics that are gaining momentum, but the supply is staying this same. With trends like these, it makes it a lot easier for you to break into a niche and you have a higher chance of finding profit and success.

Following trends is quickly becoming a top priority for affiliates and online marketers. Imagine you were ready when the Acai / Rebill craze first started, you would be set! A tool that many marketers are using, is Google Trends, but compared to The Internet Time Machine, it’s lacking in some area. Google Trends will show numerical stats on how many people are searching for key phrases, but not how many are actually bidding or trying to make money on these trends. The Internet Time Machine has the capability to look at both the supply and demand. Find a niche that is rocketing in search, but the supply is staying in the same range, and you may have just found yourself a winner.

Taking a Deeper Look
Once you visit the niche marketing section of the site, you will see a numerous amount of posts. You can view the preview, but if you want to access the full post or video you have to join as a member. It’s only $5 for a two week trial, so I signed up to see what the site has to offer.

I went with the most recent post “The Best Review Sites To Make Money With…” and it went to a video review. It was actually decent and gives a detailed video on how to use the system, while showing how you can create “review” sites for search trends that don’t have many high ranking sites or results. Review sites are nothing new, but how TITM allows us to use the system to find key search phrases then searches for competitors is interesting is a winning concept.

In short, you can view what phrases people are searching for, then click on their link and it brings you over to Google to show competition within that search phrase.

Another video I watched was “New Niche Alert Breaking Out“, which shows how TITM takes action once a new hot phrase comes up on their radar. In this video they cover a keyword that is gaining attention fast, find barely any competition on search marketing, then head over to Google Trends to see where this majority of search results are coming from. Then end result is a decent search phrase with growing traffic, that Google shows you can get a top ranking for only a few pennies per click. Pretty much a complete run through on how niche marketing online works. I wouldn’t try to jump on every campaign they show to all members, as it will create competition… but it’s the concept of finding and measuring these new search phrases that works.

For $5 you can get a two week membership and watch all of the videos on the site. It’s not a bad deal and it can definitely stir up a few ideas for your next site or ad campaign. If you stick around past the two week trial, you will be billed $27 per month. Higher membership plans are available depending on what tools and areas of the site you want to access.

– The Internet Time Machine

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  1. Wow! Great post. I really enjoyed and learned so much from it. Forecasting of what the demand will be like in the future is big… Anyone who can take advantage of it can make tons of $$. Thanks for sharing it with us buddy!

  2. Thanks Zac for sharing this. Another way to make money fast. It's a good thing to forecast what's hot and be able to jump in and provide solutions immediately.



  3. To know today what other people will buy tomorrow is like having a crystal bowl, but anyone who can indeed predict with some accuracy these kind of things will have an enormous competitive advantage over its competitors!

  4. I think this is very important because too many people launch a product that people only want for a short period of time

  5. That's such a cool concept.

    I've used Google trends quite a bit but this is something else.

  6. If I had more time and money to start up more new sites I would definitely look into this more. If you were one of the first people to jump on a hot new niche you could get cheap paid traffic and establish your site before others.

  7. Looks like an interesting tool! I have used google trends and just today I was searching the internet for new trends. I'll have to look into the service that internet time machine offers.

  8. I think the affiliates take a much smaller risk as the people who launch the product or service. As an affiliate we decide to invest time into the product or service with hopes of cashing in. You also need to be able to forecase, i agree with this statement, as we invest in brand new products in hopes that they live up to their expectations and eventually make us money.
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  9. That was attractive! Thanks for the extent interpretation! I even did an appraisal on my website! Why am I using squeal script all over the place!

  10. That was alluring! Thanks for the extent interpretation! I even did an appraisal on my website! Why am I using squeal script everywhere!

  11. It really is a matter of finding the right product and timing. Gonna check out the internet time machine and see what it has to offer because i'm out of ideas for boosting my products.
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