Best Landing Page Builders for Affiliate Marketers

For affiliate marketers, landing pages are everything. They act as the ultimate form of lead generation, while also allows marketers to dive head first into any niche industry and convert cold traffic into valuable and high quality leads.

However, landing pages weren’t always the glitz and glamour they are today. In the past, affiliate marketers would need to learn how to create their own landing pages, figure out graphic design software or spend hundreds of dollars getting professional pages created from designers or ad agencies. For example, seven years ago I released a free landing page template on this blog and it went on to become one of the most read pages on the blog. The concept was simple… you download the HTML file, pop it into your design editor and create something awesome with it. The end result was thousands of downloads and millions of dollars generated by hundreds of affiliates using this exact landing page template.

Fortunately, the days of having to download an HTML file, setup hosting and use a program like Microsoft Frontpage to design your landing page are now over. Affiliate marketers now have a world of options to choose from, when it comes to creating their own custom landing pages. Not only is it easier to create landing pages, it’s also faster more cost effective than ever before.

Below you will find a list of a list of the top landing page builders found within the industry today — many of which have evolved into more than just landing page creators, and now offer full tracking and marketing abilities.



Instapage is one of the most powerful landing page platforms out there. Instapage has over 100+ high-quality and professional-looking landing page templates to get you started. Fully customize the design of your page to match your brand using their easy-to-use interface. Quickly connect your pages to other third-party apps you’re using for email, webinar, CRM, and more (including Zapier). Through Instapage’s built-in analytics, create variations for A/B split testing and track conversions to figure out what’s working on your campaigns. Want even more functionality? Instapage lets you include custom code (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) on your pages. Instapage also gives you a free trial – no credit card required to start building pages.

Price: $39 per month (discounts on annual billing)

AdsBridge Landing Page Builder


Affiliates can now creating landing pages and track the success of their campaigns all under one platform with AdsBridge. With their easy to use drag-and-drop landing page creation tool, you can create multiple landing pages and split test their results right within the system while letting the online reporting do the work for you. Affiliates can choose from over 40+ different landing pages offered within AdBridge, or they can create a unique landing page of their own from scratch.

Price: $0 per month for the first 100,000 clicks

LeadPage Landing Page Builder


Of all the landing page creation tools out there, Leadpages is probably most well known among affiliate marketers and sites looking to generate leads online. The big advantage of Leadpages is the ability to choose from high converting landing pages that have been tested “billions” of times, while also having split testing and mailing list / webinar integration built right into their system. Leadpages also has full integration with Aweber and other list hosting and webinar solutions to make the whole process of lead generation simple, fast and effective.

Price: $37 per month (discounts on annual billing)

Wishpond Landing Page Builder


Creating landing pages, contests, promotion forms, popups, ads and email campaigns is a breeze through the use of Wishpond, yet another platform that is making the adjustment to be more than ‘just a landing page creator’. Through the use of Wishpond you can create and manage ad creative for nearly all aspects of your business and social media marketing. Wishpond also specializes heavily in social media contests and providing you with the tools to help your campaign go viral.

Price: $45 per month (discounts on annual billing)

Unbounce Landing Page Builder


Through the unbounce platform, anyone can build, publish and A/B test landing pages without needing a degree in I.T. or design. With their simple to use drag-and-drop editor, it’s easy to choose from any of their existing landing page designs and tweak it to fit your needs, while tracking conversions and engagement after your campaign goes live. Unbounce has a wide range of landing page template to choose from, which are focused on everything from click-through pages, coming soon, consultancy, lead generation and more.

Price: $49 per month (discounts on annual billing)
LanderApp Landing Page Builder


Easily create landing pages with Lander’s drag-and-drop editor while also having full access to A/B split testing tools. In addition to creating landing pages for all of your lead generation and marketing needs, LanderApp also has built in Facebook Page Tab abilities to collect leads through the world’s largest social network. LanderApp also offers their users the ability to setup Google Fonts within their landing page, create countdown clocks and even integrate Google Maps and Paypal.

Price: $29 per month (discounts on annual billing)

PageWiz Landing Page Builder


Professional marketers, business owners and affiliates can launch campaigns in a moments notice thanks to PageWiz’s drag & drop WYSIWYG landing page builder. Built in A/B split testing automation and high converting landing pages templates allow marketers to focus on what matters most… which is driving leads through their ad campaigns. PageWiz is also loaded up with real-time stats tracking ability, setting up multiple emails for tracking reports, lead exports, widgets, API functionality and more.

Price: $29 per month (discounts on annual billing)

KickOffLabs Landing Page Builder

KickOff Labs

Everything you need to build an effective and smarter marketing campaign can be found within the Kickoff Labs platform. Landing page creation is done with ease thanks to their 40+ different templates to choose from, and a simple builder to edit and customize designs to your needs to also having built in A/B split testing. To maximize engagement, Kickoff Labs also has advanced “Thank You” page experiences to keep the conversation going after the main CTA takes place. Other benefits of the platform also include popup widgets, email integration, lead tracking, viral marketing and more.

Price: $29 per month (discounts on annual billing)

Finding the Best Landing Page Builder


In this post I listed eight of the best landing page builders and tracking systems out there. If you were looking for the best landing page builder out there, now you have a bit of work ahead of you to see which best fits your needs. However… the good news is that most of these landing page providers actually have free trials associated with their membership accounts. Try each of them out and see which one you like best.

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