Landing Page Converions: Before and After

Written by Zac Johnson
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Here we are. After reviewing our original landing page, and making a ton of changes and tweaking to best target our customers and create a winning call to action, it’s time to compare the before and after landing page results.

Conversion Rate of Old Page

Conversion Rate of New Page — on our first revision we took 1.73% increase in conversion. Not bad !

Summary: With some redesign and sprucing up of ad copy, we lowered our cost per conversion $3.29 which resulted in a 25% reduction in lead cost!

I am pretty optimistic that we can take it even further. Right now I am going to request the client secure a BBB rating and come up with a warranty guarantee seal that will deliver solid product backing in an effort to shoot the conversion rate even higher. A seal of Made in the USA is also another good addition.

Lets go over your checklist for your redesign

  1. Headline — are you conveying the right sales message in 5 seconds or less?
  2. Supporting Bullet Points — support the headline
  3. Call to Action — arrow or emphasis on the Big Button
  4. BIG Button – Mini Call to Action on Button — SUBMIT – FREE ACCESS
  5. Testimonials — always make sure above the fold
  6. Supporting Body Copy — keep pushing the conversion moment
  7. Product Shot — yes you are legit !
  8. Trust Building – you can be trusted
  9. Additional Body Copy – last chance to push your product
  10. Secondary Call to Action — sometimes you can use this tactic to save the reader from scrolling back up — remember avoid that IADD!

This post is part of a 4 day series of posts all about creating winning landing pages. This guest post series was written by Michael Salvaggio of SEO Brand.

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11 Replies to “Landing Page Converions: Before and After”

  1. Great 10 points to leave good impact on visitors.
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  2. thanks for this mate, headline and testimonails are crucial for a good landing page that will convert
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  3. Hello Michael. Do you mind sharing the link to the landing page. Usually there's so much going on above the fold; like a video, large header etc. You mentioned in point 5 that testimonials should be above the fold. I'd like to see how that is done.

  4. Michael – great guest post, thanks! Glad to see headline as #1 on the checklist, I think that's one of the most important things to remember, if not THE most! 😀

  5. That's full points for the checklist. I am trying to tweak my landing page for last couple of days and results are not something that I was expecting. Still working hard and its very encouraging to see your progress.
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  6. What is the best way/tools to create a powerful Landing page?
    Thank you
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