Landing Page Testimonials and Body Text

Testimonials – this is my favorite part and if presented correctly, the most powerful and best way to get your point across. Lets go back to how we define the conversion moment — get into the fear at its basic point. The fear is my face looks like the BEFORE image and the quelling of that fear which leads to the conversion moment is wow I need to buy this product to make the red blotches go away so I can start dating, going to restaurants, taking a good profile pic on Facebook without having to Photoshop etc…..

Plain and Simple: there is no better way to invoke the conversion moment other than a image or video testimonial (providing the script is strong — more on that later)

Now the disclaimer about Individual results will vary etc… — this is without a doubt hurting the conversion process. Basically what you are saying is this, you may or may not look like the after image and it make make your face WORSE — Clearly the mistake in this approach is quite obvious — sending a mixed signal but for compliance purposes, it is something we are going to have to live with (more below)

BODY — again, strong ad copy — bullet points explaining the the secrets you will receive by entering in your e-mail address. Keep in mind this should always be the guideline on how your product is different than everyone else’s. Here you have the opportunity to reinforce the conversion moment or else we will suffer from conversion drift — meaning the readers conversion moment is not being reinforced but actually drifting away. The more the conversion moment drifts, the less chance of a conversion. This is certainly the danger zone that we do not want to approach so these bullet points must reinforce the buying decision.

The idea of highlighting AND FOR SUBSCRIBING WITH US BELOW TODAY – is a good approach, the wrong text is highlighted.

The issue with these bullet points is the font is too small and there is a bit TMI Here as well.

– Stay Tuned… Part 3: Call to Action, post will go live tomorrow!

This post is part of a 5 day series of posts all about creating winning landing pages. In tomorrows post we will cover the importance of using a great call to action on your landing pages. You only have a few seconds to make the user click, so it’s important to engage them immediately. This guest post series was written by Michael Salvaggio of SEO Brand.

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  1. testimonials are really important as they show the credibility of the product or the offer itself. thanks for this post
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  2. Good post and from a sales point of view you are right.

    Personally I however, have started to hate testimonials ever since I found out that there are websites which specializes in selling testimonials – even on video..

    Having said that, I would include it on my own future salespage as the points you are making are right.

    Keep up the good postings
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