Last Minute 2007 Tax Write Offs

Today is Reena’s birthday, so in celebration, let’s have a year end discount on advertising! As the new year comes to an end, so does your opportunity for any last minute tax write offs! If you are looking to take advantage of any advertising for the new year, I’m offering a sweet 25% off discount off all advertising purchases made before New Years! Purchase a TopSpots listing and receive 10I Make Money Online” bumper stickers along with a MoneyReign Tshirt! To take advantage of this year end offer, simply click here for a Top Spots listing, or use the contact page for any other advertising locations.

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  1. Hey Zac,

    I just sent you an email with your contact form, I wasn't getting any confirmation so I'm posting this comment to follow up, if it diddn't work I'll try resending it.



  2. i was looking at alexa ranking, its getting better mate 🙂

    ohh yes,

    If you want to see wat happen within 9-5 jobs, check this HILARIOUS video -:)



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