How LeadsMarket is Building a Pay Per Lead Empire

The affiliate marketing industry is continually changing and if you are going to find long-term success in this industry, you are going to have to continually change with it.

As an affiliate, this means you will need to focus on new traffic sources, ad campaigns and work with high-quality advertising networks to make sure you are getting paid on all of your valuable leads. Surviving in this industry means keeping a good reputation, building long-lasting relationships with your affiliate partners and distinguishing yourself from the crowd by offering exclusive campaigns or services you won’t be able to find anywhere else. (or LeadsMarket) is the number one marketplace for affiliate marketers and lenders in the small dollar consumer loan space. The founders behind the company started their direct marketing journey over a decade ago and have built the company into the powerhouse player it is today. In keeping with the theme of what it takes to grow a successful business as an affiliate, I sat down with LeadsMarket CEO, Morgan Gethers, to get his expertise on how his business has grown and adopted with changes in the industry and much more.


When did start and what industry does it focus on?

Morgan: We’ve been around since 2011. Currently, our focus has been on leads for financial based products such as installment, payday, auto, and small business loans.

Now let’s talk about affiliate marketing and the types of partners you are looking for the network?

Morgan: Because we have a vast array of products, we get affiliates from all walks of life. We have affiliates specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and more. Depending on the type of traffic we receive, we have different ways to monetize the traffic while also making sure that this traffic is monetized in the best possible way.

Basically, any good affiliate willing to play by the rules can join our network and we can help them figure out how to best grow their portfolio. We pay affiliates in their desired manner, either via check, ACH, Webmoney, PayPal, wire, and more. For revenues over one hundred dollars, payouts are generally distributed weekly. Many of our affiliates are generating over one hundred dollars weekly. This means most of our affiliates get their cash flows in a fast and efficient manner, which allows for faster and further growth in their business.

Affiliate support is something I feel so many networks lack in. Most of them will let you sign up to their network and you never hear from them again. How is different from the competition and what has worked best to increase affiliate earnings?

Morgan:  Great question. LeadsMarket does a few different things.

Firstly, we supply our affiliates with helpful materials to improve their PPC, SEO, and overall marketing strategies.

Secondly, we provide (1) JavaScript forms (iframes) (2) HTML templates (3) landing pages and (4) host and post sites that utilizes our robust hundred lender ping tree.

Thirdly, we have reporting that allows affiliates to break down EPL from wherever they’re trying to target and that allows them to see what kind of consumers they’re sending through, per ad, for example, and per sub IDs. So that they can always figure out the best ways to improve their profitable traffic while decreasing their less profitable traffic.

The loan market seems like a massive industry and one that is loaded with competition. Two questions; First, why should affiliates get into the loan lead generation space, and second, why is LeadsMarket their best option?

Morgan:  I agree, the loan market is massively huge and there are always going to be huge players with millions of dollars in advertising to pay their way to the top of the search results, or simply to be seen everywhere. However, at the same time, there is always going to be a market for financial services and more importantly, affiliates can still enter this space and take advantage of everything we have in place to help them succeed.

As a lead generation business we’ve grown very quickly throughout the years and now we do over two hundred thousand leads a day. And we do that through a few different methods.

First, our EPLs (earnings per lead) are by far the highest as we consistently go 20 and 30 percent higher than our next largest competitor which is why we have so much traffic.

Second, we pay out 90 percent of the revenue to the affiliate. So we make sure that the affiliate is completely and fully compensated. If they don’t have the capability, we can even help them put exit pages on their traffic, help them monetize their data, and we also don’t charge the affiliate any fees.

As for the why LeadsMarket is the best option, there are few different ways that I look at that. Obviously, we have an incredibly large lender network over one hundred fifty lenders in our system and that allows us to have the most coverage possible. Moreover, being an affiliate with us also means you get the advantages of all of our own internal traffic we do as we spend millions on radio and TV. That always assists both the lenders and the affiliates. On top of that there is our technology, our proprietary system, which is truly one of a kind. It is not only self-learning but it’s something that we’ve really never seen in our space before and that also helped us go even further than our competition.


It seems like when an affiliate starts to find success in one space, they tend to try and bring the offer in-house or want to cut out the middle man. What is the advantage for an affiliate to work with LeadsMarket rather than directly selling leads to an online lender?

Morgan:  There are two major reasons for working with LeadsMarket versus directly selling leads to an online lender.

First, building a large lender network like ours (100+) requires heavy resources, possibly twenty to thirty people to build the infrastructure and lender pool. From an affiliate’s perspective, the overhead expense combined with only making the 10 percent that our company takes is going to cost you a heck of a lot more than that 90 percent that you would be gaining.

Secondly, when you work with us because we are so large we’re going to be able to get looser filters and higher payouts from the lender than a single affiliate is ever going to be able to get.

Is there any selection process for new affiliates?

Morgan:  Of course. While we allow everyone to sign up, we’re very selective on who we work with because compliance with state and federal regulations and quality of leads are important to us. Therefore, we try our best to make sure the traffic generated by the affiliate is compliant for regulators, lenders, etc.

How can my audience learn more about or connect with your affiliate management team?

Morgan:  If you come to our website you can sign up and an affiliate manager will reach out to you directly. You may contact us through LinkedIn, email and phone. We’re also extremely active at tradeshows, serving as top sponsors for several national conferences. We are very viewable for our affiliates.

Final question… what is LeadsMarket’s industry outlook for 2016?

Morgan:  The outlook to me is very strong. We have products and services that our clients on all sides love. It really allows our philosophy to shine through, which is “win win win” in regards to consumers, lenders, and affiliates. Everyone benefits through our process.

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Thanks again to Morgan Gethers for taking the time to share his story and insights on what it takes to grow a successful lead generation business on the internet today. If you would like to share your story, please contact us today.

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