LeapFish and Make-a-Wish “Tweet a Cause”

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LeapFish Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.

What has Twitter brought into your life? From a business aspect, it’s opened up worlds and brought us together. However, what is the real value in Twitter for those who aren’t making money online? While I was at BlogWorld in Las Vegas, there was a lot of discussion about raising money through Twitter. This was an excellent concept, just for the fact that you can easily participate and reach millions of people with a single click. Soon, charities may no longer need to waste funds on tv advertising, pamphlets or ad campaigns. If we can get more people to participate and come up with new methods for generating money and helping those in need, the future of raising money just be a “tweet” away.

The “Make a Wish” Foundation has created the Make-a-Wish Tweet-a-Cause and is putting the power of Twitter to work! In a partnership with LeapFish, the Make a Wish foundation is looking to raise $10,000 to send Jacob and his family to Disneyland. Jacob, age 4, has a rare and life-threatening disease that has affected him since birth. Personally, I went to Disneyland once when I was very young, so I don’t remember it that well. What I do remember and know, is that every child, (especially those less fortunate), should have the chance to dream and visit such a place as Disneyland in their lifetime.

So let’s send Jacob to Disneyland!

As mentioned, Make a Wish foundation and LeapFish are combining forces to make this “wish” possible. Every time a user “retweets” the text line below, LeapFish will make a donation of 5 cents to the Make a Wish Foundation until the $10,000 and been raised.

Click HERE or copy / paste the following into your Twitter client:

Just tweeted 2 grant a childs wish! #LeapFish donates to #makeawish foundation for each tweet. https://bit.ly/3KgyQX Please retweet!

The campaign will run from November 16 through November 27, 2009. LeapFish will match each Tweet with 5 cents to a target of $10,000 which will get Jacob and his family to Disneyland.  Click here to view progress chart and donation earnings.

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  1. Good to see that Twitter is being used for fund-raising, especially to help make the dream of an ill child come true and send him to Disneyland. I've never been there because I don't live in the US but it costs money to be able to go there. I bet the child will be able to go there. All those tweets will definitely help.

  2. Great post. I've just tweeted so that this child can make live his dream and go to Disneyland. Twitter is indeed a superb website and it has enormously helped to get to millions of people in only a few lines!

  3. I love stories like this that show creative new ways to use Twitter. It's especially interesting to see how a nonprofit can use a new medium (like Twitter) to promote a cause.

  4. This is a great cause, and its good to see Twitter helping this family out. I hope they can reach their goal in time.

  5. Yes platforms such as Twitter and even blogs are a great way to spread news about charities. It doesn't have to be all about money. Then again, this post is a bit hypocritical as it is a sponsored post itself.

  6. I went to Disneyland as a child and it was an awesome time. It would be great if the Twitter community steps up and helps this great cause.

  7. @Laptop Carrying Case:

    So on that same note… we should just not try to make any profits from business transactions right? Because well be taking money from some and giving to others right? Just because it's a charity, it doesn't change the playing field in my opinion.

    Till then,


  8. Good post, showing once more how social media is transforming our existence… specifically, how Twitter can be used not only to make money but also to raise money to help make the dream of an ill child come true… hope many people will take part in this project!

  9. The passive nature of this act of giving is what I find so appealing about this concept. All you have to do is tweet, and you don’t have to donate any physical cash, which is a barrier to entry for a lot of people.

  10. Actually, not so much for Adsense as depending on the post they normally display community ads.

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