Learn the Basics of Drop Shipping

Of the different ventures available online, the drop shipping industry is one of the most popular. Since it does not require you to have a warehouse and huge monetary capital, anyone can operate the business. By simply setting up your own website, selling products, finding the potential customers, and tying up with a wholesaler, you can run a multi-million company. To be successful in the endeavor, here are the basics of drop shipping that you should know.

A Saleable Product

One of the basics of drop shipping is to look for a saleable product. Find an item that is in demand but has fewer competitors in the online market. You can make a little research about the most wanted niche and from there, you can set up your website and start marketing your merchandise. When choosing from the broad market, consider also your expertise and your interest. For example, between two similar product lines such as shoes and bags, if you think you have more expertise and interest in bags, then go for it. It will be easier to sell merchandise that you believe in than an item which you are clueless with.

Reputable Wholesaler

Your contacted wholesaler is your partner in the business. The basics of drop shipping are to find and transact with a reputable company. Remember that you are in the frontline of customers. If you carry out business with a company with bad standing, then you put your name at risk.

Attractive and Factual Product Listing and Shipping Schedule

When setting up your website, learn the basics of drop shipping, like providing your customers with only the factual product listings. Make sure that all the details and product description you put in the site are factual. You can verify your data with the wholesaler before posting them on your site. Keep your pictures attractive to attract more potential buyers. With regards to the shipping fee, verify with your wholesaler the amount you have to charge as well as the schedule. By learning these basics of drop shipping, you can satisfy your customers better.

Accurate Customer Information

Once you get a serious buyer, make sure you get all information correctly before forwarding it to your wholesaler. Your mistakes in data encoding can annoy your product provider much as it can also irritate your customers. By following the basics of drop shipping customer data collection, you can stay on top of the competition.

Traceable Shipping Method

Customers want to track the progress of their product shipments. The basics of drop shipping are to get the services of companies with traceable shipping methods. Although the shipment is the role of the wholesaler, it should also be your concern when choosing your product partner.

When you are getting as much customers as you can, your income becomes unlimited. Without seeing the actual products, you can still sell them in bulk. For as long as you know and follow the basics of drop shipping, you can be a successful online entrepreneur.

Andre Conferido has been in the internet marketing business for over 5 years mainly doing “niche blogging”. Andre is also a writer at the make money online blog carlocab.com.

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  1. There is no list of reputable whole-sellers, no tips about how to start a business like that. I'm sorry, the information is of no use

  2. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-117831" rel="nofollow">@DotcomNote:

    The biggest success for wholesale and dropshipping is your providers. Not many people will discuss or even mention who they are using. If you find out this information, you can pretty much replicate or destroy another site's business.

  3. worldwidebrands.com is probably the most popular site online, but I have had very little success with finding any dropshippers of quality on their network… at least for areas I was interested in.

  4. I have personally always found that you would make more money anyways with Adsense than you would with the commission you get from dropshippers. This of course is assuming the product you are selling costs less than, say, fifty dollars.

  5. So Zac, are you currently drop shipping? And was this article written by you, or by Andre Conferido?

  6. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-117865" rel="nofollow">@Mai Kahk:

    I used to drop ship. Good money, but was more annoying than anything. It can easily be outsourced and you can just work on the marketing of the site… but not something I was interested in. The article was written by Andre.

  7. While most of my portfolio is made up of affiliate sites, I have got a couple of dropship sites thrown in there, both as an experiment and also to “spread my risk” a little bit, so that my whole list of sites aren’t just affiliate ones.

    So far I’ve got to agree that if you pick the right product and dropshipper, the profits can be pretty good, but it’s not the kind of business you can just leave to work on it’s own (you have to check every day for orders), unless you outsource, which of course is possible once you’ve got it up and running profitably.


  8. It all sounds easy but finding the right product and drop shippers is almost impossible i think. Anyways i’m off to find some suppliers!

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