LegalZoom’s Awesome System for Capturing Lost Leads

LegalZoom is one of the largest and most successful sites in the legal and business setup niche. In short,they specialize in all of the annoying stuff that business owners don’t want to deal with, such as setting up an LLC / Inc, securing a trademark or copyright and they also do a ton of other legal work such as wills, living trusts and so on…

I was on their site the other day because I wanted to see what the process and costs would be to set something up. After I went through a lengthy sign up process which walked me through everything, I was finally sent to the last page of the process which included a higher state filing fee that I expected, so I ended up leaving the site.

This is where the magic started to happen… I forgot about LegalZoom, but they didn’t forget about me!

Since I had already entered all of my personal information at the beginning of the process, it was easy for LegalZoom to keep in touch with me.

The important thing here to remember is that the concept of following up with any leads that don’t complete the process is a no-brainer, but actually having companies that do this… and do it right is hard to come across.

LegalZoom After the Transaction Was Lost

Once I left the LegalZoom site I received a phone call (which went to my voice mail). It was someone from their marketing team (outbound sales specialist) that wanted to follow up with me and see if they could help with the process.

Since I didn’t answer the call they left a message… and going even one step further, they followed up with an email as well. (I personally hate taking phone calls and email is much better for me 99% of the time).

LegalZoom Email After Call

After receiving the phone call and email from one of LegalZoom’s sales specialist, another email came from LegalZoom directly.

This one was catered to what I was originally searching for on their site and is great for pulling the lost transaction back into their site to complete the process.

LegalZoom Follow Up

Update: Even after writing this post I’ve noticed that a few more emails from LegalZoom are trickling in. Here’s another from their auto-responder arsenal to learn from.

LegalZoom Attorney

I’ve used LegalZoom in the past for a few business issues and it’s great to see that they’ve improved their support and lead generation system as well.

This concept of this post wasn’t to promote LegalZoom, but instead to promote how online businesses and lead based sites should be focusing their efforts on securing partial lead data after they leave your site.

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  1. Hi Zac,

    Super smart! Take care of customers, or anyone who visits your site, and you’ll become memorable. LegalZoom is on the ball in this department. Just help, listen and try your best to make a connect in any way possible. Thanks!

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