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Written by Zac Johnson
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You may have noticed a new section on the right side menu of the blog over the past week. It’s a new widget called Lijit. It’s actually pretty cool and allows you to add all of your social networking links and a search box to your page. Any search results are then displayed on top of your existing blog, so you are not losing any visitors. In addition to search and social networking capabilities, the Lijit widget also allows you to look up all search and traffic going through your site. I just started fooling around with the widget and the social networks it’s linked up to. I need to clean everything up and work with it some more.

Once you are a member, you can access the admin area which provides a lot of detailed stats. The screenshot below is just one of the many stats sections available.

Another very cool feature about the Lijit widget, is it’s live scrolling search on it’s main page. Looking for some new post ideas? Just sit on the Lijit home page for a while and see what interesting topics people are searching on other blogs. Not to mention how cool it is when you see your blog scrolling across the screen!

Lijit is a free widget and adds a bit more interactivity to your blog or web site. Sign up is pretty quick and it will automatically detect your social networking accounts with your username. Once you are a member you can login and see all the full features through the backend. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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8 Replies to “Lijit Search Tool & Blog Stats”

  1. What effect do you think this has on link juice? These are all active followed links.

  2. its a cool idea but you can list all your social bookmarks by yourself, and I dont think I need that search bar. Another thing the question comes up about link juice. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. I haven't read anything or looked into the link juice yet. In the end, it's just a widget that helps networking and makes it an easy process to setup. I'll keep it up for a bit and see how it goes.

  3. Hmmm, wouldn’t LIJIT take all the credit when people click on the searched items? Won’t they receive some money from this? I’m not sure, but I don’t think a widget is really needed for the search box or those social links.


  4. Hi Zac,

    I fell under the radar for awhile, went to the Audio Engineering Society conference in San Francisco on Friday, met the Beatles Engineer, Geoff Emerick, and Phil Ramone and Frank Fitipetti, other famous dudes, and a few old peer engineers from my days at Sony Engineering.

    Hoping you can catch your breath after financial meltdowns and jet lag?

    Getting ready to ship the master dvds to BlogWorld Expo for further processing, check with them on status of distribution options?

    Respectfully, Nicholas 'the video guy' at BlogWorld Expo 2008

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