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No matter what type of business you are running on the internet, backlinks matter. If you are developing high end web sites that generate all of your revenue, the more incoming links to your site, the more people that are finding you and the easier it is for the search engines to rank you in their results.

Gone are the days when you could buy thousands of keyword specific backlinks and rank at the top of the search results. Yes, these were glorious days… but like everyone said, Google would eventually catch on and penalize these type of methods.

Now it’s all about quality backlinks, making sure they are relevant and building them over time and not trying to flood links to your sites within a day or weeks time. After all, Google is trying to rank sites based on their quality of experience to the search user, not for us business folks!

One such way to create an effective link building model around your web site or blog is to take a look at The goal behind Grow Position is to allow site owners the opportunity to buy and build links for their sites, while scaling them across different and effective platforms and mediums.

Grow Position currently specializes in the following link building methods.

  • Temporary links – these are posted on webmasters sites. Charges for these links are renewed on a monthly basis. Monthly fees will be renewed automatically if not cancelled.
  • Permanent links – are also posted on webmasters sites. There is a one-time fee for such links. Links will be posted on the websites for the duration of the websites. GrowPosition will ensure that the link will not be moved.
  • Posts – these are a type of ad unit that are available for purchase on popular sites, such as WordPress or Drupal. The site owner will write your requirements to your specifications.
  • Articles – this is an ad unit offered for purchase on heavily visited sites. The only difference between the purchase of posts and articles is that for articles, the site owner cannot make any changes to your requirements without your prior consent.
  • Post links – this is a small ad unit. It is a written paragraph with your link attached that will be added to your chosen post on the advertiser’s site. You send the site owner your requirements and he will write the post link accordingly. Purchase for these post links are offered on popular platform sites, such as WordPress and Drupal.

Time and time again we have talked about the importance of guest posting, building out your own links and even article marketing. No matter the changes being made from Google or the type of content you are writing, it all comes down to money and time. It takes a lot of time to write and manage your link building on your own, but it is possible. However, for most people it is simply more effective to outsource the process to other companies like Grow Position, who know what they are doing and have a system in place to make sure your link building efforts are actually working for you and not against you.

How Does Grow Position Work?

The Grow Position network is built up of thousands of “quality websites” that allow users of their link building service to choose relevant sites to buy links, articles, blog posts and paid placement. The more relevant the content and niche of sites linking back to your site, the more relevant and effective the link building process will be.

There are two different types of links that can be ordered through Grow Position, temporary and permanent links. The temporary links are renewed on a monthly basis, which is something you may be familiar with if you currently order link building through other services such as Text Link Ads. The permanent link placements are on the same sites, but are only a one time fee and will keep the link active for the life of the site.

It’s not just about text link building. As mentioned earlier, Google isn’t going to rank you if you have a thousand sites linking back to your site with the same generic terms. Site owners need to spice their link building methods up with reviews, social links, different anchor text and more.

1,903 users have already chosen us. 36,964,77 pages are available for your ads. Price of our text ads start from $0.01 per month.

Link building doesn’t have to be just about getting link juice, you should be looking at how you can monetize your links for actual traffic and revenue as well. If you are to become an advertiser with GrowPosition, you have the option to order paid placement for posts, articles and in-post links. Content is king, and having your links within this content is key.

Finding Relevant Sites to Advertise On

You can sign up for an account right away with Grow Position and have full access to their back end and ad buying system. Once logged in you can select the Publisher/Advertiser options. Below you will see a screenshot of the start of the ad buying process, which is a directory of all the sites in the network, which provides specifics on if the site is listed in Yahoo/DMOZ, the site category, how many pages are indexed in Google, Alexa rank and much more.

You will also notice that there are plenty of filters on the left side of the page. When you are logged in you will see many more.

In addition to all of the detailed stats and information, you also have the option to “Add to Cart” for any sites that you would like to buy advertising/link building on. Since it’s quite a large directory, you will probably come across a lot of sites you might like to try, but not all at the same time. You can save any of the interesting sites in your “Add to Hot List” section for future viewing.

Making Money with Grow Position

As mentioned earlier, Grow Position has thousands of sites within their network and that number is growing daily. Why? Simply because new sites are created every day and looking for new ways to monetize their site.

On the flip side of being an advertiser with Grow Position, you can also be a publisher. Instead of buying links and advertising for your site, you can be selling paid placement and articles/blog posts on your site to generate a new source of revenue.

To setup your site as a publisher account, all you need to do is sign in to your account, click Publisher, then Add Site. Grow Position will only accept sites with less than 15 out going links. Once you are accepted as a network site you can then post all of your prices and link building options. Lastly you would install the Grow Position wordpress plugin, which will manage all of your account and sites link/ad placements.

As a Grow Position site partner, you would receive 85% of all sales, which is quite high compared to other link building networks. For more information on the publisher program, you can read through the Grow Position FAQ section. Payments are made through Paypal, WebMoney, EPESE and wire transfer.

Knowing How to Grow Your Position Online

As mentioned earlier, link building is not what it used to be and is now more complicated and potentially dangerous than ever before. The last thing you want to do is mess around with a low end service that promises thousands of incoming links for just a few dollars.

Grow Position has been able to create a business model that works because they can diversify their links over many different sites and through many different link building methods. Link building isn’t for everyone, and it can become a job in itself. Be sure to check out Grow Position and see if their link building model is right for your business.

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  1. Building quality links I'm focusing on currently for my new blog which is less than a month old.
    I'm not willing to buy links but wishes to build them through any ways I can.

  2. Isn't buying links against Google's tos? I'm sure that Google keeps a list of all of the sites that are selling links through these types of services and devalues accordingly…

    1. Google is against "buying" links, but so many networks are spreading links around through many different methods that it's always up in the air. Some are selling links, others are selling guest posts or access to post on their network sites… it's a never ending game of cat and mouse.

  3. I just checked this out and it seems to be full of scam sites.

    If you do a filter from PR 5 to PR 8, you see a bunch of sites that can only get your website in a lot of trouble.

    I would be very careful before you buy links from a site like this because it's really simple for Goolge to identify all the sites that participate and penalize them.

    It is against their TOS.

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