First you need the web site content… then you need the links. It’s that simple. That is the formula for growing your web site and getting better search results and incoming traffic. However, it’s a bit more complex when it comes to choosing what type of link building you will build around your web site. To make that process a bit easier, I will outline a few of my recommended link building strategies and how you can start building links for your web site or blog right away.

Article Marketing

The concept behind article marketing is great. There are mega web sites out there, and all they do is publish free content from users of their web site. In return these web sites all the writers to post a link back to their web site in the author section, which helps their sites index in the search results. I explain the whole process in this Building Backlinks with Article Marketing post.

Once you get started with your own article marketing, you can write your own articles, or outsource the whole process through the use of top outsourcing web sites. It takes some time to find a great writer, but I have been able to order 400-500 word articles for around $3.50-$5 each.

Hiring a SEO Service

Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with all the fuss of building links and learning what to do and what not to do. After all, if you start messing around with the wrong link building methods, you could end up harming your web site and even getting banned from Google! Two SEO companies that I have used and recommend, are RankPay and SEO LinkWheelers.

I’ve used RankPay for many web sites and they are a great service because you don’t have to pay a dime until they start showing results. They also have some great tools on their site to show how easy or hard it will be to get your web site to rank for certain terms. I did an interview with the RankPay team and had them answer some of the most frequently asked questions about SEO and link building.

Recently I was talking with the SEO LinkWheelers team about building link wheels and real content for this blog and helping me rank for the search term “zac”. Within a couple weeks of them getting started, I already saw results and went from #34 to #9 on Google! You can read that post here, along with another review post I did on SEO LinkWheelers and how you can grab a free keyword report about your web site.

Guest Blog Posting

Article marketing and hiring and outsourced SEO team can both cost you money if you aren’t going to do them yourself. However, guest posting is an extremely powerful and effective way to bring incoming links back to your web site, while getting real visitors and traffic as well.

When writing a guest post, it’s important to provide the highest quality content and stuff that people really want to read and will send to their friends. You will also want to target as many blogs as you can in your niche, as this is the audience you will want to target.

I have an excellent post on my blog about 7 Major Tips to Be a Better Guest Blogger, which will truly help you understand the power and effects of guest blogging.

Other Link Building Methods

There are many ways to build links to a web site, but not all of them are preferred and loved by search engines. Stick with what works and recommended. I have one last post to recommend to you that covers a few different Effective Free Link Building Strategies. Pick and choose the link building method that you prefer and see what type of results you get, then start testing with another method. Remember, one quality link back from a large authority web site is much more powerful than a thousand spammy unethical and non-relevant links of unread blogs and forums.