Living Dot Com Premiere Screening in Beverly Hills, CA

It’s been a very exciting week while I’ve been out in California for the premiere of the “Living Dot Com” documentary that I’m featured in.

The premiere took place at the Writer’s Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA on May 31st and the stars of the film, including myself John Chow, Andrew Warner, Chad French and many others got to walk on the red carpet and experience the life of a movie star or celebrity, every if just for one night.

Writers Guild Theatre

The producer of the film, Michael Bayer was also there.

In episode 4 of the Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast I interviewed Michael and we talked about the filming and production process of the documentary and a few of the stories that were featured.

During the event, the 500+ attendees got to view the documentary premiere in it’s entirety and there was also a Q&A session at the end with everyone featured in the film.

Living Dot Com Q&A

Living Dot Com Premiere Screening Video

As mentioned, John Chow was featured in the documentary and also at the premiere. He threw together a great video full of highlights and recaps of what went on during the red carpet event.

Not only was it great to be part of such an awesome event, but I also had the opportunity to meet with a whole new audience while also sharing my personal story and helping others discover new ways to expand their businesses and brands through the use of internet and affiliate marketing.

Special thanks to everyone who attended, took the time to speak with me and especially Michael Bayer who put the film and premiere together!

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