Logo Design Contests and Marketplaces You Should Check Out

I love logo and graphic design work. Unfortunately I never spent the time to master the skill on my own. Fortunately there are full designer marketplaces out there for me to use instead. I could flip through portfolio pages of logo and site designs all day.

I’ve always been a huge believer in brand massaging and the importance of creating a great logo for your site or brand. This is the exact process I took when I launched ZacJohnson.com eight years ago. I went with a unique blog design and also had my Zac Johnson toon created and live on the site as well. Doing worked wonders for my brand and made the toon and name extremely well known in the affiliate and internet marketing niche.

As mentioned, I’m not that great at graphic design work, so when I need a good logo I usually find a designer and have it outsourced. Below I have listed three excellent logo and graphic design contests and marketplaces that you should be checking out. The concept behind the sites below are simple… create a logo design contest, choose how much you want to pay for your completed design, receive a bunch of design drafts from hundreds of designers, pick a winning logo and they will be rewarded with your cash prize!


When it comes to logo design contests and marketplaces, if you know of any there is a good chance you know of 99designs. I’ve even seen commercials for 99Designs on the television lately, which is quite amazing at it’s definitely in a niche most TV viewers won’t relate with. This designer haven was created behind the same masterminds at SitePoint and Flippa. 99Designs specializes in everything from logo design, business card designs, web pages, mobile apps, book covers, brochures and much more. The numbers behind the site are also quite over whelming. There are always over 1,000 active contests on the site, 150k completed since their launch and over $1.4 million paid out in commissions.


I’ve previously done a review and ordered a few designs through the LogoMyWay marketplace. They don’t have a flashy and cool site design like 99Designs and and DesignCrowd, but they do offer a very competitively priced job market, with a ton of designers that are waiting to start working for you. There are currently over 15,000 designers on the LogoMyWay marketplace and you can look through the full portfolio design pages to see the many different types of logos that are being created through the site. Logo design packages start at $200 and can go up to $1000, depending on how much you would like to award for your logo contest.


When creating an identity for your brand or business, you want to make sure it looks great. DesignHill allows you to tap into their inventory of over 23,000 different designers around the world, while also not having to spend several hundreds of dollars in the process. DesignHill does more than just logo design, they also specialize in full site design, social media work and print design as well. Logo and graphic design packages start at $199 and can be scaled to increase designer submissions.


Design Crowd

Design Crowd is a new site I just happened to come across last week. They have a great looking site and once you are signed up as a free member, the back end is pretty sweet as well. There are currently over 80,000 designers on the marketplace, which have generated over $4.5 million in job payouts. When you are setting up a new designer job to go live on the marketplace, they have a really cool process that walks you through all of the different packages and how many designers the job will be open to, along with how many draft designs you should expect from your listing. I would also like to note that right when I signed up to Design Crowd, I received a couple emails from people at the company that were willing to help with my design process and asking if I needed any help. Logo design packages start at $240 and go all the way up to $940.

48 Hours Logo

Want to start a logo or graphic design contest of your own with only $29 and 48 hours of time? If so, 48HoursLogo is the place for you! With thousands of designers on their site and over 10,000 completed jobs, adding 48HoursLogo to your arsenal of graphic design sites is a must. When going through the job creation process you can choose from logo design, site design or print design. Once you complete your job contest, it will go live on the market place for designers to start submitting their work to. At the end of the process, select a winning design and own the full rights to your logo and get to work on your branding efforts.

Brand Crowd

Another new site that I just came across is called BrandCrowd. While other sites mentioned specialize strictly in design, BrandCrowd also specializes in domain names as well. The concept behind the site is that they have thousands of ready made logos for you to search through. In the process you can also look through their directory of high end domain names that you might want to purchase with your logo if you are just starting a new web site, company or brand. There aren’t any standard prices for design and domain purchasing on the site, as it will vary based on design and domain selection.

The next time you are in the market for a logo or site design, be sure to check out these great design contests and marketplaces.

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