Logo Design Contests Bring Winning Results

The more advanced and creative the internet gets, the less we are reminded of how things used to be. One of the drastic changes being made is the way we hire and outsource design work. A few years ago I would have to go out, find a quality graphics designer, pay whatever their rates were and hopefully be satisfied with their work. With the creation of new sites that allow you to run design contests, like LogoMyWay.com, it’s now the complete opposite.

The new business model, is that you are in control. As a design contest holder, you write up the logo design description, choose how much you want to pay and select the winning design after your specific design contest ends. Through out the contest you are receiving design submissions which you can rate, tweek and provide advice on… ultimately with the end goal of giving you the perfect logo design.

What better way to explain the potential of running a design contest vs. a high cost design company, than to walk you through how I did it. I wanted to create a new logo for BloggingTips.com, so I setup a new contest with LogoMyWay.com. To create a contest you just need to click “Start a Contest” then go through a three step process, which includes providing your contact information, writing a description about your design work and making payment. In this example, LogoMyWay charges a 10% transaction fee, and the minimum contest prize is $200.

Here are the results from my logo design contest.

The cost was $200, but when you compare that to the number of submissions, it comes out to less than .40 per design. If you were to go through a top designer site, you would probably be paying $100-$500 per design and usually only receive three draft revisions.

Next let’s take a look at my top ten designs and which designer made the winning logo.

When running a design contest, it’s up to the buyer to rank all of the incoming entries. By ranking completed work, this helps other designers know what the best designs are and if they are in the running for first place. You can see I ranked the top 10 logos in order above.

The winning design, created by aboland is shown below.

You can view winning work from aboland and others on the LogoMyWay logo marketplace.

I’m really happy with the results of running a design contest. You never know who may come up with some killer creative idea for your logo, and your boundaries are limitless when it’s such an open market place. Before going to another design firm, think about starting a contest instead, then compare your results.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. I have always believed that contests are the best way to get the best result. You get to choose from tons of logos and beside that, you also get a good deal.. I like the new logo for your BT. neat and sweet, thanks for the share..

  2. Zac, amazing, isn't it? I've used 99Designs and while $300 to me is expensive right now, I had a few submissions and absolutely loved one of the designs.

    I'll have to remember LogoMyWay for the future 😉

  3. Hi Zac,

    These logos are fantastic buddy!! I am an aspiring Graphic Designer myself and I love all of these logos.

    Its got me thinking about my next project too 😉 …


  4. Yeh, for the chiro office we just ran a contest at logotournament.com. Not only did we get a bunch of great entries, but the winner ended up doing more design work for us and has turned into someone we will work with long term.

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing these tip, it really cheap comparing to company and i think i have found a new way to make money since i love photoshopping and create design. <3

  6. Wow the designs looks really cool! especially the top 4 logos their are all neat and designed perfectly for me! I guess this idea of running a contest is much better than going to a high cost company. More designs, more options, cheaper

  7. not a bad logo…. perhaps he can make it more lively like the one you used in this blog. just a cent of my opinion.

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