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It’s hard enough to find a quality graphics designer these days. Then the situation may even get worse, when you pay upfront and keep getting landing pages or graphic designs that just look like crap! A new site has just recently went live, called LogoMyWay. Instead of having to choose and work with one designer, you submit a project description, then get examples and designs from all participants. You set a specific price for the job you are looking to have complete, then award to prize money to the designer that did the best job.

Who is Using LogoMyWay?
Though the site is fairly new, over 50 new designers are signing up daily. A couple companies currently looking for designs on LogoMyWay are EbaumNation and Jim Kukral’s Scratchback. The EbaumNation contest has drawn a decent amount of attention, and already has over 200 graphics submitted to choose from. You can see a view of their current contest submissions below.

How does LogoMyWay Work?
The process behind using LogoMyWay is quite simple. If you are looking to have any type of design created, you simply signup and are walked through a process which will setup your account and details on your new logo project. You will also choose a price that you will be paying for your image. The minimum amount is $200.00 to start a contest, and 10% of that are fees collected by LogoMyWay. Once completed, your contest will now go live and is open to all graphic designers to submit their work. As the contest creator, you can provide feedback, approve, rank and deny any entries posted to your contest. All payments to contest winners are handled through LogoMyWay.

LogoMyWay vs 99Designs?
If you’ve been in the graphics design area at all, you may have come across 99Designs, which is one of the largest marketplaces out there for graphic design and runs the same contest/submission process as LogoMyWay. One of the big differences between the two, is that LogoMyWay has a guaranteed winner for every contest posted, at 99Designs, the contest poster can walk away without rewarding a winner. 99Designs has been around longer and may have a larger variety of users and postings, but LogoMyWay is also adding over 50 new designers daily and currently have over 1,000 on their site. It will be interesting to compare the two in a years time and see how they compare.

Take a look at the new LogoMyWay graphic design marketplace and let me know what you think. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or even post a design job you have in the comments.

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  1. i still like forums.digitalpoint.com – i have had some nice work done there for very little money

  2. Those look like cool options, I'm checking out Sachin's option too..having some legal paperwork is always a good idea.

    <abbr>Crazy Oldie’s last blog post..Like a BOSS…</abbr>

  3. What, no love for crowdSPRING? https://www.crowdspring.com They’ve got 20K designers and free legal paperwork. It’s by far the safest for anyone using a logo for a business. For a church group, sure, use 99designs or LMW. But for someone trying to make money or run a business? I want legal paperwork.

    (I know the guys cause they’re in Chicago too, but that’s about it for conflicts.)

    Sachin Agarwal’s last blog post..Wrong About Japan: Kitsune

  4. Excellent resources for logo designs. I have a new venture that I am looking to launch in the next few weeks, I will definitely check out these two sources for my logo. I like the idea of LogoMyWay, it seems like being new they would have some fresh talent with cutting edge ideas …. and that is what I am looking for. 🙂 thanks dude.

    <abbr>Smooth Skin’s last blog post..Where can I find Private Label Right or Resales right on ebooks, topics on early childhood cultivation?</abbr>

  5. This is like 99designs.com too..although when you have less targeted feedback between client and designer the logos result in much poor quality. So, beware that with these sites you just may have to sift through dozens of mediocre designs before finally getting the logo that is right for you.

    <abbr>Melody’s last blog post..The Top 5.5 Myths of Online Marketing</abbr>

  6. This looks like a really really good service for designing logos. I love the competition idea.. I think it's also really fair!! I've tried making a few logos myself, but it never works out the way I hope.

  7. Really really cool. Ijust checked out the site on ur recommendation.. and its worth every bit of it!! damn good designing work!! 😀

  8. Its really seems very cool. Designing is the way where you can express something interesting. This is really good service for this designing logos.

  9. I need to use the services of independent designers, and so is cheaper and faster. And on sites where they offer their services, you can always read the reviews about them.

  10. I like the concept of LogoMyWay, although I think it will be tough to retain the user base of quality Graphic designers, if the designers themselves don't constantly win the Logo prize, or are rewarded in someway for at least competing in the competition.

    Till then,


  11. Really good service for logo design. I believe that much more important and economically advantageous to learn to paint any logo which you need most. All you need is PhotoShop

  12. Interesting Idea for a logo design approach, surely you get plenty of concepts, question is are any of them good? Do the designers really understand your business and audience?

  13. Having client prepay for each contest is certainly good news for the designers, but what if client simple don't see a logo that he likes? 48hourslogo on the other hand allow a contest to get started with a small listing fee and client pay the contest prize only if satisfied with the design options submitted.

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