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Picking the right offer is key to a successful in pay per click campaign, but having a great landing page is nearly just as important. With more and more ad networks and search engines not allowing direct linking, you need to create a landing page or mini site. Even networks and advertisers themselves are requiring a middle page in between the search visitor and their offer page. Many affiliates out source their landing page design, and some actually create their own. Unfortunately, not all of us are graphic designers… and that’s where LPWhiz.com comes into play. By offering a membership service LPWhiz.com will provide you with new landing pages each month, along with ad creative, keywords and the networks you should join to promote your campaign.

For a monthly cost of $29.95, you will have account access to 20 different landing pages each month. In addition to landing pages, LPWhiz also promises a list of master picked keyword lists, tested ad copies, a private member forum, occasional ebooks, scripts and exclusive design services.

Once you are logged in, you will see the current set of niche campaigns for you to download. Below is the current set for June, and any subscribed members, should see a new set of niche downloads available on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Each niche download has their own zip file and is broken down into several easy to read files. Ad Copies, Affiliate Programs, Keywords, Screenshot Image and the “landing page” folder, which is your actual landing page to upload and work with.

If you aren’t already signed up with a bunch of affiliate networks, or don’t want to search through them all for the best payout or to find a related offer to run with your niche landing page, LPWhiz has done the work for you. The “Affiliate-Programs.xls” file breaks down a few related offers, what networks you can find them on, action needed to obtain a lead, and it’s payout. There are a couple landing page downloads that don’t have any offers listed and instead, the excel file says “Please check separate section at Neverblueads and incentaclick for good converting programs.” I would recommend that LPWhiz finds some relating offers for these landing pages to fill in these files, add more networks to their overall campaign lists, and if they want to make a few extra bucks, they could also make the network link names referral urls, this way they would receive commission on any new affiliate signups! 🙂

The keywords files is a simple excel spreadsheet which listed a couple hundred keywords pertaining to the niche and campaign topic. This may be useful for any newbie, or lazy ppc marketers (that want to run a quick test campaign), as this same type of list can be obtained by using a “search suggestion” tool via MSN AdCenter, Yahoo Search or Google AdWords. As a last reference, you can run through the list to make sure that you haven’t missed any last keywords.

In addition to the keywords, you are also provided with “tested” ad copy choices for your campaign. The campaign in red, is recommended as the performer over the others. If you were to actually setup a campaign using these ad copies, be sure to split test and see which works best.

For paid members of LPWhiz, they also have an affiliate program. Members will earn 40% commission on all sales for LIFE. For each paid member, you would receive $12 per month, for every month they stay a member. If you are looking to join LPWhiz for the landing pages, then just refer two other members to the network, your monthly subscription bill would almost be paid for. A benefit of being a subscriber to the LPWhiz service, is that only paid members can take part in their affiliate program, so there won’t be much ad competition.

Inside the members area, there are a few banners available for the LPWhiz affiliate program. The banners are attractive, but the overall site of LPWhiz looks very simple. As a customer, I would like to see this web site with a better and cleaner design. There should also be some type of logo design or “.com” in the domain text graphic on top. Do you have any other suggestions for the site?

For those affiliates and ppc marketers out there that aren’t currently designing their own landing pages and would like to test a new source, LPWhiz.com might be useful for you. I think most of the keywords and ad copy are pretty general information added to each niche landing page, but that’s what it is… something extra to sweeten the deal. Most freelance designers are charging anywhere from $30-$60 per landing page design, while through LPWhiz.com, you only pay $29.95 per month, which comes out to $1.50 per landing page. In the end I think it will really come down to how many people are using the site, as you wouldn’t want too many competitors using your same landing pages (Members can request custom landing page designs for $35 each, which won’t be shared by others).

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  1. awesome! this will be perfect! all of the idiots that join and use the same lps, ads and keywords will be easy to beat. thanks!

  2. Yeah, what Jeff said.

    Putting up the same landing page, using the same keywords/ad copies as all the other beginner AMs out there sounds like a good way to not make money.

    Why not just pay one of the many legit LP creators out there $XX and get a UNIQUE landing page? Much better investment.

    1. I agree. Everybody's gonna have the same looking landing page. I woulnt waste my money on it. Do you have any recommendation on any legit lp creators? thanks.

      1. I don't know about that. I think the $29.95 cost per month will keep some of the rifraf out of the whole game and with 20 new landing pages every month who knows, there may not be that many people promoting the same offer.

        1. What I would like to do is set up my own templates to sell. Probably make more money selling templates than product!

  3. good post. i will probably try them out. it would be much better if they just sold one-off landing pages, because i dont really need any of their other services.

  4. Their pages look decent, for $30 a month it's not like it really costs anything so it looks like a good service for newbies.

  5. I think these pages are looking ok. They will work fine. And, the price is right too.

  6. Z,

    Great Post. Not sure if the service is good or not but that is an excellent review/pitch. I agree that there will be too many people out there pitching the exact same thing, but hey, who ever said competition was a bad thing. Survival of the fittest, right?

  7. A lot of haters on here drinking haterade. I'm going to sign up. Shoot if they have an affiliate service, why not there is another way to make money, get 3 people to sign up under you and now you're making profit.

    1. yeah I love haterade it's my favorite drink. step your soda game up

  8. Saw the paid review on Tylers site and thought the same thing…cool service and idea but seems kind of pointless even if a great deal.

    People keep saying it's bad that everyone would have the same landing pages…that's not the problem. Everyone could use the same landing pages and still make money if they are good landing pages. The problem I see is everyone will be promoting the same offers at the same time. There is already plenty of competition for most offers and since they say they will choose the popular offers to make pages for they all come with plenty of built in competition. With this service you get a few hundred brand new competitors each month for all the same offers, many probably even using the supplied keywords and ads. It will be like an instant flood for those offers each month.

    I mentioned in my other post that it wouldn't be so bad to gather landing pages for a few months then go back and and test out a few of the offers after the initial rush on them died down…because all the early people outbid each other and all went broke lol. But what would save this service would be if they were able to offer a few custom/unique landing pages per member on top of a bulk pack. That way each member would be able to concentrate on a few offers of their choice, hopefully without having to compete with every other member of the service. Yeah, that makes it a lot more work on lpwhiz but it would make the service a killer deal and probably get a lot of members to stay long term rather than canceling after losing money on all their campaigns the first month competing with each other especially if they don't put a strict limit on membership levels.

    The other way around it would be to use the supplied files/psd to edit them into landing pages for somewhat similar offers but different niches…though that would kind of take away the whole point of buying ready made landing pages. But at the very least it would help noobs learn the basic elements of making landing pages and get ideas.

  9. Thanks for all opinions and criticism. We are capping the membership to just 100 members. So its all the way profitable deal for everyone 🙂

  10. I'm thinking of how it could affect several marketers with the exact same estrategy. I'm not only talking about the same landig page but the same keywords…

  11. Worth to try. The price is reasonable. Landing page will help a lot. Finding the right campaign and keyword is another problem in ppc.

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