Low Cost Web Hosting

Looking for Low Cost Web Hosting? This article will help you out!

Running a success blog, I’m always getting emails for readers asking what the best low cost web hosting service is to go with. Whether you need cheap web hosting for your web site, blog or even just landing pages, I’m sure there is a web hosting package for you. Before jumping into your first web host, you need to make sure they offer the hosting, support and services you are looking for. Do they offer one click installs for WordPress like HostGator offers, or do you just want a host with a regular CPanel admin? There are a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to webhosting.

Low Cost Web Hosting versus Expensive Hosting

I’ve had my fair amount of time dealing with different web hosting services and even having to order my own servers to be stored in a data center. The big difference in low cost web hosting versus an expensive web host, is more than just the cost and brand. It’s important to know what you are getting and to compare bandwidth costs. Low cost web hosting is usually a result of being on a shared server with other web sites. More expensive web hosting will usually provide more reliable up time, server and customer support and even dedicated hosting, which means only your web sites will be stored on the server.

My Choice for Low Cost Web Hosting

I wanted to give you as many options as possible, so I made a nice chart up below with the many different web hosts and services they provide, along with their rates. I am currently hosting my large web sites with WiredTree, but also host another few hundred small sites I have accumulated over the years with HostGator hosting. I’ve never had a problem with either, and HostGator is an excellent start for anyone looking to create their first web site or blog. Get your first month of hosting at HostGator for only 1 Penny…. use coupon code “ZACJOHNSON“.






1&1 Hosting

$2.00 10 GB 300 GB Free

Dotster Hosting

$5.25 5 GB 250 GB Free

PowWeb Hosting

$5.77 1500 GB 15000 GB Free

Host Gator

600 GB 6000 GB Free

Host Monster

$5.95 600 GB 6000 GB Free

StartLogic Hosting

$5.95 1500 GB 15000 GB Free


$5.95 600 GB 6000 GB Free

Dot 5 Hosting

$5.95 1500 GB 15000 GB Free

LunarPages Hosting

$6.95 1500 GB 15000 GB Free

GoDaddy Hosting

$6.95 100 GB 1000 GB Free


$6.95 600 GB 6000 GB Free

BlueFur Hosting

$6.95 1000 MB 50 GB Free

InMotion Hosting

$7.95 300 GB 2000 GB Free

Easy CGI Hosting

$7.96 350 GB 35000 GB Free

Yahoo Hosting

$11.95 5 GB 200 GB Free

From the list of companies above, I’ve personally used GoDaddy and HostGator. Please leave your comments and recommendations for your favorite low cost web hosting provider.

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  1. Hi, Zac. Thanks for the useful list!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your talk at Affiliate Summit, btw. It would be cool to slap you a high five and thank you for all your great tips, so maybe we'll get a chance to connect.

    1. I use DreamHost. I too have heard negative things about them and I too have not had any problems.

  2. As I mentioned in your redirect post, hostgator is great. And their affiliate program is good money. Maybe you could post a followup sometime with how many sales you got from this post =)

  3. I am with Host Gator. I love their awesome support and it allows you to host unlimited addon domain names. Another thing why I love HG is that I have no problems installing scripts on my server..they are not so restrictive like others..maybe others will feel differently..Cheers.

  4. I have to tell you all. I use Hostmonster and they are amazing. I'm sure most admin cpanels are similar but wow there is so much they offer behind the scenes it's amazing.

  5. LunarPages is without a doubt the best hosting company I have worked with, and I've used quite a few. Their support is great and I always recommend their basic plan to my readers, as it has an excellent price/quality ratio. Personally, my blog is hosted on a LunarPages dedicated server and I couldn't be more pleased with them. I've hit the Digg frontpage on the very day of my launch and thanks to LP, I've been able to handle everything perfectly. Being able to cope with the digg effect without any problems always says a lot about any host out there.

    Best wishes,

    Alan Johnson

  6. Not here to spread any negative comments, just an honest opinion that it is a good practice to go through the TOS of any shortlisted web host carefully before signup, just to make sure your website is within the usage boundaries.

  7. I used CrazyHostGuy a while back for their cheap hosting, the $1.95 mini plan. It used to be a sweet deal, but now it seems like everyone has a super cheap hosting plan – like the 1&1 plan listed above at $2 which has a lot more space and bandwidth.

    1. Beware of 1and1… they're a horrible company to deal with – and you WILL have to contact them sooner or later over problems… and that's when all hell will break loose!

  8. Do a quick google search for 1and1 hosting and you will find piles and piles of horror stories regarding 1and1's hosting.

    The service itself isn't bad. I think they are a good place to park domains. But the moment you try to cancel a service with 1and1, you will be met with terrible resistance and unhelpful customer support reps. Like canceling an AOL account.

  9. Thanks for the heads-up on 1and1, Yebot! And thanks to zac for this awesome list! I can't wait to hear more user reviews by your readers that have tried some of these services…. 🙂

  10. Been using Host Gator for about a year. No complaints. Responsive customer service chat application. Even made some sales through their affiliate program.


  11. 1and1 hosting has played its role in the recent events over at SearchGuild so that I wouldn't even think about touching them.

    Alan Johnson

      1. It's something wrong on feedburner's part, a lot of blogs have reported similar issues.

        Alan Johnson

  12. Very smart post Zac- I bet you already made $500 in comissions from this post. You really a genius!

  13. Dot5 is absolutely horrible. Random downtime with no explanation and the worst FTP connectivity. Although, Site5 was even worse. I haven't heard much about the others except Godaddy which I heard is really bad. Although its a good list for newbies.

  14. I would generally recommend not using the same company for registering a domain and hosting. Most domain name registration companies don't exactly offer the best hosting plans and, on the other hand, registering a domain name you are interested in developing through your hosting company may result in problems once/if you decide to change hosts.

    Alan Johnson

  15. I've been a BlueHost user for just about two years now. I've been very happy with their service, whenever they upgrade their package you automatically get the upgrades in storage/transfer/whatever.

    Recently they've been great about improving their infrastructure. Prior to using this service I managed my own server, but after being exploited via phpBB opt'd for shared hosting for ease of management. I've been impressed with the quality of service and their support team is great. I run 14 websites off of my account and have had 100% uptime.

  16. I currently use godaddy.com for hosting. I hosting account is great but the statistics program sucks. I am used to using cpanel and I love all use tools used in cpanel. If I would recommend anything, host with a company that has a strong statistic program and has 24 hour customer service.

    Kenneth Elliott

  17. also… i use godaddy for domain & dns management, their hosting packages are overpriced imo.

  18. Hi,

    Try free-whd.com, It is a good free web hosting directory. I am sure you will find the free web host you are looking for.

    Regards 😉

  19. HostGator are highly recommended. Got 2 dedicated servers and a few other reseller plans, they own SEO hosting which is also a gem

  20. I concur. I also have 2 Dedicated Servers with Hostgator but I still think that Zac's in house stuff is sexy.

  21. I've been using Bluehost to host all of my sites for a good few years now and can't recommend them highly enough.

  22. I use GoDaddy and Lunarpages – the nice thing about both is that it's extremely easy to through a blog on and both have coupons constantly available for the hosting.

  23. Bluehost is what I use, I got it originally because it was cheap, but when it comes down to it another $10/month is nothing compared to what you earn, so its probably best to got with the host with the best features and quality support.

  24. HostGator support is really bad. You cannot call and talk to anyone that understands an outstanding issue.

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