MacSpeech Dictate – Speech Recognition that Works

A few weeks ago I got an email from Charles, who manages the MacSpeech affiliate program. After sending a few emails back and forth on ideas how to promote the program, I asked about doing a review on the product. Not only would actually using the product give me a better idea how to promote it, but I could also give feedback to Charles and MacSpeech as well. Here’s what I thought about their software.

What is MacSpeech Dictate?
The best short answer is, speech recognition software for Mac users. What this means, is that instead of typing, you can talk into a microphone and it will automatically type out what you say. I’ve been to a few doctors in the past that have used these type of products, but they would have to continually say words more clearly or end up making changes on the keyboard.

How MacSpeech Works?
The MacSpeech Dictate package comes with a headset, a couple install cds and a walk through on how to use the program. Once you install, you will walk through a short 10-15 minute process on allowing the software to recognize your voice and how you say words. In addition to regular typing, you can use voice commands to open and use applications and browse web sites. Through the MacSpeech web site they also offer instructional videos to walk you through the processes.

Price & Affiliate Program
MacSpeech Dictate costs $199 through their web site. Though I have seen it in the $160 price range while searching Google. MacSpeech also has an affiliate program through PepperJam Network and pays 18% per sale.

My Take on MacSpeech
I was anxious to use the program and see how it worked, and I was actually quite surprised with how well it matched up words with my voice. However, it does take time to adjust and learn how to use the program. There are a few commands that you will have to learn, such as adding a period after each sentence, and other punctuations. Like any speech recognition programs, there will be hiccups and occasional errors, but MacSpeech Dictate does a great job compared to other programs I have seen and used.

If you are an outspoken person, this is a great program for you. Instead of typing up everything you have to say, MacSpeech can cut your time in half. I found the program very useful and fun for Instant Messaging. While it may take a few seconds to type out your response on aim, MacSpeech can throw out a few sentences in that same amount of time.

One more useful idea I have for MacSpeech, is how it can save you a lot of time on content writing. If you have a web site or blog that you just want to continually whip new articles out on, you can easily create several hundred word articles in a short period of time. Instead of going back and manually proof reading and editing your article, you can save time and pass them along to an outsourced copywriter for a few dollars per article. On a large scale, this can save you a lot of time and money.

Lastly, if you’d like to purchase the MacSpeech Dictate software, use coupon code “ZACMAC” for 10% off your order. (expires 12/31/09)

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  1. Zac,

    Years ago I beta-tested a similar product for the PC from Lernout and Hauspie. Came with a headset and two cds.

    It worked 95% of the the time on the first pass. Learning your personal vocal inflections took about a week, especially with longer word lengths. And yes, punctuation could be entered by saying "DOT" for the period etc.

    I'm pretty much a PC guy due to my engineering background, AutoDesk's Auto-CAD and Microsoft's Excel were the design engineer's staple programs for broadcast television and post-production systems design tasks.

    Thanks for this article, it is one step closer for me to jump over to the Mac for my online efforts. With that and an iPhone you can blog and post from anywhere these days!


    Nicholas Chase

  2. Hey Zac, any updates on the Motive contest? It's been almost two weeks since you said you were going to post the results. Just want to make sure I didn't miss it.

  3. I've been thinking about making the switch to Macs for my online efforts as well. I believe Ian was looking to buy a Mac soon, I've always used PC's personally because I've always been an avid gamer. What are the true advantages of a Mac for the type of stuff we do?

  4. Definitely worth it for the busy blogging mogul with the obligatory macbook, what can I say! There are two kinds of mac owners, namely the ones that do own one, and then we get the ones who aspire to own one. Unfortunately I'm one of the latter, but just wait, one day!!!

  5. Like Melvin said, Naturally Speaking for the PC is excellent. More information is available here:

    Users of Windows Vista already have speech recognition built into the operating system.

  6. Version upgrade info: Here is info from 1.5 press release: Anyone who registered MacSpeech Dictate on or after April 1, 2009 is eligible to receive a free upgrade, and will be notified automatically via email. so you get version 1.5 if you buy this.
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