How to Make Any Business Successful

Running a successful business has nothing to do with how smart you are, your level of education or even your previous job positions. Having your own successful business is all about your work ethic, dedication, passion and the way your mind thinks.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I wasn’t an amazing student in school. Sure, I made the honor roll a few times, but other than that it simply wasn’t a priority. I started making money online while I was 16 and in high school and I knew this is what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life.

The same can’t be said for everyone else. One of the big problems with education in schools and colleges is that the thinking process never changes. You are trained to go to school, get into debt and work the rest of your life to make someone else rich. Why do you think so many of the world’s most successful billionaires ended up dropping out of school… they were teaching themselves and wanted to break out from the mold of the 99% of making someone else rich.

Self-Education and College Debt

These are the same types of lessons and thought processes that are discussed in the aHa Network video courses. Instead of focusing on what you need to do to make money and start a business, they focus on the different ways you need to start thinking. It’s easy to show someone how to do A, B, C… but then when you stop showing them, how are they going to process? It’s all about the mindset and how you are going to look at your personal life, business and goals going forward.

With the internet we know there is no shortage of ideas and different ways to make money. Anyone can start a business and start making money from their parents basement, an apartment, an office building or anywhere you like. All you need is an idea and access to the internet.

aHa! teaches you how to think to be wealthy and you can view one of their “Six Universal Rules of Wealth” 60 minutes videos for free right through their web site.

PivotWealth Video Courses

The first video training session is taught by Larry Klein, who is in the 1% (in terms of income) and was also a Harvard MBA and teaches from his own personal experiences. After the first lessons you can watch more videos, which lead into other areas of life where you want to be more effective or satisfied: relationships, physical well-being and the attainment of happiness.

If you like what you see in the first video you can become a full member and access new training videos each month. The membership cost is $39 per month, and you will also have the option to join their associate program that allows you to earn a recurring income by promoting the video training course to others as well. This concept is just like any other affiliate marketing based product, but you will also earn a commission on any referrals through your own referrals as well.

Everyone has their own preferred methods for learning how to make money online and start their own businesses.

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  1. The intro of this article reminds me of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyasoki. Running a successful business requires the person to have independent mind.
    The video has come at the right time. I am going to watch more of it.

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    Sunday – contributor

  2. great stuff Zac. You started pretty early in the IM world which can be advantage. I first strated discovering about it 3 years ago and I had ups and downs and just re-started a few months ago.

    I would still recommend young guys to stay in college and do IM as a side because anyways, you often have to outsource and it's not like you are spending 10 hours a day on your business. Living costs are rising and a college degree will most of the time give you a good chance to have a good salary.

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