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There once was a time when affiliate networks were all over the place and a new one was popping up each day of the week. While expansion within an industry is great, the concept of a new flood of ad networks from newbies and little funded companies can only mean disaster — which eventually led to the demise of these smaller, one-man and lesser known networks.

The problem with new affiliate networks popping up all over the place is that it not only floods the market, but the majority of them were run by people who had no idea what they were doing. The days of going to conferences and seeing 10-15 new ad networks with their own booth are pleasantly over, however that doesn’t mean there still isn’t success among the affiliate networks that still exist.

Mike Pacheco is the perfect example of someone who not only knows what they are doing in the internet marketing and affiliate space, but he also has the track record for success as well. After starting his first affiliate network and becoming one of the more well known names in the space, he decided to branch out and start all over again. With the same principles for success in mind, Mike recently launched¬†— and yes, the name says it all!

Cashed Out Media at a Glance

The core basics of any affiliate platform are the same — run offers, get paid. Cashed Out Media is no different. When choosing an affiliate network that you want to work with, it will come down to the types of offers you find on the network, their payouts but most importantly how they cater and connect with you on a daily basis.

Cashed Out Media Network

I’ve worked with hundreds of ad networks and media sites and the ones that work best for me are always the ones willing to put in the effort and time to keep me updated with the best offers, creatives and traffic sources. Knowing that Mike is the brains behind this site, I can see him being an instrumental help to all affiliates on the network.

Checking Out the Cashed Out Media Dashboard

Once you are logged into the Cashed Out Media backend you will probably notice is has a familiar look of a few other ad networks. This is because they are running off the CAKE platform, which has become a top choice for many of the top ad networks.

There are currently over 700+ different offers for you to choose from. All networks say they have the best offers and highest payouts, but this always comes down to who has the offers direct and the quality and volume of your needs. As with most networks, the published payout rates within their network are all standard and can be increased over time.

Cashed Out Media Dashboard

Since quality is always an issue, the majority of offers on the network are set to “Apply to Run” while around 20+ campaigns are set as “Public” which means you can start running them right away. To start running any of the “apply” offers on the network, all you need to do is click on the offer and select your preferred methods for driving traffic

Network commissions range from a dollar range all the way up to $120 CPA and some of the notable names found on the network include Classmates and Turbo Tax, while also having a wide range of offers available across all platforms such as zips, weight loss, free trials, gaming and more.

One of the best ways to push heavy volume on offers and not have to deal with paid search and quality score issues is through the use of Facebook Ads. There is currently a post on the COM blog that goes into detail on how to improve the click through rates and spending of your campaigns to improve ROI.

Payments are currently sent out on a Net-30 basis with a minimum threshold of $100. Should you generate a minimum of $1,000 per week, you will then automatically be upgraded to weekly payments, which in turn allows the publisher to focus more effort and funds into their existing ad campaigns.

Cash In with Cashed Out Media

As mentioned, in the world of online marketing there are always going to be a wide range of networks and options for you to choose from. Not all networks are created the same. However, Mike has the proven track record for success in the affiliate marketing space and if you would like to learn from one of the masters, I recommend you take a look at

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