Make Money Everyday with Birthdays

I like to discuss and share ideas on how to make money online in many different areas. Since today is my birthday, I feel it is only fitting to talk about how to make money with birthdays! Every day is someone’s birthday… actually, there are millions of birthdays everyday. Whenever you hear someone’s birthday is coming up, what comes to mind? Of course you start panicking and thinking about what type of gift you are going to get. As millions of birthdays happen everyday, so are people searching online for birthday presents and other gifts! Billions of dollars are spent on birthdays and gift buying, are getting in on any of this action?

Here are just a few ideas on how you can start cashing in on the never ending supply of BIRTHDAY MONEY!

Start a Greeting Card Site
I’ve been running a large greeting card site for many years now. While I haven’t been focusing on it as much lately, I’m still well aware of how much potential this area holds. Not only will you make a nice chunk of change from "birthday" traffic, but you will also cash in on every other holiday… not to mention get well, missing you, friendship ecards and so much more!

Flowers, Chocolate and More
One of the most popular and easiest gifts to get for someone are flowers, chocolates and balloons. Sites like 1800Flowers and M&Ms make a ton of money off birthday packages and even more when mother’s day and valentine’s day come around. If you don’t have the resources to run your own store to fulfill these orders, why not setup an affiliate site or run these types of offers on ppc campaigns. I know NeverBlueAds has some nice targeted campaigns from companies like these whenever holidays come around.

Start a New Birthday Blog
Most of us are already in the blogging area, so it wouldn’t be tough for us to know how to start a new site and dedicate it specifically to "gift for birthdays". Make a nice heavy content site and update it often with birthday cake ideas, plans for surprise parties, top ranked gifts and best sellers. Not only will you provide the service of helping others by giving them ideas, but you will also be able to push products and services through your web site. Once your site is established, it could also be a nice community for people to network ideas and grow even more in size.

These are just a few ideas right off my head on how you can start making money everyday with birthdays, while cashing in even more on other holidays through the year. I’m hoping to make some extra birthday money of my own, as I’m off to Atlantic City again with Reena
for a fun night of gambling and a nice dinner! πŸ™‚

(This post would have went live yesterday morning, but comcast internet sucks and was down the whole day πŸ™ )

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  1. Great ideas if I didnt already have tons of new site projects: :-/

    A lot of those sites you cant just toss up (well I guess you could, but you wouldn't be able to automate it very well). A lot of people in this niche seem to lack coding skills like PHP/mySQL to build a site completely from scratch. However if you do have them then I'm sure you're already well off and these are some good options πŸ˜‰

    Happy Bday! – How old btw?

  2. Hey Zac,

    Happy Birthday!

    I remember my first birthday after reaching puberty. Ahhh, memories. Are the training wheels coming off the bike today?

    Just teasing ya' man!

    I love the blog and have been putting your lessons to work. This is my first month working with CPA's and I'm making good money! Thanks 2 U!

    Have a great birthday and enjoy the night out with your sweetie!



  3. That's a pretty good idea. I'm stuck on the "survey / voting" idea right now. Trying to learn how to make good pages that have good QS instead of having to create a site.

  4. There so many good ideas out there, but i have so many projects that i dont have time.. I think we, all feel the same way. to many projects to not enought time

  5. Some great ideas, I'm with the others though. I am still trying to finish a couple of sites for the holiday season and have so much on my plate now, I am just hoping I can finish in time.

    Happy Birthday Zac! Have a great time in AC, Just remember the Sands isn't there anymore, literately πŸ˜‰

  6. Happy Birthday, Zac!!!

    I'm newbie here to your blog – and it's awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight.

    I love all the talk about AC, too. I was born in AC and raised in Linwood (lets see just HOW "Jersey" you are…lol). I'm in the Atlanta area now, but still miss the beaches and boardwalks…and the Pork Roll!!!!

    Enjoy your birthday!

  7. I agree, my friend's sister started off with a balloon business, and now they just recently expanded in selling birthday flowers and packages.

    They took out a meager portion of their account, and now it has doubled in return.

  8. Zac, just want to say happy birthday! Start a birthday blog..HMmM..that looks like a nice niche to explore on.

  9. It always amazes me when I read a great post by someone talking about something I have been pondering. I have a craft site that I was just thinking about putting the cakes my wife and daughter have made for parties of all kinds up on the set as ideas for others.

    Thanks for the prod to keep building.

  10. Hi Zac! Sorry I miss your birthday by 2 days. Anyway, I wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday! πŸ™‚

  11. This is a nice idea, but most important I would like to say Happy Birthday, beside your post have been so useful to me πŸ™‚ Thanks Zac

  12. Good point, it's a great niche because it will never get outdated – people will ALWAYS have birthdays. Makes me wonder what other niches fall into that category…

    Anyway, thanks for a cool post, and of course, Happy Birthday Zac πŸ™‚

  13. happy b-day zac. i came here via johnchow. i also noticed that you advertized on serveral blogs. your budget must be pretty high.

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