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Written by Zac Johnson
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If you’ve ever been able to make a little bit of money and put it to the side, I’m sure you’ve thought about different ways you could put your money to use so it’s actually “working” for you. This can be anything from stock trading, high interest savings accounts or even starting a new business. Each of these options has their own pros and cons but in most cases the money is either going to be put at risk, accrue interest at a very slow rate or you need to have a set skill to know how to start a successful business.

With all of the options mentioned above, the majority of us are probably most familiar with the idea of buying and selling stocks. The concept is simple… buy low and sell high — then you make profit. Now if only it was actually that easy!

The stock market isn’t the only way to put your money at work in the financial markets around the world and investing in currently exchange. The business of “FOREX” is actually growing at a rapid rate and more people are looking to not only learn what forex is all about, but how they can start investing with their own money as well.

What is Forex?

Make Money OnlineYou’ve probably heard of “forex” several times before but still might not know exactly what it is. In short, it’s the trading of different foreign exchange (currencies) market by investors and speculators.

It’s a lot like the stock market, but with world currencies and has an average turnover in excess of $4 TRILLION per day! More people may be familiar with trading the stock market, but forex is a $4 trillion a day business while the New York Stock Exchange has a $50 billion daily turnover.

A simplistic example of how forex might work would be to look at the US dollar and the Euro. If you felt the dollar was going to weaken and the Euro was going to rise, you could sell US dollars for Euros. If the Euro goes up, the investor can then sell their dollars back at a higher rate. Very similar to shares in the stock market, but with world currencies.

Forex Training Makes You Money

We’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg for what Forex is all about — but that’s a good thing!

With so many people always looking for new ways to make money, the need for information of forex trading and services is huge. Every day people are finding out about forex for the first time and discovering how to trade foreign currencies just like new traders enter the stock market every day.

This is where your affiliate marketing opportunity lies – enter EvergreenFX.

EverGreenFX is an affiliate network dedicated to only forex related offers, which includes training guides, ebooks, auto-responder series, tools and much more. Since forex is a such a big money moving industry, payouts on these offers are higher than your traditional affiliate offers found on other networks.

EvergreenFX Affiliate Program

Once you apply for EvergreenFX and are logged into their system you will notice that they are running off the familiar Cake affiliate platform. Since the network is only focused on forex related offers, you won’t have to spend a lot of time finding a unique offer to promote. There are currently eight different offers for you to choose from and some of them pay several dollars just for a successful email submit!

Evergreen Forex Offers

You can see one of the landing pages for an offer below. I’ve walked through the process on a few of the offers available through the network and they are very professional and easy to follow. This means your audience will have no problem completing the offers, which results in higher conversions and commissions through your marketing efforts. The landing page below starts with a simple Name and Email grab, then sends the user off to watch a webinar for the end product.

Forex Trading Landing Page

There is always going to be a growing marketing for people who are looking to put their money to work and discover how to get active in the stock market and forex trading. When people are looking to invest money and start a new business, the first thing they do is look online for information, guides and reviews. A great way to cross promote forex trading with your ad campaigns is to target existing stock / investor related traffic.

To learn more about making money through forex affiliate offers, be sure to visit

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