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The first impression and legitimacy of your web site or blog can be determined in just a few seconds. If you have low quality images being used through the content of your site, then you are already leaving a bad taste in the mouth of your visitors.

One of the biggest problems with getting great looking images for your content is that you are going to need to spend some time and money to get it done right.

Unfortunately a lot of people will go to Google Images and start to download any images that mesh well with their content. This might seem like a good idea until you get a legal document in the mail from the owner of the image… and yes, this is happening all the time.

Another option for you is to visit Flickr and find a nice image that blends with your latest article. However you are now going to need to place a nasty looking “Photo Credit: Flickr” disclaimer and link it back to the original photography of the work.

There has to be an easier way, right?

Where to Find Royalty Free Images Online

Actually there is… I’ve been using for a couple years now and their site not only makes it extremely easy for me to find relevant images for my content, but the costs are quite affordable as well. Many other stock photo sites will charge $10-$100+ just for the use of one image. Through DP you can start downloading and using images for less than .50 each depending on the package you use.

Once you visit the Depositphotos site you can start looking through their directory of over 22 million different images.

Here’s a quick screenshot of what you might find if you were looking for “affiliate marketing” images.

Depositphotos Affiliate Marketing

One of the problems I’ve noticed on many royalty free image sites is that they have a lot of clip art and basic images, but this is something that Depositphotos has gotten really good with as well. Perform a search for “running” and you will see a wide range of original and real life people seen in the images that you can start downloading through the site.

Depositphotos Running

The other reason that I use Depositphotos for all of my images is that their pricing just makes sense. Whenever I make a new purchase through their site I always go with the daily subscription plan as it drastically cuts the price down for each of the images I decide to use. I’ve also gone with the “Pay as you go” model as well, which is a good option for sites that are looking for new images, but not on a daily basis.

Depositphotos Pricing

Depositphotos Affiliate Program

Another important thing to note about Depositphotos is that they also have an affiliate program of their own, which pays out 30% on all transactions — which is also the highest commission payout in the royalty free images industry. With the average sale on their site resulting in a $100+ transaction, you could earn some decent commissions if you were to recommend and promote them through your site.

Other highlights of their affiliate program include:

  • Best Commission Rates
    – Earn 30% commission for new and 15% for existing customer purchases.
  • Various Promo Materials
    – Get access to banners, product feeds and widgets, text links, emails and API.
  • Advanced¬†Reporting
    – Stats are processed in real time and are available in all reports.
  • Dedicated¬†Account Manager
    – Contact our helpful Account Managers for any queries 24/7.

Whether you are looking for a new source for images on your site or looking to make some extra money on the site, I’ve been using Depositphotos for years and I recommend you try them out as well.

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  1. I’ve always tried to use my own photos or graphics but I have to admit that the time involved in doing so can be overwhelming. I used a stock photo I purchased last week and it was so nice to finish a blog post in half the time.

  2. Very good article, I’ll have pending, did not know the importance of pictures in our blog, while I had heard of and am Depositphoto affiliate sales, but had not given much importance.

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