“Make Money Online” with the Ultimate Blogging Theme 3.0

Make Money Online” is one of the most sought after search terms for many bloggers and web sites. The phrase is very generic, but searched by millions every month and advertisers are paying in the $3 per click range to rank for these words on Google. If your site was to maintain the #1 ranking for “Make Money Online”, you would instantly have a flood of interested traffic, as well as getting noticed by others in the niche. This is exactly what Carl Ocab did, and how he became so popular as the “Kid Blogger” at the age of 14. Once Carl hit the #1 spot, everyone wanted to know how he did it, and how they could achieve the same results. Carl says his success was greatly due to the setup and monetization of his Ultimate Blog Theme, which he would later decide to sell for others to use.

It was almost two years ago that I purchased the original Ultimate Blogging Theme and did a review. To this day, it still the best selling and most commented on wordpress theme reviewed on this blog. It’s been nearly 17 month’s since the original theme came out, but Carl is back with 3.0 and it’s loaded with a lot more options over the original.

It’s good to see that years later and Carl is staying true to his product and using the Ultimate Blog Theme himself. I’ve take a quick screen shot of his blog and pointed out just how well monetized the site is. Right when you get to the site, you can clearly see his logo and name (branding purposes), then the placement of the navigation, search and call to action fields are all nicely placed without overwhelming the visitor. Lastly there is full placement all over the site for ad banners and sponsors to choose from.

So what’s different from the original Ultimate Blogging Theme vs. UBT 3.0? The whole back end a much easier to work with and has a lot more customization features. The best part is you never have to touch any code. New improvements include social bookmarking, font changes, different blog layouts and more. I can go into detail on all of this, but it would be much easier to just watch the video below.

I have a few exact match domains sitting around that I haven’t been doing anything with. I’m going to have some content written up, use the Ultimate Blogging Theme and see how well they index. I’ll keep you updated and post again in a couple months.

The Ultimate Blogging Theme ranges from $97 to $147 depending on the license and theme options you choose and comes with unlimited updates.

Let me know what you think of the new Ultimate Blogging Theme and how Carl uses it to monetize his blog.

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  1. Nice looking theme – I have a few domains kicking around myself which this would be perfect for…

  2. That is really a great theme, I'll go for it… besides what this young boy has been able to accomplish is really impressive… Congrats carl!

  3. Hi,

    I must first say that the theme is great, but I would have to disagree with purchasing it. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but buying the theme and then still leaving the link to ‘Ultimate Blogging Theme’ is asking for much.

    I can tell you that when someone purchases themes as such, they normally blog about it in a post or some way. I really think that is better.

    Please note that I’m not attacking anyone, the theme looks fantastic.

  4. I had not heard of the ultimate blogging theme before. I will look into it and see if I can use it for my blog.

    Thanks for posting this.

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