Make Money Stuffing Envelopes

Today Reena and I were looking through the newspaper and Reena had just happened to glance through the classifieds for a bit and noticed an ad that said “Make money stuffing envelopes. Earn $1000 for everyone 200 envelopes you send out.“. Of course the offer seemed too good to be true, so we decided to look into it a bit more.

On the classified ad it also listed a web site url, which was I went to the very basic and plain web site and it pretty much just kept pounding the idea or mass riches into your head for little or no effort. goes on to say they will set you up with the program for $39.95 +$5 shipping, and that’s all you need to get started. The site also goes on to say this setup cost will be refunded once 20 leaflets are processed, from the many you are supposed to send out.

So what exactly are these “leaflets” you are sending out, and why would they pay so much for you to do it. According to their site, “The leaflets are advertisements and are not, in any way, offensive and do not contain any pornographic or illegal material at all. They are simply promotional advertisements to sell various products that we resell. The reason we need you to mail out our leaflets is because hiring more employees would require us to pay out more salaries, but also in addition, our company has to consider employee benefits, carrying more insurance fees, employee vacation, more office space and a host of other added expenses that are far too costly for our company at this point in time.”. Sounds simple enough… but still too hard to believe… time for some more research.

Next I decided to look up their company name through Google, which was a search for “Avrika Inc.”. Not to my surprise, I quickly noticed “” (one of my favorite sites) as one of the first links in the result. I went to their site and a person noted “I sent 40.00 dollars to this company with the intention to receive leaflets to mail to help them with advertising for there company. That is there advertising scheme. They advertised this in my local newspaper, on there web site, and in a letter that they personally mailed to me.“… so apparently this is just one big pyramid scheme marketing idea, with no actual product… but the people they sucker into using it.

I never had any intentions of taking part in this program, but it was quite interesting to look at the classifieds than do some actual research on what we came across. You can do the same with almost any program that simply “Promises Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!”. The moral of this post is to remind everyone out there, that before you start trying to make money in any area, you should spend some time to see what others are not only saying, but doing. Not only will getting involved in something like this completely waste your time and never make you money, it can also be very illegal. Even if you are starting to make money in a perfectly legit area, spend time to see what your competitors are doing wrong… and right! Learn from your competition, and make your business ethics and marketing better!

What ridiculous programs or money making schemes have you come across or even fell victim to?

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  1. Dude, I have had everything pitched at me;

    Amway, Quixstar, Monavie, you name it, man.

    It's all trash!

    1. I’ve mad some good money with amway and by me, I mean my mum.

      It’s kinda like CPC marketing, some people don’t get it and just think the whole thing is bullshit. But it isn’t.

      At least amway provides a product for you to sell and aint a blatant scam (at least in Australia).

      Ok, so who wants to sign up for some amway?

      1. I have been unemployed for almost a year and I have a master degree so of course no one want to pay me what I should get. I do not have money to give out first before I make any, Do you have to give money out before making any? just wondering

        J from NH

    2. I have spent more money "investing" in such programs than I did actually making a profit. I invested $40 in one system that had a broken download link and a devilish smiley face icon that drops it's pants and moons you .

      A multi-tier business opportunity where "securing" your space at the top of the tier costs more than the initial investment of the program. May I mention, that noone is on the top pier.

      I'm not here to be disgruntled and overly critical about such programs. it does work, but you have to work it fast whenever an idea comes to you. And not be so quick to cash in because of thinking thats all there is to it. Sometimes it's helpful to know the ropes of networking. Easy pickings is the name of the game.

      If you are unemployed and are interested in a "business opportunity", you may want to do your research online, before dipping into your life savings to be a "webmaster" or "multi-millionaire Internet guru".

      Many of the programs that are out there are set-up with an array of bells and whistles, (much like a casino), to lure you into unfamiliar territory. One site was craftily designed with a young entrepreneur's state of mind. A "My Money" icon with a pirate skull and bones, flashed at the bottom of the screen. What a lovely subliminal message.

      The idea that one can become their own boss and/or start their own business sounds very tempting, especially if you've convinced yourself that working a "regular" job is beneath you. Your not exactly where you want to be in life, or you want to do things your own way. "Nothing profits one so much as a sound education". The concept of Sound education is open to interpretation.

      Frankly it's somewhat hard to fathom a multi-billionaire guru flashing his "sure fire", "tried and true", CEO strategies& earnings on a website, claiming you can do it too, while charging you an arm and leg for the privilege. A little short of obnoxious, you think?

      The real question is, can anyone "rightfully" say that they "make" and "own" all of their money?

      No one owns their own ideas and business concepts.You can save a lot of time if you utilize and apply free information thats already out there if you know where to look. Why pay for a supposed, guru who claims he knows shortcuts to information he probably learned the hard way?

      Many Internet businesses are profiting by individuals who eagerly sell their common sense, and refuse to take no for an answer. Sure you'll have an adventurous career, I doubt that your friends will be jealous, if anything they will be upset that they didn't ask you for a loan before you squandered it on nonsense.

      The motto: "A man and his money is accepted everywhere". Don't be that fool!

  2. They used to advertise this as: email proccessors, few years ago. It's a scam… I always google a company before I start using it.

  3. It's definitely amazing how far a little research can get you.

    For instance, right now there are a lot of people promoting the "beachbum" system and I believe a large part of that is because they have paid $50 to join it. If they did their research before they paid, they wouldn't be so desperate to sign up others and get their money back!

  4. I bought one of those kits many years ago, I think it was also $39.95. It's interesting to see how it works…

    I was expecting something like a kit that tells you where to find places that pay you to do mailings for them. But instead, it was a straight up pyramid scheme.

    You buy the kit, then send brochures about the kit to other people (the envelope stuffing part.) Then they buy the kit from you (the make money part.) And the cycle continues 🙂

  5. When I was in high school I saw an ad in the newspaper for one of those secret shopper things. I thought, well, if its in the newspaper its gotta be legit right? so I signed up for it, I think it was $39.99 or somthing, maybe more. And I never got my assignments…

  6. I actually bought a 900 number from the "little tiny classified ads" guy back in the mid 90s – yeah, I didn't know much about the ability of the web to deliver scandalous material, and no, I never made any money off that 900 number. Of course I didn't place any little tiny classified ads, either.

  7. I remember a few years ago, an actual hones to goodness pyramid was making it's way around Santa Cruz where I was living at the time.

    I remember clearly my housemate frothing with excitement. "You give me $200, and then you get 5 people to give $200, and then you get $1,000. My friend whoever did it twice, and she's going to Mexico…"

    I smiled, nodded, and backed slowly away.

  8. Check craigslist. there are postings for rip offs like this promising hundreds a week for "email processing". You send them an amount (under 10) and they send you the guide to do it.

    Its basically a word doc that walks you through getting people to paypal you money for instructions on how to get people to paypal you for money….

  9. I always see these things in the newspaper and wondered what they are all about. You can usually tell they are some sort of scam just from the way the articles are written.

  10. I will say the Internet Marketing eBooks that promise fast money making method, etc. are those that I fall for again & again. Lol.

  11. In my opinion, one should do his research before joining such a get rich quick scheme. Saves all the hassles you'll otherwise get for joining…

  12. I have found that the best ways to make money are to sell a service (ie writing or creating links for others back to their site) , selling ebooks or have products that are discounted from a wholesaler.

    Anything that is "make money overnight" is usually a scam.

  13. Hi,

    When we see one of those football or basketball players who are considered the best in the world, we often think : he/she has great talent.
    Yes, talent is needed, but more than talent, hardwork is the key.
    There are many people out there who are really good at what they do, but to stand from the rest, they work harder. That’s how it’s done.
    So, for a website/blog to stand from the rest, thus having more chances of making more money, one has to work harder. And work harder doesn’t mean to find squemes to trick other people, because sooner or later you’ll lose your credibility.
    It means to build stable foundations based on qualityand confidence.
    One may not earn alot, but will earn consistently.

    Take care,


    P.S. sorry for some possible english mistakes 🙂

  14. tnx a lot, i`ve downloaded the program, installed it. Didn`t get into all features but there are some results already. My account is slowly filling with money.
    Great thanx:-)

  15. Its not all trash, for example Quixtar- Amway does work. But like any other job, if you dont do the work …you wont get paid…Its only the lazy people that expect something for nothing… Get off you butt.. you might end up with results.

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