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It’s been a while since I my last Network Review, and I want to keep you updated with some new areas to make money online. Today I will tell you about the AdReporting Network. The funny thing is, I haven’t used AdReporting for quite a while now, but I still get their email updates on new offers added to the network (which triggered me to write this review). Right off the bat, I really like AdReporting just for the fact that they haven’t deleted my account for inactivity purposes. I make money with a lot of networks and sometimes I don’t have any activity for months. (I was originally going to do a review on HyrdaMedia… but it looks like they deleted my account!) Bad for them… Lucky for AdReporting!

I first started running AdReporting back in April of 2002. Around this time I was well into my sweepstakes / freebie type sites and there was a lot of great offers to choose from, which matched my traffic demographics and newsletters. I was also in close talks with Kevin Needham who started (and still runs) AdReporting.

Ease of Use:
The simplicity of the network is awesome. Right when I went to the site, I wasn’t sure if I remembered my password or not, so I went to the “forgot password” page and all my info was sent right into my email. As for loading times, everything is very fast. Since the site is nearly all text format, and has a low intensity graphic design, browsing through the site is extremely easy and doesn’t take any time to get use to it.

I logged into my account for the first time in a while and wanted to see what type of earnings I used to make with these guys and it looks like I had made $32,573.57 since starting my account with them. For a good majority of 2002 I was earning around $4k to $5k a month off their offers. I’ll post a check stub if I can find a copy laying around.

I was hoping to make a list of some great offers on the network that I made all this money off of, but unfortunately they have since expired or been removed from the network. However, here are the top three performers while I was running offers on the network. I was able to target my traffic for free phone cards and that offer really paid off! The Foreclosure World and Norton SystemWorks also did extremely well.

Stats Tracking:
Viewing your stats is extremely simple and loads very fast. AdReporting keeps all of your tracking stats and doesn’t delete them as time goes on. I was able to check my reporting all the way back to 2002. When selecting offers, you are also shown the network average earnings per click over a 3 or 7 day span. Within your AdReporting account, you also have the option of earning additional revenue by referring other affiliates. There are also some neat tools and banner rotation scripts you can setup to get an idea on what type of offers will convert best with your traffic. Lastly, there is also a small section on how to start pushing offers through PPC advertising and offers a few resource sites as well.

Quality of Ads:
Right now there are 84 offers on the network. Since AdReporting is a smaller network, you may come across several offers that you won’t be able to find on the larger networks. There is a wide variety in offers available, ranging from pay per sale, to low end freebie offers. Some high end offers include Laser Beam Software (paying $30 CPA), eBay Auction Throttle (paying $20 CPA) and Blue Hosting (paying $80 CPA). If you can provide volume, I’m sure Kevin will hook you up with even better rates! (tell him Zac sent ya! :))

Why Do I Like This Network:
Back when I was running offers with AdReporting, I was in contact with Kevin a lot. Since I was pushing some heavy volume on the network it was important for me to have a personal contact there and be appreciated. Payments were always on time and there were many offers on AdReporting that could not be found on the other networks.

Final Review:
As mentioned earlier, it’s been a while since I last logged into AdReporting, but after looking over their system again and seeing how quickly I was able to generate over $32,000+ in commissions with them, I may try and start pushing their offers again. Even though I have not used the network in quite some time I would have to rate AdReporting with 3 out of 5Zac Stamps of Approval“. A new change to the network I wasn’t too thrilled about, was their removal of affiliate referrals to the network. With so many networks around now, why wouldn’t you help your own network by allowing other two promote it on an earnings percentage basis. Still, looking back five years and seeing $32,573.57 earnings within the span of less than a year on a new network (with no PPC advertising), I think that’s pretty cool! I recommend you signup to the network and see if there are any offers that match your audience!

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