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Every once in a while a new network pops up, but not as often as they were a few years ago, when everyone and their friend had a network running of the DirectTrack System! Today I will walk you through a new network called Ads4Dough. With so many networks now available, does Ads4Dough hold up against the competition? Let’s take a look.

If you are currently an affiliate of many other networks, you will notice some of them share the same backend system to manage their network, and sometimes the same look. Ads4Dough is run off the DirectTrack system, which also powers some of the other major affiliate networks out there. Right now the admin area is very simple and bare bones, but I was in contact with my affiliate manager Rick, and he said a new site design and admin area is in the works. A great looking site design is always a nice feature, but the selection and quality of ads is where the money is at. Ads4Dough currently has over 330 different ad campaigns for your to choose from.

Ease of Use:
As mentioned, Ads4Dough is in the process of a redesign, so I’m looking forward to what changes and improvements they have in store for us affiliates. Right now, once you log into the network, you are shown your affiliate manager information along with info on the rewards program. In the new design, I would like to see some features which highlight new offers added to the network, top converting offers (sorted by search, email, web), along with some detailed and running earning reports (today/month/alltime).

Even though Ads4Dough is a new network, they are starting off on the right track, as they currently have over 300 ad campaigns, which vary in commissions and beat out plenty of the other networks. I would recommend you join their network and compare their commission rates with any other networks you are currently earning with. With this many ad campaigns available, I’m sure they have at least one offer you are currently promoting elsewhere. If you can provide the volume, get in contact with your affiliate manager and negotiate a commission rate that works for you. Everyone should be able to find a profitable niche market with the amount of offers that are available on this network.

Quality of Ads:
With over 300 offers on the network, you can easily get lost in the list. Some of the premier well known names available from Ads4Dough are BlockBuster,, Jamster, NetFlix, Nutrisystem and Scholastic. One thing I noticed was a bunch of these offers have the option to promote the campaigns through email, search or banners. Some networks carrying these offers are limited to only banners on campaigns like Blockbuster and Netflix. You will also find that Ads4Dough has a decent amount of “incentivized” offers, which is great if you can target to these offer types. To view the master list of campaigns available, just click “Campaigns” on the main menu bar, “Submit” on the next form, then click the link titled, “List All”.

Just a preview of the many offers available through Ads4Dough

Stats Tracking:
The stats reporting area is pretty generic and easy to understand. You can pull stats reports based on campaign, date and sub-id. A working stats chart is shown below, which shows key stats such as clicks, leads, epc and your total earnings.

Quick stats tracking makes it easier for you to find what’s making money

The option to sub-id track your ad campaigns is also available. Since Ads4Dough is using the DirectTrack system, they already have a system in place for you to easily setup sub-ids. Two different methods for setting up sub ids are:
Simply replace the bold “subidhere” area with your own name or code. Sub id reporting will appear in your statistics when you click “Download Optional Info”.

Rewards Program:
Having a rewards program is always a great incentive to network affiliates. Knowing that you can earn an extra $50 gift card is sometimes the difference between an affiliate pushing an offer casually, and maybe trying a little harder. I would suggest that Ads4Dough offers one or two lower gift card amounts, as hitting the $25,000 mark within a month’s time, may be very hard for some of their affiliates. Even just a tshirt or some promotional stuff after an affiliate earns their first $100-$500, might help in motivating the affiliate to use the network more.

Why Do I Like This Network:
I think this network has the potential to make a decent amount of people, especially because of their selection of ad campaigns and payout rates. While I was browsing through the list, I did come across a few offers that I used to promote, but haven’t seen on a many other networks lately. If you are able to provide volume, or focus on a niche area with their offers… this one could be a good money maker.

Final Review:
After final review, I rate Ads4Dough with 3 out of 5Zac Stamps of Approval“. Since this is a NEW network, I have not yet had the opportunity to run any of their offers, or even try them out. I mentioned I did see a few offers that drew interest, so I would like to try and test these on some ppc campaigns soon. It’s also tough to review a new network because they have a coming redesign in place. As I’m very familiar with the DirectTrack front and backend, it’s a little barebones (though I’m looking forward to their coming custom changes), but as mentioned… it really just comes down to the offers available, which they seem to have covered. I recommend you apply for their network and see if there is anything you can work with, and also look forward to what their new redesign as in store.

Join Ads4Dough and Increase Your Revenue!

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  1. I like your 'Zac Stamps'…very clever…maybe you should have greyed out Zacs too so the 3 out of 5 will stand out better..

    good review btw

  2. Hi Zac,

    Thanks for the review. I joined. Waiting for approval.

    Some of the challenges I faced is that some companies dont accept international

    affiliates. I am from singapore. But anyhow, thanks for the review.

    1. Melvin,

      You should have received an acceptance e-mail. If you haven't received one by now, let me know. If anyone joins and has any problem getting into Ads4dough or doesn't receive an e-mail saying they whether they were accepted or not, feel free to contact me at Melvin I look forward to working with you in the future, as does your affiliate manager. I look foward to working with everyone else that signs up in the future as well. If you guys have any questions don't hesitate to contact me or your affiliate manager once you are signed up.

      – Ryan

  3. I have to through this out here, because it is one of my pet peeves.

    I don't work with any network that uses directtrack. I find there interface ridiculous. It's hard to find quality offers, takes forever for searching, ordering, getting links, everything is hard. It looks like 1999 and feels like 1999.

    I realize there are high costs to developing your own in house system. But this is make or break for me, and with the number of affiliate networks out there today, a network has to have every edge possible.

  4. Tob,

    I appreciate your honesty. We like Directtrack for our network, but may look to develop our own in house system some time in the future. Since we are a relatively new network, it probably won't be for awhile. We haven't had any problems or complaints with Directtrack yet and feel as though it is easy for our affiliates to use, but we would def. like to look into developing our own in house system sometime in the future.

    1. With a proper redesign, it would be hard for many affiliates to realize the network is run off DirectTrack. CPAEmpire did a good job with giving their DirectTrack system a complete revamp.

  5. Thanks for the review, Ads4dough appears to be the real deal..

    I'd love to read about some success stories about this..

  6. I like how they have a nice clean layout. But, there are already dozens of affiliate networks out there now and it is starting to get a bit repetitive. They all have the same features and types of offers. Some have the exact same offers. Anyway I will try out Ads4Dough and see what their deal is.

  7. I rather use Neverblue ,


    are you still running ?

    I am currently using them sending lots of clicks but no results, I am about to get rid of them

  8. Sundress,

    Thank you for your comments. I know how you feel, a lot of affiliate networks out there have the same features and tend to look the same. Since we are a decently new affiliate network, we will look and feel the same, but we hope in the future to be able to change that around and have a whole different feel to the network than any other network. It just takes time. Thanks for signing up with us, we look forward to working with you at Ads4dough.


  9. Just wanted to let everyone know that ads4dough has been bought and is now managed and run by me, Smaxor. If you'd like to learn a little more about me as an affiliate feel free to check out my blog or read my 1100 posts on If anyone needs help having success online that's what we're about. We're here to help and will be coming out with tools for both n00bs and vets. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.


    Jason Akatiff aka Smaxor


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