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I’m going to try and start focusing on writing up some reviews of individual ad networks that I used to work with and still do a lot of business with. Today I’m going to do a review on Affiliate Fuel. I signed up to Affiliate Fuel back in August of 2001. At this time I was heavily focusing on the free stuff marketing and building opt-in email lists for free stuff promotions. Networks like Affiliate Fuel have a lot of offers targeted to this niche area.

From the screenshot above you will see that Affiliate Fuel has a lot of different offers targeted towards many different categories. What’s really great about Affiliate Fuel is that they had/have a lot of unique offers available that most of the other network don’t. You will find some very high quality offers like BowFlex, Scholastic, Zoobooks and more, along with some of the highest payouts as well. Some other networks might have 200-400 different offers for you to choose from, but might not offer the same high quality advertisers and offers.

Since joining Affiliate Fuel back in 2001 I have done a decent amount of revenue with them, and I would consider them one of my better affiliate networks partnerships. Below you will find a monthly revenue chart of my activity with Affiliate Fuel from 2001 through 2004.

Fluctuations in the chart simply are from choosing different offers from Affiliate Fuel and offers from other networks. This may also be from new offers that went live and performed very well. Business models change and around mid-2004 I wasn’t focusing on the free stuff market or mailing lists as much anymore, so my activity with Affiliate Fuel also diminished. I previously wrote a post about "Why do Affiliate Networks Let Super Affiliates Leave?". I feel like Affiliate Fuel could fall into this article as well. After averaging six figures for two years with Affiliate Fuel, then only pushing $5000+ in 2004, I was amazed they were not more concerned about keeping the same activity we used to have. While I was producing high volume with them every month they were awesome, and always offering advice on new offers and commission boosts with volume… but except for an email here or there and they didn’t seem too concerned with the loss of my account activity. I would occasionally talk to them over email, but nothing came up that changed my activity with them.

Even though I am not still making a lot of money with Affiliate Fuel, I have made a lot with them. It seems that Affiliate Fuel does not get the exposure and credit it should, compared to the other big networks out there. I would highly recommend you signing up for their program and see what offers might start making you money. Payment, stats tracking and support have never been an issue. I’ve even met with this guys a few times at Ad:Tech!

Let me know if you are running Affiliate Fuel or have any other questions. I’d love to see every start making a few extra bucks!

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  1. Thanks for the helpful review, Zac =)

    I would like to try them out especially if they have payouts that based on leads rather than a purchase.

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