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The competition for affiliate networks is now bigger than ever. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for (formerly CPA Empire, now part of Media Breakaway), as they have been in the game since 2001. Media Breakaway is actually a lot more than just an affiliate network, they literally have their hands in everything, whether it be domain sales, site design, managing data and even their own division for mobile media. Let’s take a look at what is all about and how they are competing as one of the top affiliate networks, in such a saturated industry.

Key Points of is run on the DirectTrack Network platform. Since so many of us are already familiar with the look and feel, I won’t go into details of how to use the system to check stats and pull creatives. Instead I’ll focus on a few key points, offers available and what else has to offer.

As of right now, there are just under 300 offers available on the network. The offers range from zip/email submits, cell phone submits, dating, surveys and more. If you are currently making money with another network, and that same offer is on, they will squeeze out any margins they have to pay top dollar to gain your business. Weekly payments are also available for affiliates earning over $1,000 a week. – Amazing Name, Amazing Offer
The recent name change to wasn’t the only amazing domain name that Media Breakaway acquired. The domain name was added to their arsenal and have become one of the top performing offers on the network. Not only is a top performer, but it is actually their offer, and they have been paying a very generous $20 CPA for every new lead generated.

Having Fun with Network & Marketing Videos
While more networks are catching on with video trend, it’s always important to try and stand out from the crowd. takes a different approach with their videos, and have created a few videos called “2 Minutes with JK”, who is one of the affiliate managers at You can view the two videos on JK’s YouTube page. Along with JK’s fun marketing videos, also threw together a site called AffiliateCubes to feature videos of each of their staff and affiliate managers. With only two episodes of JK available, and only one featured on AffiliateCubes, I’m not sure if this is a long term project or what, but it’s still putting their company out there to be more personable. Breakaway Conference
When you have a large enough company and affiliate network to host your own networking conference, you know you are doing things right. Once a year Media Breakaway holds their own conference where they share information and invite some of their top affiliates to join in on the fun. If you are currently an active affiliate with, they are giving away some nice package deals, depending on the amount of commissions you earn during April and May. The requirements are pretty low, so qualifying for a reward shouldn’t be tough for a seasoned affiliate. This year will be the 4th Affiliate Breakaway conference, and will be held during August 27th and 28th, 2009 in Denver, CO.

As mentioned earlier, has been in the affiliate marketing games for many years now and knows what it takes to make money. If you aren’t already an affiliate, join now and talk to their team and see what can be done to bring your earnings to the next level.

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  1. They have done a good job and have some really good offers. Listen to Zac, take his advice and go make yourself some money with!


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  2. I this an April fools joke? You neglected the part where they steal affiliate campaigns, run them, kick the affiliate off the offer, deny it, sue the affiliate, and make it so their AM leaves because of ethical conflict

  3. My AM there is awesome. I love that place. Visited and hung out one day. They gave me T-Shirts of their new logo to give away. I still have some, only referrals under me will receive a T-Shirt 🙁 I might have them for a while. LoL

    <abbr>browie’s last blog post..CPA Shuffle</abbr>

  4. This service sounds great with tons of offers and great ways to make good money. It's nice seeing them trying out new features with things like the videos and acquiring solid domains. They're definitely a strong company.

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  5. Going to have to look into them. Seems there is a new Affiliate to look at everyday.

  6. Making money with help of affiliate networks become very hard because of tough competition, but here affiliate proposal seems great, may prove hit in future to earn money with affiliate networks.

  7. is a great service and I've had a lot of luck with them. It's great to have all the options laid out for you. Can give you site ideas based on what offers are available.

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  8. The is a great offer and I used it on my ringtone site.

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  9. I've not tried but it looks like a good network.

    @ The Blogger Source

    Yh there's always a new network coming out. Only few survive though.

  10. Hmmm, I did post here previously, but it seems I got moderated? The pitfalls of blog comment posting could make a really cool post in its own right!

    On a more relevant note, I have to say that both and are such power URL's that they by themselves are almost a sure-fire guarantee of online success.

  11. Hi, I'm just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing. If anyone can shoot over some good advice for me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  12. has a lot of great tutorials and tips. But I just can't get over the fact that they have such an unintuitive design. It's a great site for people who only start their adventure with affiliate marketing.

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  13. Interesting video that came up with and this JK guy looks like he will have some followers as he stands out from the usual AMs in the affiliate business.

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