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It’s been a few days now since I started running Ask Related Search and I am now anxiously waiting for my first stats to be available. I have no idea what to expect, but I have already heard from many other publishers that they are seeing much higher earnings with Ask Related Search over Google Adsense. I’ve even seen some articles reference to it as "The Adsense Killer!"… let’s not get carried away!… at least not until I see my stats!

What I really love about Ask Related Search is the ability to target towards any keyword. Once you have the keyword set, Ask Related Search will then show 5 to 20 related search terms. Should your site visitor click the search term, then click a "sponsored listing", you’ll earn a commission. It’s a bit more of a click process than Google Adsense, but one would imagine it would deliver higher quality clicks, which should also return higher commissions. Another great feature of the program is how you can blend in the search terms in your regular content. Like Google Adsense you have the ability to change colors, but you can also remove the logo, in addition to choose vertical or horizontal sizes, at any height or length.

Once inside the Ask Related Search admin area, you have a lot of options!

I just talked with Media Jump, the company that manages the Ask Related Search backend and they mentioned they were receiving some traffic and signups through this blog, which was exciting for me! If you have not applied for Ask Related Search, now is a great time to get in since they are not on many sites. When you apply, it would be greatly appreciated if you would post "" in the "REFERRED HERE BY:" section of the form. I’m not saying this will automatically get you accepted, but they are keeping any eye on referrals and aware of my demographic of site visitors. Should you have any questions or problems with your application or being approved, feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

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  1. I just inserted the code into one of my sites last night. I’m excited to see how it will produce compared to YPN or AdSense.

  2. Hey Zac,

    I inserted the code to one of my site a few hours ago and I was able to see that the reporting tool is working now. Just wanted to give you the thumbs up in case you didnt know its live now 🙂 Hopefully is working well for you. Im surprised with the results so far, I think this is a great opportunity to earn more money from our websites.

    By the way, I added the code to a myspace related website and it’s performing really well. So you might want to add it to your whole network.


  3. I just apply for it . and of course i said ZacJohnson
    and got approve .. within 10 mins ..

    hopefuly i could make more money than Google.

    Google sucks now

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