Make Money with Christmas and Holiday Offers

We are nearly at the halfway point to Christmas and Holiday shopping and promotions are in full swing. If you haven’t already started promoting some holiday offers or related content on your web site or blog, you are missing out. I get a lot of emails all the time asking "What offers should I be running from NeverBlueAds?". Usually these questions come right after someone has read my "Super Affiliate’s Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing". It’s an easy question, with a hard answer. With PPC you can basically take any offer and make it work in some way, it just depends on your approach to how you will market the offer. What keywords will you use, and at what rate? Promote through Google, Yahoo or MSN? Landing page or direct linking? I usually never answer these emails in detail, because I just can’t. It depends on so many factors along with your dedication, budget and what niche you want to work on.

Instead of trying to explain what offers you should be running, what I did instead was do a basic search of the NeverBlueAds network to see what offers may be targeting to your site traffic. You can throw some text links or your site, or even try some pay per click advertising… just remember people are spending a fortune on almost anything during these last weeks of holiday shopping, you just need to focus on getting their eyes to see it. Here are some nice holiday related offers on the NeverBlueAds network:

The first two offers are great for sales. Everyone loves coffee, it’s the perfect give to GIVE or RECEIVE. The idea of personalized holiday ornaments is a massive business. "Personalization Mall" and "Boca Java" are both big names that recognizable, when people recognize a name brand, they are more enticed to buy.

Boca Java Christmas Connoisseur
Paying $26.25 Per Sale
Users can become a Boca Java Connoisseur and treat themselves this holiday season! At Boca Java, an assortment of beverages in a variety of flavors are available that users won’t find anywhere else! (View Landing Page)

Personalization Mall Christmas Ornaments
Paying $9.75 Per Sale
Personalized Ornaments for the Holiday season. Decorate your tree or customize your stockings. Personalize your Christmas this year. (View Landing Page)

In addition to sales offers, NeverBlueAds also has a lot of survey and freebie type offers, with a holiday twist. I have only listed two, but there are several on the network.

Consumer Incentive Rewards: Holiday Top 3 Gifts
Paying $2.25 Per Lead (2nd Page Submit)
Get an Xbox 360 Elite, Apple iPhone, or $500 Visa Gift card for FREE when completing program requirements! (View Landing Page)

Holiday Shopping Rewards: Louis Vuitton or Prada Designer Purse
Paying $1.25 (1st Page Submit)
Express your Christmas spirit. Get a Louis Vuitton(R) or Prada(R) purse, FREE (with completion of program requirements). (View Landing Page)

If you haven’t already, join NeverBlueAds so you can have full access to their network and see what the best performing holiday offers are. There is still time for you to cash in on the Holiday Shopping Madness! As an incentive, I’ll even send you a Free Shirt after you’ve earned your first $50 in commissions!

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  1. shh…….zac – we need to keep it a secret….I am doing real well with boca and personalization 🙂

  2. I’m not knocking Never Blue, but Personalization Mall is offering $11.50 per sale at Azoogle. It’s only $1.75 more, but if you’re selling a lot it adds up. I’m doing great with it.

    1. I was hesitant on listing cpa rates as some networks vary. Though I can vouch for NeverBlueAds that they will do their best to match or beat any other network on rates. I’m sure NeverBlueAds is higher on some offers than AzoogleAds, it’s just a game of pick and choose.

  3. Damn you and your geotargetting zac, all I say was ads for twinky dolls or something. Haha, I was like “what’s zac playing at here, this sure is an interesting landing page”

  4. Zac,

    Great info here. I’m still learning and not very good at this yet, but I did manage to make my first $50 in just a few days. Where’s my free shirt?

    1. Once you earn your first $50 in commissions with NeverBlueAds, send me a email through the contact page with your Affiliate ID and shipping address. Thanks.

  5. Hi Zac,

    Great blog. I am a regular reader now.

    I applied to Never Blue through your link about a week ago and they have not contacted me yet.

    Any suggestions?

    I am eager to start promoting their offers on my site network.



  6. Hey Zac,

    I assume the very cool shirt offer is only for those that joined neverblue through your link right? I signed up right before starting to read you but if they need any proof that you motivated me to actually push their offers, and because of that deserve my referral lol, just point them here to this post ;). I'd love to pimp one of your shirts!

    As far as the next installment of the awesome affiliate guide, any chance you can add a part about working with the freebie/survey (zip and email type) offers? I know a lot of people make a lot of money with them but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how to actually promote them. Like are they best to just send people directly to the offers and if you have landing pages how to you make them relate so they want to try the offer. For something like the free electronics one do you just have a landing page with info on the various items then have the "oh yeah and you can get one free here" type thing? Do you design your ad text around the specific product being offered in the offer or more around a general landing page with information?

    I know a ton of people make a lot of money with the zip/email offers by just spamming like crazy (like with myspace and such) but it would be nice to learn from someone doing it the right way and who better than Zac to teach us heheh.

  7. Zac, luv your Blog 🙂

    Very Newbie-Friendly & Informative.

    I have a few questions? wanted to know regarding these particular offers from NeverBlueAds, were the landing pages provided from NeverBlueAds? or are they your creations?

    What program/ applications are recommended to make " Landing Pages"? [Especially for a newbies]

    On another note, hope your doing better along with your family, best wishes.



    1. You make "landing pages" using front page or dream weaver or some other html editor.

  8. Very interesting. I'm wondering how strict the criteria is to get into the NeverBlueAds program. I recently joined Commission Junction and was sorry I didn't sooner!

      1. Zac,

        I signed up through your blog link over a week ago and never heard from NeverBlue.

        Funny thing is I have been with Azoogle, Commission Junction, and others for over a year.

        What gives?

        I am eager to start testing the NeverBlue offers.

        Any help?



  9. Zac,

    Great news!

    I got the call from NeverBlue Ads this week and I am now an afilliate.

    Too cool.

    What a great holiday gift.

    thank you,


  10. Holiday offers seem to be pretty lucrative, especially with all the people buying their butts off…


    i am trying to make some, but struggling. i think, it will be alrite.



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