Make Money with ClickBooth Affiliate Network

ClickBooth is an established affiliate network that is located in Sarasota, FL and has been in the game for over 5 years now. Today we will take a look at their affiliate admin area, campaigns available, earnings potential and reflect back on the recent controversy around the company and it’s affiliates.

ClickBooth first went live in September 2002 and is a division of Integraclick. Through their affiliate network, ClickBooth is paying out over $16 million a month in commissions to affiliate networks. In addition to be a player in the affiliate network space, ClickBooth makes a great effort to attend and exhibit at most affiliate/internet marketing conferences and were just recently at OMMA Hollywood, SES Conference & Expo New York and the upcoming ad:tech San Francisco show. If you have been an attendee to any of these tradeshows, you will see ClickBooth usually has one of the larger booths. As an affiliate of ClickBooth, you will also have access to their 24/7 support, via email, phone and AIM.

Ease of Use:
When you first login to the ClickBooth system you are offered with a ton of campaign and search options. ClickBooth does a nice job in making it easy for you to search through their TOP Network offers, which are sorted by Email, OnSite Placement, Search, Path and Networks. Below the “Top” offers section, you can search out all campaigns on their network, and view the most recently added campaigns. Their backend is run off the DirectTrack system, but they have done a great job with customizing it’s look, so it has a much better look and feel than many other networks.

On the main login page, you will also find your full contact information for your affiliate manager, along with all the basic tools needed to manage your account, such as “program links”, “tools” and “running reports”. A “Quick Links” menu on the left side gives you easy access to new campaigns, deactivations and other updates made to campaigns.

As an affiliate of ClickBooth, you should be able to find a way to effectively market to your web site traffic or to almost any niche area. With over 600+ campaigns on the network, it should not be hard for you to find an offer related to your content or marketing needs. A quick run through of the 600+ campaigns shows they have some very high payouts on campaigns and will beat or match any offer on any network that you are currently running with. In addition to a selection of quality offer, ClickBooth also offers weekly payouts and bimonthly payments to qualified publishers. Payments can also be sent through check, PayPal, and ACH.

Quality of Ads:
Through ClickBooth you will have access to hundreds of familiar and famous brand names. With respectable name brand campaigns from companies like Gevalia, BlockBuster, Entertainment and VistaPrint, you should have no problem finding an offer than converts with your traffic, or to start your own ppc campaign. ClickBooth campaigns have an overall range of .40 per lead for FreeLotto, all the way up to $280 per lead for Medical Hair Restoration.

While searching through campaigns on ClickBooth, you can also do a search based on offer payout or the network epc (earnings per click). Below is a screenshot of just a few offers running on the ClickBooth network.

Stats Tracking:
If you are familiar with any networks running on the DirectTrack system, then you should have no problem getting used to the stats area for ClickBooth. A screenshot sample below shows a stats report from within ClickBooth. SubID tracking and creative tracking options are also available. You can pull stats reports based on campaign, subids and date.

Here is a sample preview of what ClickBooth stats area looks like.

What’s all the recent talk on ClickBooth?:
Recently ClickBooth has been the discussion of many affiliate marketing forums and blog posts. Management of an affiliate network can be extremely tough, especially when you are dealing with thousands of affiliates. If for any reason ClickBooth is responsible for closing an affiliate account due to violation of terms, ClickBooth itself would be in violation of it’s own terms if they were to bill an advertiser and keep the funds/commissions, which an affiliate would also lose. I was assured by ClickBooth that this would never happen, as it would be a breach in contract and an illegal action as well. As much slack or positive press affiliate networks may receive for their performance, reputation is everything. ClickBooth does not only work with affiliates, they are also working with many other affiliate networks and brokers such as NeverBlueAds. ClickBooth is dedicated to taking all necessary actions to defend their name and practices. I recommend you take a further look into all situations before coming to an assumption. I was told by ClickBooth, that they will gladly talk with any affiliates or advertisers on the matter, or interested in working with their network.

Why Do I Like this Network:
Before writing this review, I talked briefly with ClickBooth over the phone. I wanted to make sure everything with the network was going well and that I had a good grip on their business plans and well being. I was assured that the company continues to pay out millions to affiliates each month and they are making new strides every day to improve the company and performance for their affiliates. With over 600 campaigns on the network and being in business for over 5 years, I wouldn’t see why anyone couldn’t make money with this network. Another big plus of working with ClickBooth, is their dedication to working with you on a personal basis to make sure you are receiving the highest payouts through their network. To clear up any justification of this review, I will be promoting a few campaigns from ClickBooth through ppc campaigns and onsite placement on a few of my own sites. I will make a follow up post to this review once payment is received.

Final Review:
After final review, I rate ClickBooth with 4 out of 5Zac Stamps of Approval“. This review was done as a precursor to running my own campaigns with ClickBooth. Once I have a few successful campaigns running through the company and an established personal communication with the company and my affiliate manager, I will have a better idea on their performance and earnings potential. Based on talking with the company and doing a walk through review of their network, I recommend you join their network and let me know your thoughts on the company, or if you have previous experience with them. You can also use their web site contact form to contact them directly with any questions you may have.

UPDATE: If you are or were an active affiliate with ClickBooth, I highly recommend that you post a comment based on your experience with the company. While I am new with the company, I would like as much feedback from past and current affiliates as well. The more responses, the better we can get an idea on this companies’ performance. Thank you.

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  1. Hey Zac – About time you did a review on Clickbooth! Love them..been a long time fan of both Clickbooth and your blog. Thanks a lot for such quality content.


  2. Hey Zac, you might want to do some research before doing reviews like that… The guy running the network is [allegedly] a spammer listed at ROSKO and he has [allegedly] caused problems to a lot of affiliates as you can see here:

    etc… You might want to do your research next time before promoting and endorsing such a company!

    1. Hey Mike,

      As an email marketer myself and looking through all this post and following up with my own research…if I had to choose a side I would have to say you guys are not looking very credible.

      An Affiliate Networking on an email blacklist, are you really reaching that far to smear this company? I dare you to find one affiliate network that has never been on that list at one point in time or another. Come on what are we stupid?

      Also, I did the Google search results and it wasnt very difficult to see its the same 3-4 wickedfire people that are out posting and linkbaiting Clickbooth everywhere with no real evidence.

      How stupid do you think affiliates are? Wickedfire is losing credibility by the second because of this "crusade", attempting to attack a credible network because of a personal grievance.

      I may not be Joe stupid public because I do my research. You should not think the masses are as dumb as you are making them out to be with this crap.

      Go Clickbooth!

  3. a thoughful review with insights … I still didn't understand why you ranked them 4 out of 5 ?? If they are that good why didn't they have a 5 out of 5 ?? what were the reasons that you base your decision.

    1. As mentioned in the review. They were given a 4/5 based on the offers/pricing and setup of the network. I also mentioned in the review that this rating could change once I had an establishment with them and ran campaigns and received payment.

  4. I find it hard to stomach that you would promote these guys after they've closed accounts and withheld commissions from SO MANY affiliates. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth in some cases. Just a simple search of google will show so many reports of their scammy tactics. Really sad that you've stooped this low dude.

    1. I did a review on the network. Even before writing going live with the review, I knew there would be an onslaught for/against the company. This is one of the main reasons why the post was written. If I was favoring anyone here, I would delete negative comments… but I don't delete any blog post comments.

      1. Ahh so they're paying you to post about them. Got it. Well check your facts about their company next time because this will put quite a bit of a dent in your credibility. Especially the part about 16mil paid to affiliates each month (lol). May want to ask them to verify that…wouldn't want you to be knowingly posting false figures or anything….

        1. This is an open post. Feel free to post anything of evidence against my post… I want to know as much as everyone else. This really isn't as personal as much as everyone else is trying to make it out to be. Post the facts, I'm listening.

        2. Nicky – lets look at this not a quote from you in a recent blog telling people how to SPAM Wikipedia? Isn't the article title you wrote called: "Scamming Wikipedia Traffic"?

          "Link Spam

          Ok, nobody hates getting spammed more than Nickycakes. However, Nickycakes also loves to be hated, and the bottom line is, a link from a popular wikipedia article can bring you a metric fuckton of traffic if it slips under the radar and doesn’t get edited out. Don’t be flagrant and deface 100 wikipedia pages in an hour or anything, or you’ll just get them all removed by some mod."

          Your right Nicky,

          Maybe we should do our research first.

          Wait a sec – arent the majority (about 98%) of the "Clickbooth backlash" all being done by 2-3 individuals? Aren't all of those individuals known as prolific spammers and scammers with their existance on one of the worst

          Zac shouldnt even respond to you – he completely outclasses you.


  5. Wow you gave them a 4out 5 review and you haven't even used them yet? Doubt you'll have a problem getting paid because but they'll screw anyone without a fanbase… from what I hear. A little bird called nickycakes told me.

    1. Again… the review was done to spread knowledge on the company… bad or good. If this was a one sided review I would not have added a section called “What’s all the recent talk on ClickBooth?”. This blog is for everyone to comment on every post. Positive/Negative… bring on the discussions.

  6. Seriously? Without even USING them, given all the bad press out there surrounding Clickbooth, you endorse them? You must really be fine with sacrificing your blog readers for a bit of extra cash.

    Please, do everyone a favor and research them first.

    I had thought I was backing out of this whole battle, but I just can't handle all the reputation management crap they're doing. It's too much.

    1. Again, post whatever you feel is necessary. I am not ClickBooth, I am not a legal team… I'm a blog trying to spread knowledge on the industry. This is a network review, comments play a big part in how networks are reviewed.

  7. Nicky – your a sheep; before spewing your mouth maybe you should do some due dilegence. Have you ever had an experience with this company? I've been working with them and about 15 other networks for about 3 years now and have seen a lot of people attack networks such as them simply for the fact that they are the hot network of the moment. Get a brain for yourself.

    1. I'm plenty of things, but a sheep I will never be. I have personal friends who have been screwed out of thousands. Yes these are people I know in real life, not some crap I heard on the internet, which is what this post and your comment are.

      Kthx, bye.

  8. Clickbooth as been VERY solid in my book. For months on end i have earned six figure comissions and they have paid out everytime ON time. No question about it….highest payouts in the industry and they wire monies on the 15th of everymonth.

    what more can you ask for…….chicago joe

    1. I rated the network the best I could without prior use of their network, the same as I rated Ads4Dough in the past… no one had any issues with that review. I would have a problem with this as well, if I didn't mention I haven't run any of their offers yet… but I did make that clear in the post, and based off my experience with the company, the rating could go either way.

  9. Nicky and Monty

    Show me here, a actual screenshot of how much money you make with affiliates..

    Lets see it……

    Then ill show You my screenshots from this month from CLICKBOOTH alone, and my WEEKLY payout Via ACH

    1. and what in the name of fuck has that got to do with the fact that dickbooth is an absolutely horrific company?

      show me right here something which I can respect you for, bet you can't come up with anything….

    2. Dude, I get weekly wires from 5 networks, congrats. And no I won't post personal financial information on the comments of a blog cause some douche is trying to troll me.

      I will say this, I'm well enough invested in this business to know who is shady and who isn't.

      Clickbooth is shady. Use at your own risk.

      1. Really What networks Give you Weekly Wires? and how much do you do a Month?

        I want to know im Talking to a REAL Affiliate and not Some Fag wearing horns

        1. The minimum for weekly wires for most networks is only 1k a week. I do that in a day easily with the networks I push any real traffic to. You can read my site for information on what networks i do business with, if it really matters. But at the end of the day, my credibility in the eyes of some troll on a now non-credible blog is worth about $0 to me.

          Have a nice day.

          1. This blog is just as credible as it always was. I provide the content, the readers provide the feedback. Just because this one post has become an all out war within the past couple hours is in your hands. There's clearly an issue between several affiliates and ClickBooth, so bring light to the situation instead of finger pointing… otherwise the 40+ comments on this post are useless.

          2. Nick – it seems you have a lot to say about a network you havent reviewed personally yourself. As a bystander in this – I would love to throw that question back out there to you since I am familiar with your blog as well. You posted a very negative "review" of Clickbooth, yet you never checked them out yourself.

            Looks like at least Zac is doing his homework.

            Something about glass houses should go right here…


  10. oooo and Nicky, you have never had an experience with them yourself…as I thought. Sheep. You just proved my point. Might want to tell your "friends" to stop spamming. Funny how I never hear any actual negative on clickbooth. Its all from a friend of a friend… Congratualations you just created an urban legend.

  11. Monty,

    Show me Where you Make actual money in this field…….

    I have My proof, and are not Hiding shit…

    Cmon Tough Guy, If theyre SOOOOOO Bad, Prove your a ACTUAL REAL AFFILIATE in this Industry, not a Petty SPAMMER

    1. when did I ever say I was an affiliate? I know a fair amount about the businesses behind these affiliate networks and I know that dickbooth is not a good company. and since when was I a spammer?

      I bet you're the life and soul of parties, you realise 99% of the people in this world haven't got a clue what affiliate marketing is and couldn't give a fuck about you're earnings? I'll be one of those 99% because I actually have a life….

  12. Zac,

    Again I want to commend you on doing this objective review. It speaks a lot about your character and really hits home as to your integrity. As I mentioned earlier it proves your the type of guy thats willing to cut right through the bs and instead of doing a post with your own motives in mind such as a lot of these guys that are trying to discredit an honest company based off of a couple bad apples you were willing to take some heat and cut right through it in a fair and honest manner.

    Keep it up!


    1. are you being serious? cause that whole post could be sarcasm, but if it isn't you need to just give up on life….

    2. I laid out the network review… it's time for everyone who's worked with the network to speak up. That was the plan in the first place, I knew this post would call to action.

  13. Zac,

    I Have been screwed a Ton By Affiliates as Well, Some are out just for Blood and that Sux,

    That is why When I came across this Post I chimed in,

    I have Been treated Nothing but great By Clickbooth and Always Paid on Time Weekly

      1. what was your point? you seem to be completely braindead, you have no logic at all, not even a little bit…

  14. I have worked with clickbooth for years and never had a problem with them. In fact they have gone well beyond a normal affiliate network to help me make money with them. I consider them my business partner.

  15. Zac,

    Did you get paid to write this review?


    Who have you been screwed by? I'de be interested in knowing, would save me headaches.

    Us smaller affiliate cant afford to invest in PPC, make the $$$ and have it held back for some BS reason many have experienced with Clickbooth. If there are more, get them out there.

  16. I think it's kind of hard to really rate a network without actually using it. It's like if Consumer Reports did reviews on products just by looking at them and not actually really using the product for what it's worth.

    One other side note, I love how they claim to payout over $16mi per month to publishers. That's not an impossible number, but I find it unrealistic.

    1. Agreed.. the review would have been better if I was an active affiliate with ClickBooth. As mentioned in the review, I will run their offers and keep the review updated on their performance and once a payment is received. I’m not going to promote something I wouldn’t use myself.

  17. Clickbooth is a pile of **** and there are so many better affiliate companies out there now that I don’t know why you’d even go near them…

    oh and “Terry Valentino” – I couldn’t give a fuck that you have worked with them before, the fact is they have scammed hundreds of thousands out of their affiliates, just because you have a good experience with them does not make them a good company….

  18. Sad to see this respected guy actually review them, give 4 on 5 rating, and has never tried them.

    People do your research, it will speak for itself.

    1. My reviews have always been on the network and I put forth as much information as I can. Since this is an active blog, I rely heavily on my reader's comments to follow up with their responses on the profiled network. So far, this one is going well… except I am just getting negative responses with not much to back them up. I'm not calling anyone lairs… just try and post something for readers that have no idea who ClickBooth are. This makes perfect sense for a sides.

    2. Jason,

      I am an outsider in all of this but I think what Zac's trying to say here is he is doing his research.

      I've been a reader for sometime and throwing all of the personal crap out the window from both sides..this is what I'm seeing:

      1. A small number of individuals are angry with Clickbooth because they have heard from an unknown party that Clickbooth does not pay. (yes gives me a bit of hesitation as this of course is an affiliates worst fear however since they are not fighting their own battles I am guessing they have something to hide.)

      2. A small number of individuals that do work with Clickbooth are extremely loyal Affiliates and have never had issues.

      3. I apologize if I am misquoting Zac however from what I am reading he has presented that he is more than willing to do an objective review himself as well as provide a forum here for the affected parties either pro or con (not these 3rd parties that keep popping in but the specific parties that have had issues where both those parties and Clickbooth can resolve their specific issues out in public.

      Maybe I'm too analytical 🙂 but doesn't that make more sense than everyone throwing opinions back and forth either way?

  19. Clickbooth is great until you get a email from Zaire Brown (clickbooth) saying you are terminated. After that point, Clickbooth ceases all written communication with you. I split traffic 50/50 between an identical offer between clickbooth and neverblue. Guess what? neverblue paid – clickbooth didn't. Clickbooth treats their terminated affiliates like crap and it is going to come back and haunt them.

  20. great read, after this article I decided to try clickbooth instead of azoogle ads, the way you say it they seem like they have a lot more to offer than other networks, hopefully I get approved asap 😀

    1. Yes, it's listed in the <a title="View all posts filed under Reviews" href="; rel="nofollow">reviews category. I was contacted to do a review on ClickBooth network. I wrote the review as I saw their network. I have not experienced any of the problems which are mentioned by others here, but did mention it in the review since it was a mentioned on a few other sites. I'd still like more info on what happened, and would like to make a follow up post to the review.

  21. When I looked at the ClickBooth Network when I first heard about them the site design and the amount/quality of the programs looked great, but as soon as I started reading all the horror stories on message boards from affiliates about ClickBooth closing accounts and keeping the income the affiliates earned, and other types of scams they pulled I'm even thinking of pulling them from my site. I currently don't use them as a network.

    1. I'd personally like to see and read some evidence on the situation and posts going around. I want to know why everyone is having problems with them.

      1. I would also like to see the evidence, I keep hearing negative things, while all i am getting from the company is positive. I got paid on time 2 months in a roll already. I am using ppc by the way.

  22. I'm all for affiliates as much as I am for the legitimate networks. I want networks that pay and affiliates to earn money they earn/deserve. If there is something here we can bring to light, I will definitely write a follow up post to this and get the necessary attention this matter deserves.

    1. I think we already have brought it to light Zac. Here's their MO:

      They wait till you have a huge month, come up with a BS reason (usually saying you're incentivizing even if you aren't), terminate your account, withhold payment, and refuse to reply to your emails, sometimes even blocking your email address.

      This has been talked about by many affiliates on many message boards including digital point and wicked fire, ad nauseam:….
      The threads on wickedfire include a poll in which over half the affiliates having worked with clickbooth in the past had been scammed out of payments.

      As I mentioned earlier, I have personal friends who are in this industry who have been scammed out of a lot of money by clickbooth, but I won't speak for them. They can post their stories individually if they please.

      Also, and this one should hit close to home for you Zac, recently people have started blogging about the Clickbooth drama that's been going on. Clickbooth has been finding people's blog posts that are merely reporting on the facts of the situation, especially ones that are ranking decently in the serps, and sending them C&D notices. Small time bloggers don't always have money to pay legal fees, and Clickbooth knows this. So they're trying to muscle the little guy out of giving them any bad press. Example:

      As for the $16mil they claim to pay their affiliates every month, they've been asked to back that up repeatedly and never come through.

      If you want to have credible reviews, I really suggest you do some research that isn't just re-typing whatever sales pitch the company spews at you as your review, and do a little research instead, such as talking to people who have used them, using them for yourself, looking for other people's opinions, etc. Otherwise, you're simply selling text links on your site, not reviews.

      Also, automatically siding with the networks on an issue like this will run the risk of alienating you from your core audience which is other affiliates who stand to get screwed by companies like this.

      Anyway, that's all I really have the energy to write on this subject anymore, and I'm sure they'll pay you because you are a decently big name in the industry and dont want any more bad press, but please believe that they have screwed many an affiliate out of commissions they spent a lot of money on generating.

  23. I want a Motive Interactive Review Dammit. I just stayed on the blog thru 60 comments. I want my Motive Interactive Review!

  24. I have nothing against Clickbooth. My experience with them was they do delayed payments. Mine got delayed for like 1.5 month from the stipulated payment agreement. It's not a good business practice on their side, so nothing against them. I'm with other networks now and Clickbooth is put in my "careful" list. As for myself, I won't go to the level of promoting Clickbooth since although I got my payment after the delay, I could not promise those signed up under me that they will definitely pay.

  25. Before writing this review, I talked briefly with ClickBooth over the phone. I wanted to make sure everything with the network was going well and that I had a good grip on their business plans and well being. I was assured that the company continues to pay out millions to affiliates each month and they are making new strides every day to improve the company and performance for their affiliates.

    Great so when a hungry troll says they won't eat you, go right ahead and believe them.

    With over 600 campaigns on the network and being in business for over 5 years, I wouldn’t see why anyone couldn’t make money with this network. Another big plus of working with ClickBooth, is their dedication to working with you on a personal basis to make sure you are receiving the highest payouts through their network.

    You've been contacted for a review, you'll end up getting a hand job for more good PR. So where's the basis for this statement besides there's a lot of offers?

    To clear up any justification of this review, I will be promoting a few campaigns from ClickBooth through ppc campaigns and onsite placement on a few of my own sites. I will make a follow up post to this review once payment is received.

    I doubt you can give an impartial review after you've been contacted for a review.

    Agreed.. the review would have been better if I was an active affiliate with ClickBooth. As mentioned in the review, I will run their offers and keep the review updated on their performance and once a payment is received. I’m not going to promote something I wouldn’t use myself.

    So basically your calling the review crap as it is. Because ClickBooth DOES know that your waiting to be paid so guess what? You'll end up with no issues! Again, hand jobs all around.

    I’d personally like to see and read some evidence on the situation and posts going around. I want to know why everyone is having problems with them.

    Thanks to your terrific due diligence skills in researching the network to begin with. I doubt you'll see any issues any time soon.

    1. Obviously you guys aren't listening to Zac. He said hes doing this review so that he can bring the truth to light and he seems to be doing a good job of it..

      .if you read through the lines on all this it seems their is a personal dispute between two companies – WF and CB and it seems some members of WF want to turn that into something much more.

      Zac's on point with this review – hes doing the right thing and he has been straight up about every component of the review. I agree with it fully.

      After following Zac for a long time…I am sure he will in his review process be able to dig out the truth whether good or bad and be able to do that with facts and not rhetoric. It would be a disservice to his users if he did not do a review such as this.


  26. My personal experience with Clickbooth has not been good. Last October I earned over one thousand dollars with them and they did not pay me until February (after exchanging many emails, some of which were ignored by my affiliate manager ). It was only only after I contacted someone else within the company that I got a response.

    Rating this company 4 out of 5 is absolutely ridiculous. If you want to work with a company who withholds payment for months on end without an answer, is unresponsive to emails, by all means choose Clickbooth.

  27. Wow. So you write a semi-glowing, PAID review of a company that you have never used. One, I might add, that I can't go anywhere on the internet without seeing tons of people bitching about. Then you have the nerve to say that you did it to start a discussion about them. How selfless of you.

    But hey, with all the scrambling they've been doing to manage their reputation, I bet they paid you top dollar. Congrats.

    Oh, one last thing…It's a good thing you didn't give them 1 out of 5 stars. I hear bloggers who do that get nasty Cease and Desist letters.

    1. The review was based off how I saw their network. Nothing to do based on being a paid review. If it was on a pricing basis, anyone could buy their rating. I rate on my own scale, unfortunately in this scenerio I wasn't an affiliate long enough to experience support, management of campaigns and receive payment (yet).

      With all of the comments and complaints/praise coming from the post, it was a good review in the aspect of the news getting out and getting exposure. Still, affiliates from both sides of the fence are posting on the network.

      If ClickBooth is as bad as some of you are saying, then they will soon no longer cease to exist. Either way, the post is on the blog now and it is what it is. AzoogleAds, ValueClick and a ton of other companies have all had legal actions taken against them in the past. If it turns out I did a review on a bad company, then I got screwed in the end, all necessary actions will be taken, if not… it is what it is. I will continue to blog and report as usual.

      1. "The review was based off how I saw their network. Nothing to do based on being a paid review. If it was on a pricing basis, anyone could buy their rating. I rate on my own scale, unfortunately in this scenerio I wasn’t an affiliate long enough to experience support, management of campaigns and receive payment (yet)."

        Let's see the amount they payed you and we'll be the judge of that!

        1. If you all have such problems with ClickBooth, do something about it. Why are there just posts saying how horrible they are, but no actions be taken. I would like to see something else than just bad mouthing. The whining and exposure is just getting this blog and ClickBooth more attention then before.

          1. I think posting a review like this when you're not an active affiliate is sketchy, just my own opinion. But to say all of those positive things about a company whose business practices are obviously in question, and not even put one link in your post to the blogs and forums that are discussing problems with clickbooth? As a reader, i have to say thats not cool.

      2. Thats the same way i looked at it, all these companies had legal troubles sometime in their past. I also rather experience something for myself like marketing successfully and legally with clickbooth to see if people's opinions match, and in my case i found out that they don't because clickbooth is paying on time for me. I think people are holding grudges on companies like clickbooth and are trying to get some kind of jurisdiction by badmouthing them. people that got their accounts terminated probably didn't follow the rules. I look at it this way, marijuana is illegal but people still smoke it and you hear almost everyone talking about it, but its still against the law, same thing goes for marketing, if you are spamming your offers you think it might be legal since a lot of people are doing it but what you dont know is that most companies do not tolerate it because of the can-spam policy in place that is why they terminate your accounts and then you go on babbling on about how you lost a large sum of money, but how did you make it in the first place? obviously in a way that the marketing company does not approve! read the guidelines before you do anything.

  28. Zac – If you don't believe what's coming from the WickedFire crowd (which I might ad, I was skeptical of at first, but it turns out that the forum has some great information on it), just ask Revenue Magazine why they refuse to run ClickBooth's full page (expensive) advertisements anymore…

    1. I thought I saw Clickbooth in the Revenue Magazine newsletter this week? I know a number of individuals at Revenue and they talk nothing but great things about Clickbooth.

      Hmm…sounds like a pretty disgraceful tactic you would use to try and harm a companies reputation with lies…

  29. DickBooth, I mean ClickBooth, is a shady wannabe affiliate network that owe some there best affiliates more money than can be counted.

    Search WickedFire if you want to see some of the B.S. DickBooth pulls.

    1. people like you with your offensive lines as you stated with anger and rage can only look towards other unlawful users of affiliate marketing and show the public that your craigslist or myspace strategy did not work out because companies like clickbooth and azoogle do not allow it!

  30. I honestly thought I was hallucinating when I saw this post. A paid clickbooth review? You sold whatever credibility you had… to CLICKBOOTH?? We've really hit a new low on this blog. I guess myspace layouts don't pay out like they used to, super affiliate.

    1. PJim,

      Long time affiliate here. How long have you been in this game and I can tell you have never had a personal experience with Clickbooth. They are one of the networks I typically send about 20-30% of my traffic to each month for over 3 years now. Oh and yeah thats over $100k a month. Ass.

      Do you believe everything you read on a forum, especially one that is known for fraud and illegal practices?

      I hope you guys go to jail for this type of harrasment and smearing of a good company. I'm sure you will. Maybe you should have checked your facts to see where it was going before you jumped on your Queen Jon Fisher's bandwagon.

      -= Codename: Testdrive =-

  31. nickycakes – I have a question for you, since you are such a big wickedfire member, the owner of that forum said over a year ago that he was offered 16mm for the parent company of wickedfire, everyone called BS, and for him to prove it. He came up with some lame excuse not to. So tell me, if wickedfire does not have to prove there nonsense why does clickbooth?

      1. Yeah your right – The Good people of the world caught many of the wickedfire members before they could get away with it…networks such as Commission Junction (caught your forum owner trying to defraud them). Oh wait didnt Jon say all the same stuff hes saying about Clickbooth regarding them years ago. Oh wait isnt that the only reason hes considered a "super affiliate" because he showed a screenshot of a CJ login then he goes on to say they screwed him and didn't pay him. A public company.

        Strange the common theme we have here..

        Thats what happens when you build a forum on lies.

        In a childish theme song type song: Your going to jail, your going to jail – say hi to Bubba for me – HA HA!

      2. nickycakes – so what you are saying is it is ok to tell lies if there is no money involved. How about this, if you tell people you were not paid 30k, then it was 130k then it was 75k from a public company ( but the traffic and leads were legit why would you not take that company to court, after all you have a reputation of being a no nonsense stickler that will do things out of principle not what they will cost you. Hell Donald Trump would take you to court over 10k but Jon is such a big baller that he can let 30k waite 130k or was it 75k slide from

        The thing is it is about credibility, you have 1 side of the information you can not have clickbooths side because of a privacy policy they have to follow or they will get sued by every affiliate.

        I don't believe wickedfire is full of crooks like some have said, that is to much of a generalization, I personally am not against "shady" marketing but I have not seen much good info from wickedfire in a long long time.

  32. one more thing, most of the people commenting on this post are wickedfire members, that place has turned into a bunch of sheep not able to see they are sheep.

    1. The reason that most of the people commenting here are from wickedfire is because wickedfire is likely the most successful affiliate marketing forum on the internet. This post is about an affiliate network.

      Surely you can put 2 and 2 together on that one genius.

      1. haha thats the funniest rhetoric I've ever heard Nicky.

        Most users online ever on wickedfire…431 (typically about 100 active users…its a dying forum.)

        A mid tier affiliate & webmaster forum same #:

        7,300 users active online.

        (side note: this forum is one that wickedfire gained some free press by bashing)

        Oh wait isnt that how wickedfire has gained any attention? Wickedfire is a forum filled with criminals and spammers. Don't try to pass it off as anything else. Read the threads on the forum…only thing its going to do by being on that forum and around those types of people is get you a one way ticket to jail.

        Good luck with your "trip" why dont you have some salad with your sausage!


        1. I remember the same thing happened with digitalpoint, they posted google ads on dp saying digitalpoint sucks to get attention to their forums, same thing they are doing to clickbooth, they are just juicing it all out, who is going to be next on your bash list? google or yahoo perhaps for their sudden ban's on users who do not follow adsense rules or yahoo ad rules? All you wickedfire users just start following the rules and try to make money the legit way and you will not even be commenting here bashing a company and linking back to your blogs which have posts with the keyword wicked fire in them to gain better serp. Same old crap different day and company. I guess i will just go and start a forum badmouthing everything in my path, i think i will use your strategy, what do you call it ? it cant be blackhat seo, not whitehat obviously, lets give it a color, pink hat seo by wickedfire members for wickedfire members. bash a company and pray for traffic is the concept at hand.

  33. Hi Zac,

    First off, I am an affiliate with clickbooth and a member of wickedfire but I have chosen not to get involved in all this clickbooth crap as there is too much out there already. People should make their own minds up themselves. Second, I used to respect you alot in the industry with your informative posts and tips, but the moment you said that you did not actually review the network you lost me and I bet ALOT of other people here too. I have lost any respect and credibility I had for you as you obviously sold out here.

    that's all I have to say,



  34. Did you guys even look at the principals behind the business:

    John Lemp:

    John Lemp began his career as a small-time mailer to scraped addresses, including whois contacts. He then joined forces with ex-ROKSO occupant Scott "Spam King" Richter. The relationship soured, and industry sources report that Lemp left with a portion of Richter's address database.

    After repeated terminations of his spam-source ranges, Lemp has largely abandoned direct spamming under his own name, preferring to adopt the protective cover of "affiliates," many of whom, perhaps, are Lemp himself. Be that as it may, Lemp will take on any affiliate under his redirect service, as illustrated by the link below.

    WOW, that must be a great network headed by a well known spammer having close relation to the SPAM KING…

    Make your own judgement now!

    1. Nick you prove your greenness to the industry by a post like that. Every affiliate network has had inaccurate information posted on RBLs at one point or another.

      1. You don't get listed on ROKSO for some AOL idiot accidentally reporting a newsletter as spam – Hell, Azoogle started out as a pretty heavy spam operation (150+ servers out in Scranton, PA dedicated for spamming if you want to check the facts, I even have photos of the physical servers…) and were listed on ROKSO for only completely legit reasons. However, you don't stay on the ROKSO list if you stop your spamming, and Azoogle is no longer listed there, after shutting down their spamming in mid 2003.

      2. Innaccurate… I guess you are the green one in this industry… This guy has been there forever and still there because he keeps the same pratices. Go read a bit an educate yourself, you'll see your comment's intelligence improve!

        1. Seriously Nick – I am an email marketer and your not very smart. Seeing the servers doesn't make you an internet marketer just like owning a nice car doesn't make you a great mechanic ;-).

          Fortune 500 companies have been on that list and some have been on it for years. You mentioned Azoogle, they were on that list for many years and were listed years before Clickbooth. The FTC was even on it at one point when they released the Do Not Call List. This is probably not the right thread to get into this but my point is simply do not try to smear an affiliate network for being on that list. Everyone thats been in the industry knows any affiliate networks that do any volume at all are on there or have been for a prolonged period of time at one point or another.

          I think having a Doctorate means I am educated enough. Thank you very much.

          Also, the length of time on the list is not based on continuing activities (look at the track record…they have very very few occurrences on it.


  35. The reality is Clickbooth is NOT a 4 on 5 company. Zac made a few bucks to write "good" about a company.

    Zac, stand up for the people who got stiffed by Clickbooth and get to the bottom of it. Then take the shoe out your ass and modify your review with at least "warnings" cause its obvously not all BS.

    As I see it these comments are riddled with insider / paid / biased comments on both sides. The truth is somewhere in the middle, and that truth needs to be reflected in your review.

    As a super affiliate & bloggers you have a responsibility to provide the truth, its not reflective in your review given the comments. A warning statement is the minimum that should be modified in the review.

    1. Jason,

      Interesting read however your review seems just as biased as the ones you are referencing. If we want to be truly objective..

      Zac is saying for anyone that has gotten "screwed" to come forward and I have seen people on the Clickbooth side say the same thing.

      Funny the only people complaining about Clickbooth haven't even done business with Clickbooth and might just have a slight bias since they are a member of some shady forum whose owner and Clickbooth dont seem to get along (at least per my research as a spectator in this).


  36. Hey Zac,

    I have been using clickbooth for a while now and I have not had any problems. I would have no problem recommending them to someone.

  37. to me clickbooth is the best. without clickbooth i be jobless. clickbooth helped me earn money and save alot of time. they're the best.

  38. CLickbooth are thiefs they owe me $3000 and they found all kind of reasons to ban my account. I am not the only one in this situation looking at some affiliate marketing forums and blogs you can find hundreds of people complaining Clickbooth owes them money.

    1. Me too! Stay far far away from ClickBooth.
      My recent post Website Flipping: New Method Make Money Online

  39. Wickedfire is just a stupid, racist forum. You guys don't even need to give a shit about them. That skinny Jon (with his retard look in those photos), in my opinion, is one big liar and mentally unstable person that does one thing today and the opposite the very next day. Just a low life trying to promote his business with controversial advertising.

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