Make Money with CPATrend Affiliate Network

Written by Zac Johnson
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As a blogger and affiliate marketer, I’m continually pitched by ad networks on a daily basis about running offers on their network. The difference between me running an offer on their network or not, usually comes down to the offers they have available, but also how persistent they are with me, while not getting to the point of annoyance. Another huge incentive and plus to keeping bigger affiliates happy with a new network, is to immediately setting the affiliate up with the highest payout rates without having to see any volume is also a huge plus. These are just a few of the key points which led me to start working with

In most cases, an affiliate network will ask me to join their network and do a review, then hand me off to one of their affiliate managers (which sometimes is brand new and knows nothing), while other times the actual owners of the network will talk with me on a daily basis and let me know when hot new offers hit the network. Once again, this was my experience with Philip Shapiro, the owner over at CPATrend.

A Deeper Look into CPATrend

I also wanted to tell you a bit about their network and the offers they have available. Like the majority of affiliate networks, CPATrend has it’s hands full with a lot of different affiliate offers, but also a decent amount of offers that other networks don’t have. It’s also nice to see that some of these offers are at higher rates, which give other networks a run for their negotiating dollars.

There are currently over 150 different offers available on the network, but I’d really like to point out that there are some great offers for anyone actively running Facebook Ads campaigns. CPATrend has a decent amount of offers on that network that are performing very well through Facebook advertising. This include dating apps and lots of games.

Well known affiliate offers found on the network consist of Ab Circle Pro, Robert Allen, Cupid, Flirt,, Make My Baby, VistaPrint and many more. The CPATrend network is run off the HasOffers platform. Payments are sent out on a Net 15/biweekly or weekly basis and available through Check / PayPal / Direct Deposit / Bank Wire, with a low minimum payment of $50.

$100 Signup Bonus – Exclusive to Readers

Since I’m personally working with Philip and CPATrend, I wanted to setup an exclusive deal for my blog readers. Join CPATrend today, and when you earn $1000 within your first 30 days, you will receive a $100 bonus! This is a 10% earnings bonus on your first $1,000 earned. It was tough to get Philip to give such an offer, as margins are already tight, so this promotion is for a limited time only, and you must signup by April 22, 2011. (Make sure you have a quality site or traffic source, as they don’t allow everyone into the network)

Just pushing a few dating leads (average payout: $2-$7) per day for a month will earn you over $1,000 in commissions, so it’s a very attainable target to hit. When applying for CPATrend, simply put “ZACJOHNSON.COM” in the “How did you hear about” section of the signup form. This will allow for you to enter the $100 bonus promotion.

Join CPA Trend Today!

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  1. CPA Trend looks almost as good as click booth without the promotion.But with is now amazing.Thanks for sharing Zac.

    Bradley Nordstrom
    My recent post Dream Sponsors Inc

  2. Thanks very much for the post Zac, and appreciate all the nice things said. If anybody would like to contact me, I'm always available, here's my contact info:

    Phone: 646-652-6649
    AIM: CPATrendPhil
    Y!M: CPATrendPhil

    Look forward to working with some new publishers and I hope you all take advantage of the $100 bonus!


  3. CPA Affiliate marketing really is a cool system and it’s really the future for a lot of people right now.Great post!

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