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Written by Zac Johnson
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DealDotCom is an awesome new shopping site like Woot!, but focused on "Affiliate Marketing". The site in only a few days old and I’ve already purchased one of their featured items, which was the WP Affiliate Pro. This plugin for WordPress makes it amazingly easy to generate links throughout your blog, without having to change any past posts. To make it even better, through DealDotCom I was able to get the software for only $49.88, instead of it’s retail price of $97!

In addition to getting some amazing deals on marketing material and software, you can also start making some money of your own with DealDotCom. You can simply join DealDotCom and post a link on your site/blog and invite your friends to join. For any referred sales sent from your affiliate link, you will earn a nice35%, for the LIFE of the customer. To make things even more cool, DealDotCom offers a 2-Tier program where you will earn 15% commissions on anyone that signs up below you and refers a sale.

Sounds great so far, right… but is anyone making money off DealDotCom? Well, considering DealDotCom is only a few days old, it would be hard to tell if anyone was really cashing in. Until that is, when John Chow posted his earnings today and shows he is already making over $200+ with the program in it’s first three days! Not to mention any future buys from all his referred members, since he will earn commissions on them for LIFE! I think I actually signed up to the network through his blog, so he also earned on my WP Affiliate Pro purchase as well! Congrats John, your earnings are looking sweet!

John Chow shows a chart on his blog of all referred sales and commissions.

DealDotCom is still brand new, you can easily still make a nice amount of money off this program just off referrals itself. There are several ways for you to monetize this program. You could write reviews on each product featured, setup a mailing list to mail out to you subscribers when items you like are featured, or simply do some PPC marketing!

This program is still so young, let me know if you have had any success with the program and what you would like to see from DealDotCom in the coming months.

Signup to DealDotCom and test your earning potential.

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7 Replies to “Make Money with DealDotCom”

  1. Zac, dealdotcom proves to be great to make money, but comparing it with earning form clickbank it is far away from the percentage, but not many people can hit the first 5 sales from clickbank so..

    1. Agreed, I was never one to compare the program vs. ordering through ClickBank affiliate urls. I order direct through DDC as it's easier on me. If the product is worth it, I'll buy it.

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