Make Money with eHarmony Dating

Affiliate Program Review:
The dating niche is an extremely competitive, but also very lucrative field. Since competition between dating networks is so intense, you can earn some nice commissions for simple actions such as bringing in new free members, or receive some heavy commissions for acquiring paid memberships. I’m sure most of you have seen at least one eHarmony commercial on television before. If you decide to promote this offer, you really just need “general audience” to come across the offer, because it is already very well branded. Based on network earnings per click on NeverBlueAds, promotion of this offer is making .165 per click. If you are targeting towards “dating” keywords, you will see much higher earnings per click, as well as conversion rates. NeverBlueAds has the offer on a free signup basis (promotion through search/web/banners), and Copeac has both free and paid membership offers (banners only). With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, you can be sure traffic and attention to the dating site will be heating up!

Landing Page Screenshot:

– eHarmony: View Landing Page

Participating Networks:
NeverBlueAds (CPA) & COPEAC (CPA)

Commission Rates:
$3.75/$4.25 per Lead (or) $67.50 per Sale

Traffic Allowed: Web, Search, Banners

Related PPC Keywords:
online dating, dating personals web site, dating sites, dating personals, find your soul mate, christian dating, jewish dating
(Refer to my Super Affiliate Guide section for pay per click marketing tips. Test this campaign with Yahoo and receive a $25 credit and/or Start a new campaign with MSN AdCenter & receive a $50 credit.)

Relevant Categories:
Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Personality > Tests > People Matching

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  1. this is a good one too via NBA, I promoted others but eharmony is such a trusted name people just join without even wanting to know more info

  2. One of the niches I never really got into heavily. I tested it out with certain undisclosed tactics and know its VERY profitable but never did promote eHarmony. Might have to check em out. Thanks Zac!

  3. Good writeup check out if your looking for a great dating site. I have had alot of success with them 🙂

  4. the reporting for eHarmony is completely screwed up. They do not seem to care and the manager of their affiliate program is completely incompetent and vindictive. He cancels people’s accounts for no reason at all.

    Stay away from eHarmony affiliate program. They will only wind up screwing you in the end.

  5. My honest dating review website for top notch girls.. I have had alot of success

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