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It’s always nice to do a review on a network that isn’t run off the DirectTrack system, just for the case that the whole setup is different and there are usually more features. Today we are going to look at Hydra Network. I’ve been an affiliate with Hydra Network all the way back to 2003, and since their network went live in 2003, they have shown massive growth and continue to be a prominent player in the affiliate network game. Hydra Network is run by Hyrda LLC, and was named 10th in Inc. magazine’s 2007 “The Fastest Growing Private Companies in America“.

Welcome to Hydra Network
Once you log into your Hydra Network account, you are welcomed with full stats for your account, along with the latest offers and updates added to the network. On the right side of the page you are shown a rotation of “News & Events”, along with “Featured Campaigns”, and a quick break down of each.

The main content area of the main log in page features a full list of “News & Updates”, which goes into detail on new campaigns, payout increases and how to promote hot campaigns. Below the main news and updates sections, you have a section for “New Campaigns”, then four recommended “Hot” campaigns currently featured on the network.

Hydra Network Campaigns
There are currently over 600 campaigns available on Hydra Network. Usually when a network had several hundreds of offers, it’s kind of a turn off, just because they seem to take on as many as they can, and don’t focus on quality and pricing. However, this isn’t the case with Hydra Network, because of the 614 offers currently on the network, 302 of them are EXCLUSIVE campaigns. With over 600 ad campaigns, you should not have any problems finding a success campaign to work with. Campaigns on the network range from $1.00 CPA, all the way up to $122.50.

When hovering over the “Campaigns” menu tab, you have the option to search all campaigns on the same page, or you can segregate your search by New Campaigns or Exclusives Only. For any incentive or form based web sites, the option to choose “Incentivized” and “Pre-Populated” campaigns is also just as easy. For an even more choices, use the “Advanced Campaign Search” for a list of campaigns base don their Attributes, Region or Categories.

Several affiliate networks have their own list of exclusive campaigns, but the majority of them are usually ZIP and EMAIL submit campaigns. Hydra Network has their share of these offer types, but also have an awesome amount of exclusive offers targeted towards health, biz opps, diet, financial services and products.

Hydra Network Stats Tracking
The stats area page is very simple and convenient to pull stats reports. Simply select your date range and click the “Go!” button. You also have the option to show stats based on Sub IDs, Actions and any date range. Some networks limit your stats to only 12-24 months of stats, with Hydra Network there is no limitation on pulling up stats all the way back to 2003.

After pulling setting up your requested stats, you will be sent to a stats page that looks something like the one below.

For anyone interested in setting up tracking urls with a sub id, all you need to do is visit your campaign creative page and scroll down til you are at the Sub ID field. Insert your sub id text and it will automatically create your sub id url for tracking. You can easily create hundreds of sub ids, by replacing your original sub id in the url, since Hydra Network does not over write your sub id name with a new code.

Hydra Network Rewards Program
As you continually earn commissions with Hydra Network, you will also be rewarded for your business and partnership. On top of your monthly commissions, you are eligible to receive a 1% monthly reward. Rewards start at $50, which means you will need to earn $5,000 in monthly commissions before seeing a reward.

Hydra Network Payment Options
Affiliates can opt to receive payments by check, ACH, Paypal or Wire Transfer. Payments are sent out on a Net 15 basis and there is a minimum payment amount of $50.

Hydra Network has been around for several years now and know how to remain a dominant player in internet advertising. If you aren’t currently working with Hydra Network, I recommend you join their network and see what campaigns they have for you to work with. With over 600 campaigns on the network, it would be smart to join them just to make sure you are getting the highest payouts on your current ad campaigns. I’ve been an affiliate with Hydra Network for many years now and have met with them at several conferences and never had problems with receiving payment.

T-SHIRT BONUS: I still have nearly 400 MoneyReign Shirts, bumper stickers, pens and buttons sitting around. If you join Hydra Network through this blog post, send me an email through the contact page, along with your name, address and tshirt size, I’ll be sure to send a gift package your way. (Due to shipping costs, this offer is limited to US signups only)

– Join Hydra Network

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  1. there are so many networks that it is hard to choose the proper ones. For guys like me that have limited resources have to stick to a couple of them… the MOTD should be: try try try….

  2. I'm a new affiliate and I really like Hydra Network. Getting paid net 15 with direct deposit is nice. Only thing is you can't get weekly deposits until you are doing $100K/mo, according to my aff manager. Getting to weekly deposits is much more attainable through some other networks.

    At this point, I see Hydra being my first choice for choosing offers as I grow my aff biz.

    1. Wow, $100k minimum on the weekly payment is steep… I've seen other networks with weekly payment options for earnings who push a minimum of $1,500 a week.

    2. On the contrary, Tim! Check back with your Affiliate Manager regarding weekly payments. We absolutely cater to our search affiliates and their payment needs. Or feel free to contact me anytime: AIM – hydrarachel

      …and thank you for choosing Hydra πŸ˜‰

  3. Hydra is one of the larger, but less known networks. I as well as most publishers feel that, you can't put all your eggs in one basket. Sign up for 4 or 5 networks, run your campain through each one, and see which gives the best ROI.

    It's not always the highest paying network that gives the best ROI, sometimes one network will convert 20% traffic, and that 20% is enough to make more money, more money made is more money in your pocket.

    Hydra is a great network and their stat tracking is pretty decent (Unlike!) Plus they have some really cool exclusive offers that i dont think anyone will want to pass up.

  4. Zac, I've been using Hydra for a while now but with very little traffic to them. I find them extremely reliable and honest when compared to some others. I did not know that they offered ACH payment. I'd rather keep the few percent that PayPal is getting.

    – Geiger RULES

    1. I got a bunch of payments to my paypal yesterday… that 3% is killer on big payments! πŸ™ Though they make things so easy for accepting/sending payment.

      1. Why don't more places use Mass Pay? I'd be happy to forfeit the $1 it costs them, in order to save that 3% on my end, which definitely can be killer πŸ™

  5. Thanks for the info Zac!

    At some point, I would love to see a list of your favorite networks of all time and the reasons why.

    1. Yeah zac, which networks do you really like? I'm a huge fan of pepperjam even though i dont promote many of the accounts they have, their site is just so much fun. And their managers are very friendly and your able to get ahold of them easy. is ok, but i swear to you they take around 1/10 of my sales.

  6. I've grossed over $30,000 in the past 4 months with affiliate marketing but when I applied to Hydra Network, they declined me. Guess I wasn't good enough for them. I even sent them an e-mail asking why I was declined but I never got a response.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Forgive the lack of response – you'd think emails would have a better chance at survival at an online marketing company! Sometimes we miss some. Plus, we get hundreds of sign-ups a day, and are improving our approval process regularly. But, no more excuses: Call or AIM me and we will chat about your application πŸ™‚

      – Rachel

      AIM: HydraRachel

      (310) 659-5755 x2126

    1. Hey Nicole – I loved your comment.

      A Hydra, in Greek Mythology, had several really unique abilities – strength, durability, numerous heads which found it's way into everything and could not be harmed by any weapon. (Of course the Hydra has it's negative side, but really… what doesn't?)

      Plus you should see our hats πŸ™‚


      AIM: HydraRachel

  7. Nice review…Finding good network is not easy. Your reference is a good guidance.

  8. My only active site is teen forums, teens never buy or do anything and so affiliate marketing, CPA offers fail

    1. On the contrary! Hydra actually works with one of the largest teen-oriented sites on the internet, and they drive a ton of traffic to our campaigns. Sign up and request Patrick Brennan as your AM – He knows this demographic well.

      – Rachel

      AIM: HydraRachel

  9. It seems that my frustration is the same as everyone else, which product offering to use. Can you point me in the direction for companies that sell products on the Internet here in South Africa, thanks

  10. I wish Hydra had automatic google pixel place like NeverblueAds and Azoogle, but they don't have this mega useful feature.

    1. Simon – Your wish is our command! It's currently in development for our new interface – it's on it's way πŸ™‚

      – Rachel

      AIM: HydraRachel

    1. Affirmative! We pay by check, PayPal, direct deposit and wire.

      – Rachel

      AIM: hydrarachel

  11. I applied but didn't even so much as get an email saying thanks for applying…I don't like the fact that you enter all your personal info including SSN and don't even get a confirmation from them….Makes it look very fishy to the paranoid like myself…Hopefully they will approve me….

    1. We definitely send out an automatic thank you email, but our domain tends to get blocked sometimes. Since you posted this today, we've decided to include the from address for our new applicants to add to their address book to prevent this. Hmm… maybe we should put you on the payroll πŸ˜‰

      – Rachel

      AIM: HydraRachel

  12. Hey Rachel

    oo that is Great!!

    thank you for answer me πŸ˜‰

    Simon – Your wish is our command! It’s currently in development for our new interface – it’s on it’s way πŸ™‚

    – Rachel

    AIM: HydraRachel

  13. I actually through my company, (which does 10-15k a month) but got rejected. I'm not sure why as my application was very good. If they don't accept companies like mine I don't know what exactly they want from their affiliates.

  14. Hey Marcus – It was most likely a mistake that you were denied. We get hundreds of applications a day and some slip through the cracks. Contact me and I will get you approved ASAP!

    – Rachel Lasseff

    (310) 659-5755 x2126

    AIM: HydraRachel

  15. I applied this affiliate. During my communicating on the phone with hydra, them told me my website had been used. But I think there must be a misunderstanding or anyone else applied using my website on purpose. .i had sent email to them ,.but no reply.

  16. Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for following up with me regarding your account. Glad to see you approved and running offers on Hydra!

    – Rachel

  17. I wouldn’t mind a review of my site, how much do you charge? πŸ˜‰ email me please if you do not discuss on here, thanks πŸ™‚

  18. Hi zac, i applied under your affiliate refferal link and get rejected .i am come from UK.maybe they donÒ€ℒt accept publisher from my country.

  19. Just applied thru your link Zac. The email says I need to call them first. Hopefully they will accept me. Looking forward to trying them out.

  20. Well I called them and they asked who referred me, I told them She asked some questions and said someone would email me at the end of the day to let me know if I was accepted or not. Haven't heard from them in 4 days. I even emailed them yesterday to verify one way or the other. I think even if they don't want to accept an affiliate, they should have the courtesy to let you know. And even better, why not they won't accept you. I'm bummed.:(

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