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One of the key aspects to making money online and surviving the continuing changes in the market, is to make sure you cover all of your bases. As you may have noticed, I have added some new contextual / in text advertising on the blog within the past couple weeks. You can tell the in text advertising from regular text links, in that the contextual links have a double green underline vs. the traditional blue links. This method of contextual link advertising is referred to as “in text advertising” and is being managed by InfoLinks.

While at BlogWorld in Las Vegas, I was invited to a very nice dinner with John Chow and the InfoLinks team. In addition to having an excellent dinner at Top Chef Masters’ Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay, we also went for a helicopter tour over the city of Las Vegas. Long story short, this allowed me to spend a lot of time talking with Mike Glover (VP, InfoLinks) and the rest of the InfoLinks team and how we could further monetize the blog, while helping others make more money in the process. Sounded like a great plan, so we finally implemented the links on the site a couple weeks ago.

What is In Text Advertising, and How Does it Work?

In Text Advertising isn’t anything new, but more sites are using it to make more money from their websites now more than ever. Just like the concept Google Adsense was built upon, which is providing advertisements based on user content, in text advertising does the same thing, but a few levels deeper and without the wasted ad space. Instead of placing banner ads on your web site, using in text advertising with a service like InfoLinks, allows you to generate revenue off content you’ve already written. Any keywords that you’ve used that are targeted to an advertiser will then be shown as a contextual ad or in text advertising. When the user clicks or hovers over the link, a video or web site preview will appear.

Watch the short two minute video before for a quick review of how you can make money with in text advertising and a simple visual explanation of how everything works.

What I Really Like About InfoLinks

Besides the fact that everyone from the company is just awesome to work with and go out of their way to keep you happy, the InfoLinks service is also great. One of my main concerns was that I would have a massive amount of contextual links spread through out the blog, which would limit the user experience. In the admin area, you can easily change the settings for your account, which allows you to show 1-12 contextual links per page. My settings are currently at 4 links per page. You can also change color, underline linking display and advertisement categories.

Running the blog, I continually have advertisers and networks contacting me on a daily basis trying to buy advertising on the site or forming new partnerships. As the demand increases, so do the prices. I was never open to the idea of just throwing contextual advertising on the blog to make more money, but was able to come up with a deal that works for both myself, InfoLinks and my readers. Whether you have a small or large web site, InfoLinks wants your business and traffic. During the next few months, I will do a case study on InfoLinks’ performance and how you can better monetize your web site or blog by using In Text Advertising.

I can assure you that InfoLinks will go above and beyond any other “in text advertising” network out there. Just try them out and compare your results to the competition! Your success is their success! – Join InfoLinks

InfoLinks Has Massive Exposure

While some of you may not have heard of InfoLinks, they are definitely establishing a name for themselves in the contextual marketing and in text advertising niche. With so much competition in the contextual and in text advertising, being able to secure such high traffic and branded sites is not easy. After doing some research in the in text advertising niche, I was browsing top level sites and saw a few of them running InfoLinks as their contextual provider. There are also a few very high end sites that you will see joining the InfoLinks network in the coming weeks. This is just another example to demonstrate how InfoLinks go above and beyond the competition to offer the best support and payouts.

Get Started with InfoLinks

As I continue to use InfoLinks on this site and others, I will post updates and tips for the best ways to monetize your traffic with in text advertising. I mostly covered how you can make money by placing in text advertising on your site, but you can also advertise with InfoLinks and get your ads on the massive network of traffic their system has access to.

Joining InfoLinks is free and can easily be setup within just a few minutes. Throw their ads up on your site, and if you aren’t seeing the results you’d like to see, contact Mike Glover and he’ll make it work for you!

Join InfoLinks In Text Advertising

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  1. The title of this post should be 'Make Peanuts with In Text Advertising'. Most sites will make very little money from in text advertising networks such as infolinks. Really, who wants to litter a bunch of ugly in text ads throughout their site for such a minimal return? For many sites, the damage to the appearance of the site outweighs the small amount of money that infolinks would produce.

    1. While this may be true for high end branded web sites, it's just east income for sites like ezinearticles and articlesbase, which have a never ending supply of content, which is mostly from search engines, and the text would result in relevant advertising. If you have a tight niche site and trying to push leads or sales, you probably wouldn't want to add another gateway for the user to leave your site.

      1. Yes I guess for some websites they could still make a lot of money from this without it hurting them much. If a site is already established enough, such as ezinearticles or, then I'm sure it would be worthwhile. A lot of it comes down to ad level acceptability from your visitors.

  2. Wow, could you stuff…in text advertising…your post…in text advertising…with any more…in text advertising…keywords?

  3. Hey Zac, this is Tammy from Infolinks. Great post! Welcome aboard, we are so glad to have you join our Infolinks family. I'm sure your readers can gain lots of benefits from our premium In-Text ads. Feel free to contact us at support@infolinks if you have any questions.



  4. Infolinks is a really great tool and has a good reputation. I think text advertising is a lot less intrusive than annoying stuff like pop-ups and can be a handy tool for both advertisers and readers alike; not to talk about the revenue to site owners.

    1. Good point. I'd definitely take in text ads over pop-ups or pop-unders. They may litter a page with their underlined links, but they are easy enough to ignore once you are used to them.

  5. Anyone who knows what they are doing would not want this on their blogs in my opinion. As has been said before, I don't want my traffic leaving for the peanuts these ads provide. I want them leaving through an affiliate link. Besides, they make a blog UGLY and it is annoying when those ads pop up as you move your curser down the page.

  6. The business model of infolinks remains good however I believe google adsense remains (unfortunately) the prince when it comes to monetizing sites with PPC
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  7. hi zac, im new to this sort of stuff, text advertising makes you money, i would to hear abit more avout this and really want to get into field, i will keep coming back to your blog, i think its wonderful.

  8. I totally agree. It all depends on the nature of your blog. Also, our readers may vary in their response to certain ads. Why not try and see if it works. If not, you can always let it go. – Claire

  9. Good article! I also use Infolinks on one of my blogs, but after 3-4 months the earnings are pretty low at just $30. Maybe it will pick up soon
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  10. There are a lot of factors that affect in-text advertising success… the amount of traffic to your site, who's visiting your site (is your average visitor looking to buy something), how well your content is written (keywords, saturation, etc), how well your content matches the available advertisers, etc. I run a similar service (in concept) called that delivers contextual in-text Clickbank affiliate links. Through experience, I've discovered my service works well for some publishers and not for others. I suspect the same it true for InfoLinks. You have to test to find the one that works best for your content.

  11. When my adsense got banned I start looking for the alternative. I guess InfoLinks is a good one to start =)
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  12. The title of this post should be 'Make Peanuts with In Text Advertising'. Most sites will make very little money from in text advertising networks such as infolinks. Really, who wants to litter a bunch of ugly in text ads throughout their site for such a minimal return? For many sites, the damage to the appearance of the site outweighs the small amount of money that infolinks would produce.
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  13. i was thinking about trying them on my site but now i have found another smaller network which is new and allows affiliate links 😀 will test some offers!
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  14. Thanks for the advice. I just registered for infolinks and still waiting for their approval. Hope they are not as strict as Adsense because Google just disapproved my application.

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