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I’ve had a few requests to make an update to my “Make Money with Mad Money’s Jim Cramer” post I made last month. Since the last post Jim has recommended a decent amount of new buys, and only one sell. The original post I made was on April 23, 2007… which was less than a month ago. At that time the portfolio was up $1880.25, which was +7.64% at the time… over the past month the portfolio has nearly doubled in size because of all the new positions, and is currently up +$5.90% and $2,865.95. This means the over the past 26 days, the portfolio gained nearly $1,000 in new money. (the percentage amount up went down because the portfolio size has increased so much with new positions)

In conclusion, same old with Jim Cramer.. do what he says and you will make money. He even says he has full faith in the market going to 14,000! I’ll keep you updated on the portfolio and it’s continuing upward trend! 😉

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  1. I'm glad youre doing well zac…cause cramer usually underperforms the market from all the statistics i've seen..and the Dow and S&P 500 have both moved higher than 6% from Feb 21st !!

  2. Is this a fake portfolio or real? If it's real, the only thing i have to say is damn he's doing pretty good.

  3. 100% REAL. It's setup through my Yahoo Finance portfolio and I watch it daily. I'll update again at the end of the month, it's already up a decent amount since this last post.

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