Make Money with Mesothelioma Legal Leads

Written by Zac Johnson
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Affiliate Program Review:
While searching for an exciting campaign to “spotlight” today, I came across a brand new one that you may be able to cash in on! There is a great new Mesothelioma legal lead gen campaign on HydraMedia that collects info from people who have been exposed to asbestos causing mesothelioma or Lung cancer. Why the thought of cancer and being exposed to mesothelioma is horrid, the competition and business for lawyers in this area is tremendous. Whenever someone is effected with mesothelioma, someone is in a lot of trouble and quite often it happens at a work location and they will then need serious medical help. The cover all the medical expenses and seek damages, people will mesothelioma seek out a lawyer quickly to take all necessary actions. These lawsuits can get up into the several millions of dollars.

This new offer on HydraMedia is very straight to the point, with a form submission right on the landing page. This offer can also be promoted through email, banners and search marketing. To top it off, it pays a very high $100 per lead. You can try and promote this offer on ppc using mesothelioma terms, but you will soon find out that you may be paying upwards of $50 PER CLICK. If you did not already know, “mesothelioma” search terms are one of the highest paying around.

ZAC’s GOLDEN TIP: Instead of setting up a ppc campaign and promoting this campaign directly, if you have the time and dedication, I would recommend making a new blog or web site full of mesothelioma information. You can load it up with everything from what the disease is about, how it’s caused, treatments and more. Try to make it relevant and useful, as your visitors are probably ones effected with the disease. Once you have created the content and infrastructure to your site, you can then add Google Adsense and this same CPA offer to your site. Adding a text link with something as simple as “Click here to Contact an Attorney to Discuss Your Claim“, then redirecting to this offer, will greatly increase your conversions. While providing a service, you will earn a commission on every click/lead. In addition, you will soon start receiving free traffic from search engine indexing and others linking to your site.

Landing Page Screenshot:

Participating Networks:
HydraMedia (CPA)

Commission Rates:
$100.00 per Lead

Traffic Allowed: Email, Search, Banners, Text

Related PPC Keywords:
mesothelioma treatment, mesothelioma clinical trial, mesothelioma diagnosis, peritoneal mesothelioma, mesothelioma symptoms, symptoms of mesothelioma, mesothelioma cure
(Refer to my Super Affiliate Guide section for pay per click marketing tips. Test this search campaign with Yahoo and receive a $25 credit and/or Start a new campaign with MSN AdCenter & receive a $50 credit.)

Relevant Categories:
Society > Law > Legal Information > Product Liability > Occupational > Asbestos

This affiliate program review post is part of a new series on this called “CPA Spotlight“. A new affiliate based offer will be reviewed and featured daily. Along with a full offer review, you will receive information on where you can promote the offer, along with payout ranges, traffic promotions and keywords to target your ppc campaigns.

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12 Replies to “Make Money with Mesothelioma Legal Leads”

  1. Of course the market is still saturated, that's what happens when money is being made. Come up with something original and effective and you can knock out half of the competition. How many people are on Facebook or MySpace with a relative that might have the disease? Get creative and cash in on a saturated market.

  2. I aggree Mesothelioma is for the affiliate pros that know how to work this market.

    I recall this term going for $160 a click in its prime on yahoo.

    I'd suggest a link bait, social media angle or something new and interesting to spark new ways to find traffic. Since PPC and general optimized content, would be a very competitive space to fight against.

    Its still a good cpa spotlight mention. With super big payouts, comes an even harder playing field.

    good luck


    Affiliate Manager

    1. Nice passing yourself off as knowledgeable on the space when you've never actually played in it. And getting a shameless self-promotion to boot.

  3. I like that part about building a landing site vs a landing page for that offer. I think this is the way a lot of smart aff marketers will go to keep adwords costs down

  4. Methothelioma. With a $25 Yahoo credit. And MySpace.

    My feed reader just got lighter by 1 blog. Why don't you just create a PHP script to scrape the offers from all the networks and republish them here? For a "super affiliate", you sure are desperate for those 2% referrals.

  5. Gimme a freakin' break. Mesothelioma??? THAT's your bright idea? And $100 per lead. Yeah, real quality I'm sure you're providing for that price.

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