Make Money with Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Mother’s Day and most other holidays are usually a dull and boring low traffic day for most web sites. However, many sites live for Mother’s Day! I have some sites that do amazingly well on holidays and it’s always nice to know I will see a big traffic and revenue boost on these days, rather than expect a down day. The truth is, during most holidays people aren’t going online to browse and waste their time. Instead they are going to focus on the holiday and make a related search. If you have a site targeted towards an individual holiday, you are going to cash in on those days. If not, then you should! While it may seem like a niche market towards only flowers and chocolates, there is so much more you can offer to those frantic users searching for those final Mother’s Day gifts. Start up a greeting card web site and every holiday/event will be your cash cow! Imagine how many people go online to look for love poems on Valentine’s day and / or for Mother’s Day! There are so many different niches and opportunities online for you to start making money online. I felt today would be a great day to make a post and get a few of you motivated!

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  1. I have noticed that traffic slows to a crawl on holidays…but post anyway…in case some faithful readers happen to stop by !!

  2. true, even running affiliate schemes may work, i had considered writing a mothers day post plugging 1800 flowers or another company, but didnt get the chance to

  3. I didn't get to check this blog yesterday, but I'm glad you decided to post on a holiday! 🙂 Hope you decide to post more on holidays in the future. Thanks for the post!

  4. Hey Zac, don't you have the option of not approving a review? After looking at the review you paid 10 bucks for I noticed that it was full of grammer and formatting mistakes.

    Having done paid reviews on my sites I would never publish a review like that even if I was only making $5.

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