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HTML clipboardHTML clipboardI’ve been using Motive Interactive for several months now and after talking with my account manager, Luke, he wanted to spread to word and have a review done on their new Advent 2.0 system. The current network setup is excellent, but they went ahead and improved it that much more. The Motive Affiliate Network is run off of an Ajax system, which means everything is running off one page. With the current setup, there was occasionally an issue with loading times, however I have not experienced any problems with their new Advent 2.0 loading times. I’m sure you’ve experienced the joy of having to click back and forth on other networks to setup ad campaigns, with Advent 2.0, everything is constantly loading on the same page… which eliminates much wasted time and headaches. Here is a look at what you can expect from the new Advent 2.0.

An Immediate Difference Between New and Old
The new platform of Motive Interactive is immediately noticeable once you login. No more are you offered with a a lot of empty space and wasted navigation time. On the new platform, your account manager information is on the top right and offer spotlights are shown on the left menu area, with the main navigation to the extreme left. Before the new design, you had to go to the “Offers” section to see what new offers were added to the network. Motive has also improved their Quick Stats and Charts on the login page.

Offers Available on Motive Interactive
Like other networks, Motive has several offers to choose from, which target many different areas… but they also just don’t dump any offers onto the network. When you search through the campaigns on Motive, you will recognize a few of them, but they also have many that aren’t everywhere else.  With many offers already having a higher payout than other networks, and the option for an increase payout on volume, I’d recommend taking a look at what they have listed. Whether you are looking for high paying diet offers (Green Tea, Wu-Yo), text messaging (Secret Crush) offers or even just email submits, Motive has them.


Quick and Easy to Understand Stats
Some networks just offer the basic stats of click, leads and amount earned. Motive went a bit further with their detailed stats, which load very fast and give a full break down on all campaigns. Pull a report on any date or campaign, and see which campaigns are pulling the best conversions and effective cpc/cpm numbers. In addition to full stats, you can also setup full stats tracking for pixel placement and campaign ids.

Affiliate Commission Rewards Programs
A few months ago I wrote a post on the top affiliate rewards programs out there. It looks like I can now add Motive Interactive to the list, and they will actually be one of the higher top paying rewards programs on the list. While most networks pay around a 1% reward to affiliates based on their earnings, Motive Interactive pays up to a 2% to their larger affiliates! Their new rewards chart is below.

The Highest Affiliate Referral Commission
Motive Interactive understands the power and value of referring new affiliates to their network, and they want to be the leader in referral payouts as well! I believe the highest payout from an affiliate network is at 5%, but Motive has upped the ante by 10%, bringing their referral commissions to 5.5%! As per their network, “The referred publisher must continue to generate commissions without a lapse of twelve (12) calendar months in order for the referrer to continue receiving the 5.5% commission from that publisher each month.“. All tracking is currently done on the back end and new reports will be available on the new Advent 2.0 network.

Final Motive Advent 2.0 Run Down
I already broke down a few of the more important features of the new Motive Interactive Advent 2.0, but to really experience the difference you have to see for yourself. Motive has created this great video that walks you through their new system.

[youtube 8-QDFTxe968 nolink]

How can Motive Interactive Improve?
The goal for Motive on their Advent 2.0 affiliate network, is to provide affiliates with everything they need to success and to stay ahead of the competition. What’s awesome about Advent 2.0, is that it was built to be highly scalable and adaptable for future enhancements. What more would you like to see from Motive? I’m sure Luke or another contact from Motive will answer any questions or advice you have for the network on this post.

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  1. Excellent. I was told about this from my manager about a week ago. It's a great new system. Good review, Zac.

  2. Zac , Thanks for the fantastic review !! As you pointed out if anyone has any questions about Advent 2.0 – The Motive Network or our company they can contact me at anytime.

    -Luke Smith

    1. I think I preferred Zacs post. I now know what offers this network runs which I think is the most important thing.

      It's interesting how the reviews differ between some one who makes a living with affiliate marketing (Zac) and one who doesn't (Tyler).

      1. I always prefer TEXT over video, – Search about a term "Quick Stats and Charts" in a video 🙂

  3. I see too many of these paid review about Motive intractive these days, No doubt it a cool tool , i'm looking forward to join. Great review Zac.

    1. Motive Interactive has worked very hard on this release and we are eager to get the word out about it – I have read some reaction to Motive Interactive's Marketing efforts and in particular our paid post on blogs. All I can say is that the MMO niche affiliate marketing is very small and when a company like ours advertises or has a marketing push it can feel as if that company is going overboard with the marketing. But as Clog Money mentions different bloggers write different kind of reviews and some have their own unique take on things.

      Anyway….did I mention Motive Interactive – Advent 2.0 has 5.5 lifetime referral commissions now ? (sorry just trying to get the word out!)

  4. Wow this site r0x…can't believe I never seen it before. Thanks for the great long detailed posts like this, keep it up please ! 🙂

  5. It appears to me that Motive is embarking on a very aggressive marketing campaign lately… Great review, Javo. I did one for Motive as well.

  6. Just wanted to drop a line in here and say thank you for a great review! Motive is excited and looking forward to working with all of you! We are now out of beta and have officially launched the new Motive CPA Network powered by our advent 2.0.

    Check out the press release :

    Brendan J. Smith

    Chief Executive Officer / Founder

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