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Affiliate Program Review:
Like BlockBuster, NetFlix is still trying to win the battle for online video supremacy. Fortunately for you, they are paying some heavy ad dollars to bring in new subscribers. It seems like both of these companies are continually bringing out new offers and promotions to entice anyone who hasn’t tried them out yet. The cool thing about NetFlix is that you can download videos right to your computer. No longer do you have to wait for DVDs in the mail, or have to drive over to your local video store.

You can start earning $23-$25.50 for every new signup to NetFlix, when promoting their offer through CX Digital Media or CPA Empire. Through CPA Empire you are only allowed to promote the campaign using ad banners, but are paid a couple bucks more per lead. For those interested in search marketing, signup and run your promotion through CX Digital Media, where you will earn $23 per new lead. Possible marketing ideas include search targeting towards new movies, feature celebrities, video download services and any entertainment news.

Landing Page Screenshot:

– 123InkJets: View Landing Page

Participating Networks:
– CX Digital Media (CPA) & CPA Empire (CPA)

Commission Rates:
$23.00-$25.50 per Lead

Traffic Allowed: Search, Banners, Text

Related PPC Keywords:
dvd rentals, download movies, blu ray, online movie rentals, new to dvd, video rentals, movie downloads
(Refer to my Super Affiliate Guide section for pay per click marketing tips. Test this search campaign with Yahoo and receive a $25 credit and/or Start a new campaign with MSN AdCenter & receive a $50 credit.)

Relevant Categories:
Shopping > Entertainment > Recordings > Video > DVD > Rental > United States

This affiliate program review post is part of a new series on this called “CPA Spotlight“. A new affiliate based offer will be reviewed and featured daily. Along with a full offer review, you will receive information on where you can promote the offer, along with payout ranges, traffic promotions and keywords to target your ppc campaigns.

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  1. I don't mean to be a dick, but anyone can easily get this information by signing up for 1 or 2 affiliate networks and browsing through the offers for 2 minutes. For the sake of your readers, why don't you add some useful content instead of just obvious keyword stuffing to try and rank for "Make Money".

    1. "Make Money" is actually the last keyword I'm targeting towards. I may just use the offer name from now one. The first CPA Spotlight was titled "Make Money with…", so I just kept that as the theme.

      1. Well I like your blog because you usually provide decent info, but this kinda stuff is just making you look more like john chow. Hopefully that's not the direction you're trying to take.

  2. I just signed up for Netflix through Linkshare 2 weeks ago. Then last night I got an email from their Affiliate Marketing manager saying that I was removed from the program for not generating any sales … its been 2 weeks, I haven't started marketing them yet …. oh well, their loss

  3. Zac- we all know you are a super affiliate and have probably done better than 99.99% of the guys out there. It's just my opinion that these CPA Spotlight posts are getting a little too much. Its a little overkill. I know you're no dummy (since you're maing money off the network referrals), but ever since you been doing CPA spotlights this blog hasn't been the same caliber as it used to be. I for one would much rather see articles on things that lead to your success and other relevant information instead of offers I can easily look up myself. But then again, if you are making decent referral comissions, more power to you.

  4. I agree, the CPA Spotlight is too much…..Everyone can login into a network and see what type of offers they have! Zac, I really enjoy your blog……but I think your tutorial are more helpful.

  5. I think the CPA Spotlight is a good idea for beginners… I'm sure that Zac attracts new readers all the time who may not know how to explore or evaluate offers, or they may be wary of joining an affiliate network because it's overwhelming to try to learn this stuff on their own. Remember when we were all new at promoting online? Zac, maybe you can offer the Spotlight series as a separate feed and encourage your newer readers to investigate it there. That might please your readers here who are more advanced.

    On a whim, I just picked up at GoDaddy… I'd be happy to sell it to you if you like. Haha!

    1. BTW, I completely have WordPress Affiliate Pro plugin envy. I get the incredible urge to go purchase it every time I see it convert a keyword in one of my comments into an affiliate link for you. Argh!

  6. Question….I notice that on CPA Empire the netflix campaign converts on a paid signup after the trial period. Is that the same for on CX digital. I dont have a cx account so i cant check it out. It sort of sucks to have to depend on someone liking netflix after the trial for an affiliate to get paid. Please get back to me. Thanks so much.

    1. Not sure, you should contact CPA Empire to better explain the lead requirements on this one. I would assume/hope it's a real time pixel tracking offer, which pays on credit card submission.

  7. I dont know if i am a fan of all these make money with series, it seems like you just have copied and pasted all the posts, with little actual useful content. Im still a fan of your blog though.

    1. Martin, a decision was made the other day to discontinue the series and a new blog/site will be setup as a directory resource site for affiliate programs and ad networks.

  8. I'm very enjoy to read this content.

    Thank you for good information 🙂

    I 'm coming back to read more content.

  9. can we still earn $25 for new signups to NetFlix through CX Digital Media and CPA

    My recent post movie download sites

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