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Time for another great money making affiliate network review! Today I will focus on the financial benefits you could have by joining NeverBlueAds Network. To view past network reviews, you can refer to the "Network Reviews" section. Also keep in mind these are not paid reviews or testimonials, my reviews on these networks are from my personal experience only.

NeverBlueAds has been a well known network for a few years now. At almost every marketing conference I eventually meet up with my good friend Jordan at the exhibits. Time and time again we would talk about how we should be making money together, but it wasn’t til last month that I actually started running a few of their offers and made some dough. Sure, I ran them in the past, but not enough to make them one of my more valued networks and revenue sources. From reports below you will see how I went from $0 in March to $1950 in April, then over $5300 this month (May)! Best part is, I was able to add this new revenue source without having to remove another advertiser or campaigns. Monetization is key!

Ease of Use:
I love the NeverBlueAds login area, it’s one of the fastest loading and most basic (yet effective) setups I have seen. Once logging in you are given a full layout featuring your currently earnings over the past few months, new offers to the network, network news and the top performing campaigns (sorted by search, web and email), as well as your affiliate manager contact info. The search feature at the top of the page allows you to search through all available campaigns, while being able to sort by category, promotion type and if the offer is incentivizable or not. Selecting your offers is just as easy. Simply select your desired offer, then choose from the various selection of ad copies/banners. You are then provided with your HTML code or text link.

One of the main reasons why I am so successful with NeverBlueAds is because they can offer some of the highest rates in the industry. With volume they can even increase your rates to show appreciation and help you out with better returns. When comparing NeverBlueAds to other networks, it was quite obvious they are paying out higher than others, and if you find differently, let them know and they will work with you. As mentioned earlier, take a look at the "Quick Stats" chart to the right. Once you login you are able to see this performance chart of how you’ve done over the past three months. This chart alone shows you the profitability of NeverBlueAds, I was able to go from $0 to $5000+ in only two months!

Quality of Ads:
High payout rates won’t matter much if you can’t back them up with quality offers. Take a look at or some of the other high traffic social networking sites, they are all serving high volume and quality ads. Through NeverBlueAds you can run these same offers. Whether you are looking for quick contest/trial offers, or high end purchase/lead offers, NeverBlueAds can supply you with both. I personally have done very well with their freebie type offers. With over 150+ offers on the network, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find an offer that will convert with your traffic.

Below is a screen capture of the campaign search setup. The "Network Earnings" feature is really great, this rating system lets you know how the offer is performing network wide for all affiliates running the offer. Pay outs are listed under either "Lead" or "Sale" based on what type of offer it is. You will also find that some offers are able to be incentivized. These are usually high paying, credit card required offers.

Here are just a few of the campaigns available focused on "Money".

Stats Tracking:
In addition to the great user interface at NeverBlueAds, you should also enjoy the stats area. You have the ability to sort by campaign, date, creative, web site or sub ids. With sub ids you can test different ad creatives and see how their performance compares. This feature is great if you are testing to separate mailing lists or want to run banners on rotation, then pull out the less performing ones. Below is a quick glance at what a report would look like if you wanted the general daily performance chart

Great stats are key to making big money with your site!

Why Do I Like This Network:
I’m really enjoying the past two months that I have been promoting NeverBlueAds. The addition of their offers to my sites have been performing extremely well and the stats provided through their site makes it so easy. In the beginning it took some testing to find what offers were performing best and what locations were best for clicks, but things are on auto-pilot right now and looking great. I look forward to new high paying and quality offers being added to the network so my site users won’t continually see the same offers.

Final Review:
After final review, I rate NeverBlueMedia with 5 out of 5 "Zac Stamps of Approval". I’ll admit, I was very skeptical when my good friend and rep Jordan first told me that sites were making big money from running offers that have been around forever and are already being advertised on a ton of sites. After much testing and monetization, I soon enough became another one of the those sites cashing in on these offers. It will be nice to meet up with Jordan again at Affiliate Summit East, but this time we can talk about all the money we made, instead of the usual "why aren’t we making money yet!". Sign up today and see what type of extra revenue your web site can start pulling in.

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  1. Zack how many sites do you have?

    Looking at the chart and seeing 7000-10500 clicks/day, I say WOW. I would be happy to get 1% of click/visitor on my blog and main site(my freeware). I have visitors but not much clickers 🙁

    Btw, thanks for this series.

      1. This is awesome! Thanks for the review.

        May I know the main source of traffic to the sites? I suppose you are using PPC programs..

      2. By the end of summer me and my brother plan on running around 8 sites, plus our e-commerce website. Hopefully things won't get to unorganized.

  2. So far I think your reviews are awesome! They’re all very well written and contain lots of information.


    1. I Agree, some really good reviews, and very helpful as these are mostly reviews of sites that I've not used/heard of before.

    1. Interesting to not see CJ amongst the list of Recommended money making programs.

      Would like to also see your views on how neverblueads compare to valueclick, since they are both 5 out of 5 stars.

      1. ValueClick and NeverBlueAds are two completely different models. VC is just for CPM bannera, NBA is all CPA and offers advertising through text, email and banners.

  3. Hey Zac,

    Since i,ve seen you post about technology stuff before i was wondering if you've seen the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates videos that are up on Marketwatch, I've even got one (video) on my blog. The interview is about an hour (broken into a couple of parts)..and Bill n Steve look back at history and into the future of technology and Microsft/Apple. You should check them out !!

  4. Great review. I’ve submitted my application a few days ago. Just waiting to hear back now.

  5. Hey Zac,

    I think the math in your "daily performance" chart is a little off: 1 impression and 7,683 clicks? 😉

    1. I run pretty much only TEXT LINKS, the banner impressions are in reference to running banners. Apparently one of them is loading somewhere, but I run TEXT LINKS only. You will find TEXT usually makes a ton more than BANNERS.

      1. I realize that Zac, in fact I often use the redirects for my affiliate links that result in 0 impressions but tons of clicks. I guess I did not understand how these neverblueads work. I was thinking more in turns of AdWords or AdBright where you can't avoid impressions in your report so to say.

  6. His reviews are quite a bit better than Tyler's. Nothing wrong with Tyler, but he's not in Zac's league. Zac has a lot more experience from what I can tell.

  7. Nice review. I tried running Neverblue before (banners) and made nothing. I might give it a second go around, except with targeted blog posts (like this one you did here, stuffing in an affiliate link… sneaky, sneaky) to go with them.

  8. Thanks for sharing about NeverBlueAds Affiliate Network! You always have some powerful information that works!

  9. I thought I knew all the ads networks out there. This one is definitely a goo one to check in to furthur. Great, I always need more ways to earn money.

  10. They are a BIG fraud. Stay away from them, don’t even think of doing business with them.

    You signup with them, earn some money and when payment time, they will create some stupid reasons and will ban you account, that’s the way these guys work and after that you do whatever you want to do, nobody will listen you and nobody will even care to reply you.

    This is what happened with my after spending my lot of time and money and they ate my $350. What else can i do now!

    My advise, suggestion or whatever you treat, but never ever even think of working with those guys and inform other also about this.

    Take Care Guys.

  11. Its a good site,i'm still prepared for new site to get aproved on Neverblue, i don't know why old site don't get aprove when i try to join Neverblue affiliate 🙁
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  12. I sent application to them now let see what happen next,.
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