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I remember when I first met the guys from NeverBlueAds. It was right after I was doing one of my round table sessions at Affiliate Summit a few years ago. Jordan Visco and a couple other guys from his company were impressed with my presentation and story on what I have done online, and thought we would be a good match for making some money. After talking with Jordan for a bit, I went onto my laptop and signed up as an affiliate. I would meet up with Jordan several times over the next year or two at the next Affiliate Summit and AdTech exhibits. I ran a few of their offers here and there, but really wasn’t pushing any volume worth mentioning. Really sucks meeting up with people you really like and always having the "so when are we going to make some money together" conversation year after year! I still talk to Jordan occasionally, but the other day I finally went a head and grabbed some of the offers on his network and placed them on a few sites.

It was late in the day, so I threw up a couple few offers on one of my high traffic sites… I made a quick $6.35. Nothing too thrilling, but testing starts out somewhere. The next day I had more time to send some traffic over and ended up making $33.95. Things are looking a lot better, now I should start optimizing a bit. I emailed Jordan to let him know I’m going to play around with some of the listings and see what I can do. We were both happy to see the next day brought in a cool $112.55. With my new optimizations in place, ONLY four days in with testing their offers I am up to $138.95! This is only a start, I’m aiming earning a few hundred a day with theses guys and their amazing offers!

I want YOU to start making some money now with NeverBlueAds. Not only are they an excellent company to work with, but they also have very high paying rates and you are assigned your own affiliate manager as well. Unlike Google Adsense, NeverBlueAds is made up of a large variety of CPA type offers for you to choose from. You can also earn commission by sending new affiliates/publishers to their network. Their user interface is also very easy to navigate, the site loads awesomely fast and new offers and creative are all available on your main page when you login. I highly recommend NeverBlueAds, and you can signup by clicking here.


No Flash!… But me and Jordan Still Make Money in Style!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Zac. This is a good lesson for networking as well – you got this opportunity by getting out there. Luckily, you have a blog, so I know it too, but it still rocks.

  2. I'm trying them out too. They have some pretty exciting offers but we'll see if they work for me… I haven't had much success with these types of programs in the past.

  3. The fact that you had such a good response monetarily is because of your ability to drive traffic to the site(s).

    Remember people its about the traffic first, the money will follow.

  4. Wow…Fantastic article. I have landed here through Google by searching Never Blue ads. I do want to sign up with this affiliate through your link.

  5. I signed up with Naverblueads from your site. They sent me a notice that due to a large amount of application they may not get to me right away. I will just wait and see.

    This is funny, you are excited about $$6 and look how much you are making now…

  6. Horrible Experience with Neverblue

    They are the biggest cheater I can ever think of, may be they are bigger than that. Oh! my god. I am shocked and in a way treating myself an Idiot as I choose this company Neverblue to work with. They give stupid reasons, even asking them thousand times they don't have even one genuinene reason, I provided each and every details to them even all confidential information which I wouldn't to share it with them, but still i did….. and you know what they say finally that the talk between us doesn't look good…ha ha…Atleast this time they are true, how can a discussion be honest when you are talking with such a lier and fraud company, they also ate my $450 and when asking to pay that amount they say we don't have any dues…woooh…Even after this you want to work with such company then it's your choice but later don't come and write the same sort of review here again …

    They say they have good fraud prevention system then where is that. When someone 100% honest and legit is banned without giving any reason, how should one see at your fraud prevention system. My affiliate manager name was Micheal Crouch. I don't want to say anything about him but can't resist as well, as I wouldn't never ever think to work with such a person in my whole life. This is my 100% honest feedback, you better believe it. They may have some good review as well who make them money for them, but banning account without any reason and eating hard earned money comes very hard to geneuine affiliates like me, just to add I am working with many Top affiliates with over 5 years and this is the first time someone has done with me, I will fight for my honesty and for my own self respect.

    Note: You may see this review on may other blogs posted by me. For any further details/clarification, feel free to contact me, even Neverblue can contact me and I will answer them for sure.

    I pray success for all of you except Neverblue…Stay away from Neverblue, Don't even think about them ….

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