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What very well may be the “Network of Networks“, has finally gone live today. PepperJam Network is now live, and has been in the works for over two years. I have taken a look at their new network, pulled it apart and broken it down for you. Let me tell you now, anyone who gets to take part in their network is extremely fortunate and should start making some serious money. The quality of campaigns and performance tracking on this network is unmatched. Get ready… it’s time to make some mad money!

Pepperjam is an industry leading full-service internet marketing agency recognized by Inc. Magazine for two consecutive years as one of the fastest growing privately-held businesses in the United States. The company is founded by Kristopher Jones, whom I was fortunate enough to meet last year at Affiliate Summit. Not only did I talk personally with Kris, but I attended his pay per click session and he definitely knows what he’s doing. After all, he is one of the world’s best marketers! The experience and reputation that PepperJam has, is now all bundled up into their new PepperJam Network. Let’s take a further look into what this exciting new network has to offer.

Ease of Use:
Upon logging into the PepperJam Network, you are given everything you need, all on the same page. A “Reports Overview” which shows your account performance and earnings, including you EPC (earnings per click) averages for the past 7 days, 1 month and 3 months. An “Account Quickview”, which shows detailed campaign earnings for yesterday and a running total for the month. To the right, you will have some very nice charts on your earnings performance by creative, then the chart on the bottom right shows your earnings performance over a selected date range.

Though the PepperJam Network just went live, I know I will be making a lot of money with the network in no time. PepperJam itself strives to be the best in marketing and is backing their network up with high quality offers you can’t find anywhere else. In addition to some amazing brand names we all use and love, PepperJam Network is supplying you with one of the greatest affiliate network support teams I’v seen. With an amazing support team and campaigns that are sure to rock, you can’t go wrong.

Quality of Ads:
I’ve been to the PepperJam company site in the past. I always wanted to personally work with them because they represent advertising for some of the coolests and well known companies in the world. When I heard PepperJam Network was going live, I could only hope I would see these same offers available to their affiliates. Sure enough, when I first logged in, I quickly clicked on “Get Campaigns”… and to my delight, I saw some killer ad campaigns. Just take a look at some of the names below that you can start promoting. You can join every other network out there, but PepperJam Network will continually have an exclusive campaigns list you won’t find anywhere else.

Golden Marketing Tip: This is a brand new network, with brand new exclusive campaigns…. that means you now have the edge at PPC Marketing and getting these campaigns running before other affiliates find and promote them. Along with excellent brand names to promote, you can be assured that you will earn a hefty commission on every lead and transaction.

The Majority of Offers on PepperJam Network… You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

When selecting a new campaign to run, you will see each offer has their own dedicated “Manager“, which includes a phone number and the web site url. An amazing feature provided by PepperJam Network is the ability to talk to an offer manager over live chat! See that little blue chat icon next to the manager’s name for the 123CopyDVDGold offer… when it’s blue, it means they are available for chat. How cool is that?! No more waiting around for email responses. PepperJam Network is doing everything they can to make you as happy and successful with their network as possible.

Quality Offers with Live Managers on Chat… Simply Amazing!

Stats Tracking:
In addition to some really fancy looking charts, PepperJam Network really does go the extra mile in providing you with really useful stats and the linking tools you need to maximize your ROI. When selecting your campaigns, you will have a vast selection of text and banner creatives to choose from. When you are going through the list of campaigns, you can click on the “More Details” (shown in the screenshot above), and it will open a new section below the offer, listing it’s creatives and EPC. This is a great feature, as you won’t have to keep flipping back and forth in between pages to see how campaigns are performing across network. When creating your campaign urls, you also have the option to setup SIDs, for tracking individual campaign performance. Another option available, is to override the destination url for campaigns, which may also prove useful on testing your new campaigns.

Here is a Performance Report on Campaigns Running through the Month

Stats Tracking: PepperJamADS
Unique to the PepperJam Network, pepperjamADS is an affiliate marketing widget that you can use to serve customized contextual ads from one or multiple Pepperjam Network advertisers at the same time. The ad units come in various shapes and sizes. You can mix and mash ads from any of your merchant partners. For instance, you can create a fashion widget by selecting various ads from multiple fashion merchants. Likewise, you can create a specific widget with ads from any one merchant. Think of it as a CPA version of Google Adsense, which you control. Take a look at the screenshot below, along with all of the customization features available.

Creative Your Own Contextual Ad Banners in Seconds

Resource Center & PepperJam Chat:
PepperJam wants their affiliates to be as knowledgeable as anyone else in the company, so they went ahead and made an affiliate Resource Center. Through the resource center, you can read up on some of the greatest marketing blogs and resources that you may not have already known about. They also feature a list of “Super Affiliate Resources“, which can give you the edge over your competition.

Another excellent feature of the network, is PepperJam Chat, which features the contact information for everyone at the company, along with all of the campaign managers. This is really an amazing feature because if you have a campaign specific question, you can go right to the source. Once again, you can use this as a master list to see which managers are currently available for live chat as well.

Why Do I Like This Network:
Just off my first run through of the network, I was really impressed with everything I saw. I’m just starting to setup my new campaigns and I’m excited to see where this is headed. PepperJam is ranked an Inc. 500 Company (2007 RANKING – 550.2% Growth, 2006 RANKING – 460.4% Growth), and now that they have an affiliate network, they are only going to be more successful. The idea of opening their network of high quality advertisers is simply amazing. I personally know founder Kris Jones, and that personal relationship has always made the difference for me in business. Knowing that he is running the network, I have no doubts about where this network and my potential earnings are headed!

Final Review:
After final review, I rate PepperJamNetwork with 5 out of 5Zac Stamps of Approval“, only because I can’t go any higher! Through this network review, I have pointed out a ton of amazing features and their effort towards providing amazing support is definitely visible. With the network just going live, I have no doubt things will only get better as they have more feedback coming in from new affiliates. I will get my campaigns up and running and provide you with detailed stats on what campaigns are working, along with my first earnings check! I recommend joining the network immediately before your competition puts these campaigns to the test!

Join PepperJam Network and Increase Your Revenue!

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  1. Zac,

    This is an unbelievably comprehensive post!

    Thank you so much for the resounding plug.

    Hey – since you didn't mention it in the above post I'll remind your readers that you and I, along with Amit Mehta and John Chow will be speaking together at Affiliate Summit in Vegas next month.

    Can't wait!

    Hope your readers join Pepperjam Network and take it for a test drive.


    1. Wow! I wish I could be there to hear the four of you speak. That would be great.

      Zac, that is one detailed post. Thanks.

  2. I have signed up for PepperJam Affiliate network and I must say, I couldn't be happier with the way things are looking. The responsiveness of partners is very fast, and I like the ability to have an Adsense-Like unit composed of the different affiliate links. Also, I was approved very fast, receiving a call from Robin within 6 hours of applying. I look forward to working with them from this point on.

  3. It's always great to see people who give it 110% in order to make sure that all parties involved are satisfied. While reaching a point where they can be considered a top AdSense competitor is not exactly something likely to happen in the near future, I am looking forward to seeing how things work out for them.

    Alan Johnson

  4. Signed up under you Zac :). Looks pretty interesting and if it is from pepperjam it should be solid.

  5. Great review Zac! They definitely know how things work and know what they are doing.

  6. Wow. That's sounds phenomenal. I love the look and feel of the network, and it looks like it has some incredible offers. *signing up now*

  7. I just sing up for this program , and got approve within an Hour .

    Hey Zac any update on your affiliated program.

    I have been using them for my arcade website but the results are not good. I am thinking of dumping them

  8. I think it's verry cool for us to see your screenshot. I'm new to affiliate marketing since 6 month and for the past 6 month i lost alut of money trying to make money.. 🙁

    I will not give up and i hope to find the mystery. A++

  9. What I love about this network is that it pays every 2 weeks. For me, this is an important thing whenever it comes to choosing a network.

  10. Thank you for your review of the PepperJam Network. We appreciate you sharing your opinion and doing the research needed to fairly evaluate this affiliate marketing resource. Specifically, when you showed the types of brand names that are available to marketers. We have seen fit to link to this article in our independent PepperJam Network Reviews section. Anyhow, keep up the good work spreading truth.

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