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Believe it or not, posters are an excellent way to start making money online. Not only am I going to feature two poster affiliate programs today, but I will also give you ideas on how to best utilize these programs to make them profitable. The two poster affiliate programs I’m talking about are AllPosters and Let’s take a quick glance at each of their programs.

AllPosters Affiliate Program:
With over 400,000 posters in their directory, AllPosters has always been my favorite program of choice when I’m looking to promote poster sales. In addition to having a great affiliate login area, they a vast selection of banners and linking methods, along with a datafeed. Payments are sent out monthly and commissions range from 25-30%, depending on volume of sales. AllPosters is also available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. You can earn more money by driving traffic to our foreign language sites, which is great for all of my non-US readers.
Click here to Join the AllPosters Affiliate Program Affiliate Program:
For more targeted arts and prints related sites, offers over 100,000 posters and art prints in their directory. Any referred sales result in a commission from 25-30%, depending on volume of sales. Payments are sent out monthly. also has a great affiliate login area, which offers a nice selection of banners and linking methods and a data feed. Through the affiliate area, you can also pull some very detailed reports on your traffic and referred sales.
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Now that I have quickly went over why both of these programs are great to join, let me go over a few reason on why you should be promoting posters on your sites, or to create a new site.

Why promote posters?
In addition to the general fact that almost everyone buys or owns at least one poster, think about the retention rate on them. For instance, every year new students are moving in and out of college… and you know every college dorm room is loaded up with posters. Another quick relation is, just think about how quickly we go through celebrity phases and how often movies are released. Lastly, the high end art prints available from well known artists are also in huge demand. Target to these areas and you can quickly build up a niche audience that will visit and buy from your site often.

Search Boxes and Virtual Stores make it easy!
No matter what your current site or blog is, you can easily setup a virtual store through AllPosters or, which will feature related posters and art based on your desired content. Instead of having to build your own huge site, you can simply grab their virtual store html code, then make a new page on your site for posters. An even easier method is to place their search boxes on your side bar, or another empty spot on your site.

Celebrities & Movies… Nuff Said!
Like it or not, these are three of the hottest searches on any search engine. Whenever a new celebrity is in the news for doing something scandalous, everyone rushes online to search it. Whenever a new movie comes out, guess where people are going for movie times and memorabilia. If you have the dedication and time, you can build up your own niche site in these areas and focus solely on these two affiliate programs for content. You can even build a celebrity gallery web site just based off their content. Anyone who clicks on your images should then be directed through your affiliate link and will earn you a commission. AllPosters’ affiliate program also offers hundreds of celebrity and movie related tshirts and standees.

Big Commissions = Big Profits
Since both of these sites are probably the largest poster distributors in the world, they have amazingly high profit margins… which is awesome for you! With a 25-30% commission structure, you can easily rack up a couple hundred bucks with a few decent sized orders. It’s not rare to have someone order a nice art print and want to have it framed as well, in this scenario you are looking at a quick $30 sale. (Commission on one $115 framed print = $115.00 x 25% = $28.75). Considering you don’t have to ship, store or manage any inventory, these are some pretty sweet commission levels on a product that can easily sell.

I’ve been using AllPosters’ and’s affiliate programs for years now, mainly because I love their content. As an affiliate, depending on your setup and how you intend to promote their posters, your conversions can fluctuate heavily. I always tried to set it up so I could use their content for my own site content, then any sales that came through were simply a bonus.

I recommend joining both of these affiliate programs and looking through their linking methods and poster directories and see what promotional ideas you can come up with. Join AllPosters & Affiliate Program.

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  1. Thanks for the info Zac. I love the idea of promoting something for which there is always a new crop of dorm rooms to be decorated.

  2. This is a very interesting concept for which it seems like the demand is there. I'd looked at signing up with some of these poster programs before, but I'll definitely have to give it try now. Thanks

    1. The commission rates are decent enough and, since yes, there is definitely demand for such products, there is money to be made from them.

      Alan Johnson

  3. Nice post! I've been looking into these two programs for a little while now. I want to try them out.

    Thanks man!

    1. I still have them active on sites, so yes… sales are still coming here and there every once in a while. I actually received my latest check from them this week.

    1. Minimal, I still have the programs running on some of my older sites. I get a few checks here and there from both programs. I'd say under $25-$50 a month from the older links I still have up and running.

      1. If these are on the low end what are you top 3 affiliates from a earnings point of view?

        1. It would definitely be interesting to see an overall monthly earnings report, aside from the blog earnings one, he may have something like that in store for the future.

          Alan Johnson

          1. I second that. I'm sure that it would take a bit of time to put together but I would guess that the traffic that it would generate would easily pay for it. Heck JohnChow's biggest days have to be on the first of the month when people stop by to see his earning reports.

            I would love to see something similar with Zac showing his earnings across all his streams of income across the net.

          2. I agree, such posts always attract visitors but on the other hand, most bloggers like to keep their income from other venture private and after all, the decision is theirs to make.

            Alan Johnson

  4. These are two of the very first affiliate programs I ever signed-up with, but for some reason I keep neglecting them, even though I have a couple sites that could use them!

    But I agree those are definitely great reasons to be promoting posters.

  5. Definitely it’s a good commission from this poster affiliate program. Keyword tool suggest that is huge demand for posters with lots of searches done every day, sure I will give a try.

    Thomson Chemmanoor

  6. Whats up with neverblueads, azoogle etc. not responding to e-mails? Do they not accept foreign affiliates or do you have to stroke their cock to get in?

    Shitty support to say the least. Maybe you need to cash in big to have simple e-mail conversation.

  7. I've been with for some time and haven't done that well with it or any other art related affiliate program. My experience has been that a lot of people like to look at posters and artwork, but very few of them buy.

  8. was one of the original affiliate sites I used. At the peak I was pulling in $1000 a month, however now its much less, in part due to competition and then the amount of work required to keep things up to date. At one time there was a premade perl script that would generate a poster website for one but I believe this script has since folded.

  9. This sounds interesting but I would assume that mainly teenagers or young adults would want posters, therefore I would need a website thats related to this age group

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