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Affiliate Program Review:
Soon it will be crunch time and everyone will need start working on their taxes for the end of the year. April 15th is less than two months away. If you’ve been watching any TV lately, I’m sure you’ve seen the onslaught of tax software commercials and how easy it is for you to do your own taxes. One of the most popular programs out there for doing your taxes, is QuickBooks. HydraMedia has an exclusive offer for you to promote QuickBooks. Earn a $26 commission for every visitor that converts on a free trial sign up that requires a small S&H credit card charge per unique user. Every year millions of people spend money to save their money on taxes, will you be ready this year to provide that service to them?

Landing Page Screenshot:

Participating Networks:
HydraMedia (CPA)

Commission Rates:
$26.00 per Lead

Traffic Allowed: Email, Web, Search, Banners

Related PPC Keywords:
quickbooks, quickbooks pro, business taxes, tax write offs, free quickbooks, quickbooks trial, quickbooks online
(Refer to my Super Affiliate Guide section for pay per click marketing tips. Test this campaign with Yahoo and receive a $25 credit and/or Start a new campaign with MSN AdCenter & receive a $50 credit.)

Relevant Categories:
Business > Business Solutions > Taxes

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  1. Thanks Zac!

    I'm enjoying your new "CPA Spotlight" series. I tried to apply to HydraMedia through your link and I was refused. How can one get accepted in these CPA networks when they all demand that you have a website?

    What strategy can you suggest I use to get in these networks if I only wanna use PCC to promote?

    Thanks. Keep the good content comin'!


    1. Let me know if you ever encounter any problems and I'll help 🙂 Feel free to call me anytime!

  2. It's not exclusive to HydraMedia. It's also on NeverblueAds where it pays better ($28.50 per lead).

  3. Call Hydra and get a hold of Van Anne Levine and speak with her personally. Tell her your a Search Marketer and highly experienced in Affiliate and Email Marketing 🙂

    Hey Walt,

    I wont argue but could it be that Hydra brokered the exclusive to Neverblue and they are taking a smaller spread (margin) to saturate the affiliate base. Many networks do this and most of the time when they broker it's because it was an exclusive to them. Of course who knows though, these networks do this stuff all the time. However, if it is brokered to Neverblue you may want to watch the link redirect thru (lynxtrack) Hydra's tracking as I have experienced (shaved) conversions before. Just a heads up.

  4. HydraMedia has it listed as "Exclusive"… looks like the offer is outsourced through another company and they have their own "Exclusive" landing page, as it's different from the one on NeverBlueAds.

  5. Thanks VanAnne!

    Talking to you today was great. Hopefully, I'll be approved in your network. If I'm not, I'll just work harder to prove that I'm worthy.

    I also want to thank Ruck for mentioning VanAnne!

    See you all!

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