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Affiliate Program Review:
With social networks and online dating so hot, it’s no surprise that offers like Reunion, would also be a great performer. Reunion is a lot like Facebook, but that it’s been around longer and focuses more on schools and the reconnecting with the people you graduated with. When members of Reunion upgrade their account, they receive a lot more features and abilities to search and get in contact with more people. I’ve done quite well promoting Reunion in the past. After searching through a few networks, I only found the offer available on NeverBlueAds and AzoogleAds. Through NeverBlueAds, you can promote the offer and earn two different ways, $1.30 for a new free signup and/or $9.00 if the signup converts into a paid membership. When promoting the offer through AzoogleAds, you’ll also receive $1.30 per free signup.

When I used to promote the offer through AffiliateFuel, I did quite well with the campaign. You can see my actual campaign numbers below. I logged into my AffiliateFuel account to see if they still have the offer running, unfortunately they don’t. However, I would still highly recommend them and they have a lot of great performing offers that I have done very well with.

Landing Page Screenshot:

– Reunion: View Landing Page

Participating Networks:
NeverBlueAds (CPA) & AzoogleAds (CPA)

Commission Rates:
$1.30 per Lead (or) $9.00 per Sale

Traffic Allowed: Web, Search, Banners

Related PPC Keywords:
search for people, people look up, school friends, search friends, graduating class, find high school friends, search by name
(Refer to my Super Affiliate Guide section for pay per click marketing tips. Test this campaign with Yahoo and receive a $25 credit and/or Start a new campaign with MSN AdCenter & receive a $50 credit.)

Relevant Categories:
Reference > Education > Alumni Directories

This affiliate program review post is part of a new series on this blog, called “CPA Spotlight“. A new affiliate based offer will be reviewed and featured daily. Along with a full offer review, you will receive information on where you can promote the offer, along with payout ranges, traffic promotions and keywords to target your ppc campaigns.

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  1. Never promoted this one either. I can say that the stats with Affiliate Fuel are impressive man. Wow, that payout with AF versus the Azoogle/Neverblue payout, you should be rocking it.

    1. Yea, definitely a price difference there. When the offer was on AffiliateFuel it may have been a different signup/verification process since the CPA was such a difference.

    1. If I had around 50,000 RSS subscribers this might be the case, but since the blog is still new, it only has so many readers. Also, I would say only 2% of my readers at the most will actually "take action" on anything I say. Sure, anyone could make money with the offer, but there is only so much time we have in a day, distractions get in the way and sometimes people are just too lazy.

  2. @ hustle strategy – That's really the thing about marketing. Even though a lot of SEM's read Zac's blog I would bet that 99% are too busy to halt what we are doing and go gear up for a recommendation. However, for new people I would bet the amount that will flood into the markets could be high, but then again it does not take much for an experienced SEM ro roll thru and stake their claim.

    Besides, there are tons of other ways to promote these offers other than Search. To say it gets no. Increased competition? Probably. Zac's blog has a lot of people reading it everday and more coming in everday as well.

  3. At Zac’s $0.09 eCPC, the best place to try a campaign would be on a niche site or social network rather than direct SEM, unless you’ve got your lasso on some really long tail keywords. Zac – was this CPC?

    Zac’s recommendations are great as case studies. You shouldn’t be too concerned with copying his success directly, but seeing that Zac actually accomplished this, and get inspired to do the same with similar ideas. Personally I’d love to get into the dating/meeting niche through a great website or widget that would let me drive traffic without having to go the expensive CPC route.

    1. When I ran reunion through AffiliateFuel it was quite some time ago. I think it was a combination of on-site text links and ads in newsletters mailings.

  4. I had not even heard of I think that is because i am not the sort of person who likes to socialize on the internet i think, i must be getting old 🙂

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