Make Money with RocketProfit Affiliate Network

Written by Zac Johnson
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I thought it was only fitting to start the new year with a new network review. This time I will introduce you to RocketProfit. In addition to continually seeing this company at marketing events and exhibit halls, I also noticed that the company is run by Traffix, Inc. a company I’ve worked with many times over the past several years, and actually visited their offices years ago. Knowing that RocketProfit is backed by a strong and publicly traded company like Traffix, makes me comfortable about their stability and that problems with payments should never arise.

As mentioned, Traffix has been around for a very long time now and RocketProfit has established itself as one of the big players in the affiliate network game. With the backing and experience from Traffix, RocketProfit has secured some excellent campaigns, along with very competitive payouts. I personally haven’t been using RocketProfit that much as of lately, but will make sure to do a heavy dose of testing with offers on their network to provide you with better stats and what their best performing offers are.

Ease of Use:
Right when you log into the RocketProfit admin area you are sent right to their “News Flash” page, which features all of the exciting news on new campaigns and payout changes. This main page is updated every few days, so you can expect to see new creative and offer changes quite often. In addition to the “New Flash” content, you can also navigate through the whole system to grab new offers, check commissions and read up on the latest changes on the network. Another great feature of RocketProfit is, when you login you are shown all of your affiliate manager’s contact info. Being able to contact my affiliate manager on AIM makes all the difference to me!

RocketProfit has the ability to become one of your major source of revenue, if not your first. The reason being is they can offer competitive rates, along with campaigns that are well known and actually perform. As I go through the next few data points of RocketProfit, I will cover their campaign payout rate, exclusive campaigns, campaign stats tracking and their rewards program. With all of these offers available within the same network, I feel many others, along with myself can profit heavily from this ad network.

Quality of Ads:
With well over 150+ offers running on the network and payouts ranging from .50 per lead to $110 per paid trial, there’s not doubt that you will find a profitable offer for your web site or ppc campaigns. Once you access your “My Offers” page, you will have the ability to search all offers on the network by category, type, payout (highest/lowest), media type and / or by country.

High End Offers on RocketProfit are Paying $40-$100 per Signup

A problem I see across many of the affiliate networks is that most of them have the same offers. I wanted to do an “exclusive” search on RocketProfit and see what they actually had to offer that I can’t find on any of the other networks. I was happy to see they have over 35+ exclusive campaigns, many of them being in-house offers which are run under Traffix. A few of these campaigns are very well known sites, such as GroupLotto, Publisher’s Clearing House, PrizeAmerica and many more.

A Large Selection of Exclusive Campaigns is Key to a Success Ad Network

Stats Tracking:
Once you have your campaigns running, tracking them will be a breeze with the RocketProfit stats area. Below is a quick screenshot of how you can setup your own sub-id campaigns. Using sub-ids you can track individual performance for pay per click marketing, email campaigns, or simply how different ad spots on your site perform.

When you have your general campaigns or sub-id campaigns running, you can check your stats in their reporting area. You can pull reports by all campaigns running or by individual subids campaign. In addition to campaign type, you can select a date range you would like to pull reports on, as well as change the report format. The stats area also provides a link to your RocketRewards.

I’m really glad to see that RocketProfit is offering an incentives program. I know that a few other networks were doing something like this, but most of them have phased it out now. You’d be surprised how much a little $50 gift card can make a difference in getting someone to actually profit a few more offers to hit a certain quota. The RocketRewards is pretty much a gift card for 5% of the amount you earned with a month. If you earned $5,000 in a month’s time, you would receive a $25 gift card. Gift cards are available for high end locations such as Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, Gap, Banana Republic, Olive Garden, California Pizza Kitchen, PF Chang’s and The Cheesecake Factory.

Affiliate Toolbox:
In addition to everything else on the network, RocketProfit has also provided you with an affiliate resource area when you can find tons of cool tools, data and reports on E-mail Marketing Tools, Search Engine Marketing Tools, Webmaster Tools and Internet Marketing Resources & Tools. For a free resource they do have a decent amount of good tools and blog resources for you to read up on. I’m sure there’s at least one item in here that you haven’t come across yet.

Why Do I Like This Network:
After going through a full review of their network and all of RocketProfit’s offers, I feel I can make some good money with them as they offer quality campaigns that have competitive payouts. As with all networks, if you can provide volume, you can work with the network to receive better payouts. With the addition of the RocketRewards and Affiliate Toolbox, affiliates can learn how to better promote their campaigns, while earning a little bonus at the end of each month… and I like that in a network.

Final Review:
For my final review, I rate RocketProfit with 5 out of 5Zac Stamps of Approval“. I have yet to use the network to it’s fullest and will make sure to place their ads across my network asap, so I can report back to you on their performance and tracking. Seeing that RocketProfit is backed by Traffix, Inc, I have no doubt that the network will be a new revenue source for many affiliate for several years to come. If you aren’t already an affiliate with RocketProfit, I recommend you do so now. In addition to joining the network, once again, I’ll offer a free MoneyReign tshirt to any referred affiliates who earn their first $50 through the network. Simply use the contact page and send me your address and RocketProfit affiliate id.

Join Rocket Profit and Increase Your Revenue!

If you haven’t already, apply for RocketProfit through this blog and you’re application should be approved without a problem and very quickly. To entice the offer even more, send me your affiliate id and I’ll send you a free t-shirt when you earn your first $50 with RocketProfit. (This has nothing to do with RocketProfit, nor a paid promotion by them. I simply want to help others make more money!)

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  1. Hey Zac. I just signed up for yours. Make sure you get credit for that. The link would be better if it took me straight to the information page. Are you a member of Azoogle, Hydra or CPA Empire?

    1. I have pretty much the same approach and have joined just about every CPA network out there. After all, trying all sorts of different companies on for size never hurts 🙂

      Alan Johnson

        1. If you keep up the good work, your balance will definitely start building up and receiving those checks will be just a matter of time 🙂

          Alan Johnon

  2. Looking at those weight loss numbers, CPA Storm pays about $5 more for all of those.

    But the incentive program looks nice, I will sign up and see what they have to offer.

    1. As mentioned, with volume all rates are negotiable… but I'm sure some networks have higher / lower base rates then others. Usually evens out when you check all cpa across the board.

  3. Hey Zac ,

    I just applied for this affiliated program so make sure you get credit.

    I am tired of NeverBlueAds , for some reason I dont trust them , I have send them several clicks and no leads for the past month two.

    hopefully this program it will be better

  4. I have applied for RocketProfit Affiliate Network earlier but didn't find any response yet from them. I came across them when I searched in Google for CPA networks and found them through their Paid Ads. Thanks for the post I am planning to apply again through your affiliate link let me see, there would be luck this time.

    Thomson Chemmanoor

  5. Hi Zac,

    signed under your link in blog.

    Looking forward to be acepted, make the first $50 and get my free tshirt,




  6. Hi Zac, thanks for the thorough review. Enjoying this blog so far. I initially discovered Amit's blog over at SAMindset which led me over here. As a reader I appreciate the effort your putting into it.

  7. I very liek Rocket Profit and im also using this affiiliate program, works perfect for me.

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